My Four Tiers of Beer, or simply what I can or can't drink.

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I have always been a poor beer drinker. When I was younger I remember partaking in a ‘pub crawl'. This entails mindlessly drinking from one alehouse to the next to see how many can be visited before you pass out in the street. The lead drinker was often seen leaving the first pub, with the rest of the ‘beer gang' trying desperately to consume their beer in one go in an effort to keep up. Completely brainless and dumb, but that's what we youths did then. I managed around THREE establishments before I pulled out.

To be honest, I have never been in the state of ‘legless', or ‘paralytic', both terms that may or not be still used, I don't know. Most of my friends have experienced this state of, ‘I can't remember anything the night before', but not me

THREE AND A HALF pints is the most I have ever consumed and I clearly remember that occasion. I paid dearly for it the next day with a hangover the size of Big Ben.

Those days are long gone but I still enjoy a cold beer. Age has further restricted me to certain conditions which prohibit me from drinking even less than I could before. I'm talking ONE beer now and that is the max I can ingest. Between headaches, acid reflux and basically my body telling me, ‘No more of this stuff mate', I have had to be sensible and obey its rules.

This weekend @bingbabe bought me a new beer I have not tasted before. It turned out to be a ‘Type 2' beer (see below). I didn't have a good sleep again.


Throughout the years of trying different beers, I have mentally categorized FOUR types that my body accepts or rejects.

- Type 4 (Very Bad, Headache WHILE drinking, Choking all night with Acid Reflux, Full Hangover) - Becks, Stella Artois, English Lagers.

- Type 3 (Bad, Choking all night with Acid Reflux, Full Hangover) - Peroni (sometimes), English Bitters.

- Type 2 (Still Bad, Choking all night with Acid Reflux) - Peroni (sometimes), Franziskaner Weissbier.

- Type 1 (Good, no bad effects) - Any beer drinking in native Germany (so far), Konig Ludwig Weissbier, Tripel Karmeliet, Peroni (In Italy).

When I say ‘Full Hangover, I really mean it. One Beer and I suffer until around 3 pm in the afternoon. The defacto time when the hangover ceases, or with me it is!

Peroni is a very popular bottled beer in England and for me, it falls into several categories. The only one I am really comfortable is the one in native Italy.


It must all come down to the ingredients, or the quality of the beer. I can't say I rate anything made in the UK as everything I try is either Type 4 or 3 at best. There are no clear-cut results either, some beers can be one type and then another type next time, that's if they get a second chance.



Beers I can drink with no problems. Konig was bought in native Germany, Tripel was bought at Waitrose in the UK.

There are many other beers that fit into these categories but as I have never thought to write about it, I simply can't remember which are which. The ones noted have been recent experiments.

Being not able to drink much could be seen as a blessing. It's not particularly good for you, it can lead to all kinds of health problems and it can elevate your gut to a considerable size, read, ‘beer-belly'. One beer a week is enough for me, excluding holiday periods.

So what do you think?
Can you drink as much beer as you like?
Can you still manage pub crawls visiting at least 30 and then you can pass a sobriety test?
Are you ‘legless' right now while reading about this?
Are you the type who boasts about how many beers you drank last night?

I never understood the last one, maybe it's just a ‘British' thing?



Drooling Maniac.JPG

If you found this article so invigorating that you are now a positively googly-eyed, drooling lunatic with dripping saliva or even if you liked it just a bit, then please upvote, comment, resteem, engage me or all of these things.


I'm so sorry, but I laughed out loud when I read your '4 types of beer' categorization :D I am glad though that you liked the Karmeliet! Kind of weird that you can stomach that, while it's definitely a quite heavy beer.

Really enjoyed reading your post, gave me a good chuckle ;-)

Yeah Im a bit wierd when it comes to beer. Ill need to get some more 'Karmeliet', 8.4% and awesome.

Best outside Germany I have experienced. Il try to make my articles have some humor in there somewhere. Laughing is good for us :)

Oh definitely try Hoegaarden, I think you should be able to find that one, it's a Belgian Weissbier. It's going to be either type 1 or 2, I reckon. :)

I will if I can get it. They are hard to come by here.

University of Toronto School of Engineering chant circa mid to late 60s - "We are, we are, we are the Engineers. We can, we can demolish 40 beers." So you see it is neither a British thing nor a new thing. Nor a solo thing. Just a dumb thing.

I have never had a hangover although I have occasionally been very, very drunk. Nowadays it's easier to say I don't drink, but the truth is I drink less than half a bottle of rum and a dozen bottles of beer per year, plus the odd sip of port or sherry.

Except that I will not drive if I've had any alcohol there is no restriction on my consumption bar choice, so yes, I drink exactly as much as I want.

Trust me, I'm a doctor.


I did drive in the 80's while quite drunk and got away with it. I dont think I could get drunk enough to surpass the blood/alcohol fail test now.

Given the choice, I would probably prefer to be me (can't drink) than you (can drink with no consequences). Its too much of a temptation you see.

I know some people that are allergic to the hops and such in certain beers. That might be part of what you have going on. At least you are able to enjoy the good stuff(German)!

I guess it is the ingredients, but exactly what I don't know. I should really stick to the ones I know are OK but @bingbabe keeps buying me different ones.

Stella gets me a lot of the time too. I like it, but try to avoid it.

I could never do the pub crawl thing. I always found myself standing back and slowly moving away as the silliness increased before finding an early exit. I do still get drunk every year or two and am reminded just why it was never my thing. Last time I got drunk was summer of '16. I woke up on the floor the next day and have no idea what happened through the whole night. Good job it's a long time between drinks for me 😊

I never understood pub crawls, traipsing around all night, never comfortable, never time to get into a good conversation. I don't drink beer (much) and wine in pubs used to be dreadful, although it's much better now.
I like to find a nice pub that's not too busy (ie not heaving), definitely not noisy (prefer old fashioned pubs with carpets and upholstery to absorb the noise), settle myself down in a comfy seat with a nice glass of wine and able to get a second one if I fancy it without braving a three deep at the bar scenario.
I liked the pubs where I lived in Liverpool, you used them like an office or meeting place, popping in and out as you went about your chores, catching this one or that one for five or ten minutes before you went off to do the next job.
I live in the Quaker part of Leicester so pubs are few and far between (only two within walking distance), but a micropub has opened round the corner and there's one or two wine bars further afield.

Same with me, I barely go in them anymore and if I do its always for food and rarely for beer. As my article says, most of the beer is Type 4 (Very Bad, Headache WHILE drinking, Choking all night with Acid Reflux, Full Hangover).

I don't want any of this stuff as you can imagine!

Oh man I feel your pain. The older I get, the less I can drink. 3 drinks the other day ended in a thumping headache the next morning

Its not just me then! I couldn't manage three when I was much younger, but everyone around me seems to be immune and can seemingly drink whatever they like.

I can't stand beer, so I don't get the appeal of it at all. Or any of this stuff connected to it either. I can't even bring myself to swallow even a sip. It smells "spoiled" to me -- and tastes even worse.

I've tried two samples -- and both times I spit it out in the sink. That was plenty. I don't need any more convincing. I don't even like to smell someone else's beer-breath. If it were up to me to support the industry, the beer makers would all go flat broke.


i think life is more beautiful with beer.

Awesome life style some peoples are avoid drinking outside
You are great
Kept it up

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