Ending a Fantastic Adventure - Beautiful Sunday

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My Share for #BeautifulSunday initiated by @ace108

We have seen the cottages by the river and visited the magical Ambon Ambon falls. All adventures eventually comes to an end. For the final part of our trip I will take with us to a serene location up stream. Relaxing and enjoying natures beauty and discovering a creature that seems like a fantasy.

Feel free to visit the parts of our journey if you missed it.

Panguil River Eco Park

Ambon Ambon Falls

Ending a Fantastic Adventure

It was a long and tiring trek to see the falls, but it was all worth it. Now we wanted to just relax and cool down in the clear, cool water of the river. The only problem was there was a lot of people near the cottages and we wanted some peace and quiet. All the good spots were taken over by groups and the only chance to find a quiet spot is further up the river.

As we moved further up the river, there were lesser people. The sounds of laughter of people having fun were slowly dying down.

We passed by again the landmark called Barkong Bato. A rock formation that looks like the bow of a ship.

A good spot and it even has a cottage which is isolated from the other cottages near the river. This is not what we are looking for. We wanted complete isolation so we moved further up stream to find our perfect spot.

After a couple of minutes of walking, the water was clearer. The only thing we could hear were the sounds of birds, insects and the rushing water of the river.

I thing we might have found our spot and everyone took a dip in the cool water.

It was a nice pool of water, but the problem was there was no shade. The water was cold, but the sun was beating down our faces.

I told everyone that I didn't like this spot and I would go further upstream to see if I could find a better spot.

Up I went and taking precaution not to slip from the rocks. You really need to be careful when navigating up the river. One wrong step or a slip would ruin an entire trip. In every step, you should first check if the rocks are sturdy before stepping on it. Better yet just walk on the water and hold on to the big rocks while walking.

What came before my eyes was a gorgeous formation. Each pool are divided into levels that resembles stairs made of water.

I am not sure who set up these rocks to serve as a barrier to create the pools of water. I think it also serves as a water filter that catches dead leaves and small branches.

The rock barriers created these natural pools which makes it possible to sit down and submerge yourself in the water.

The sound of the water is like music to my ears. A non stop playlist of nature that goes on forever.

A lot of dragonflies thrived in the area and I have been seeing they flying around in this section.

Finally, at last I have discovered the perfect spot. No people around and the pool of water was fully shaded by the surrounding trees. It felt like a dream being in this wonderful place. I do not think there would be a better spot than this.

I have been thinking why there are no pools that replicate nature. How I would like to have a pool at home that is setup like this. Surrounded by rocks and covered by trees is a work of art. It would be nice to have a piece of nature at home inspired by the the river of Pangil.

I immediately called my family to come over, but I asked them to be very careful. I guided them where to step and which rocks are sturdy. With every challenge there is always a prize at the end.

This rock pile was created by my daughter as a mark to claim this area for this day.

We found what we were looking for and we wish that time would just stop to spend more time here longer.

Clean air and water is something we do not have in the city and moments like these are a treasure. I could see in the smile of my daughter that she really loved our discovery and even looking forward to come back again soon.

A little fun in the water with no worries of tomorrow. No work and just fun this afternoon is something we all need.

A little friend has flown over and I do hope you spot that dragonfly hovering over her shoulder. As the family was having fun I wanted to explore as there are so many interesting subjects in the area. As I was about to leave, I spotted something on the rocks.

As I looked closer, I thought it was a piece of plastic. To my surprise, it was a tiny spider but with a very unnatural color. Never have I seen anything like it in my entire life. I wanted to take a closer look so I immediately attached my macro extension tube. Hoping it would still be there when I get back.

Fortunately, the spider didn't go anywhere and got a closer shot. It was a jumping spider which is very common, but this one had a metallic blue color. I am not sure what type of species it is, but I guess no one would believe me if I just told stories about it.

My photos proves that they do exist and spiders do come in blue color.

I was able to get a couple more shots and it didn't seem to mind of me taking photos.


After a couple more shots, the mood of the spider changed dramatically. It seems to be more aggressive and was looking at the lens of the camera. It turned to attack mode and jumped on my lens. It attached itself to my lens and was spinning web like crazy.

It got a piece of leaf and gently scooped him off my lens and placed him back on the rock. Still he was persistent and was very aggressive as he jumped back on my lens to attack. I am not a spider expert, but I think he was just protecting his territory which is this rock on the river.

Again, I was able to manage to scoop him off my lens and put him back on the rock. Somehow, I was able to manage to take a couple more shots which is a bit difficult as I am only using an extension tube on my kit lens.

As I took the final shot, he was staring at me telling me to never again try to mess with a blue jumping spider.

It was an interesting creature and I am not sure if they are abundant in the area. I made sure that he was back where I found him and I hope he wasn't to angry. The world is beautiful place full of wonders filled with creatures large and small. Our experience here at Panguil River Eco Park in Laguna Philippines is an unforgettable experience. It reminded us how we need to protect our environment. Gave us challenges and rewarded us with a magical experience.

Thank you very much for joining us in the last part of our adventure. Looking forward to share more of the beauty of our country. Our travels are always on a budget and I may not be able to take you to extravagant locations. Sometimes the best places doesn't need to cost much. So far from our experience unknown places leads to fantastic discovery and adventure. Until then I hope to see you again soon and have blessed Sunday everyone.


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Great place ... and what a beautiful spider ... very good shots

Thanks for dropping by. I am glad that you liked the shots.

@autovoters & @talentclub supporting your good content :)

That spider really do have a nice colour

Quite fascinating isn't it? Metallic blue color could look good on a car.

yes, indeed.

What a perfect spot 😍👍👍 I'm loving the Dragonfly with your daughter that is pure awesomeness 😎😊 and that Spider...is amazing! I definitely wouldn't mess with him 😦 So glad you got some pics ☺☺

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That spider is truly aggressive despite its tiny size. Some creatures would simple scuttle away but the blue spider wouldn't back down.

what a pretty spider ! i have never seen one like that * ___ * so awesome that you noticed it and snap these awesome photos, @watersnake101!!!!

Me too first time I have seen it. That is the beauty when places are protected and taken care of. Unique creatures comes out to play. I guess it was luck spotting it because I didn't see that kind of spider in other parts of the park.


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That spider reminds me of lucas the spider

I was wondering who Lucas the spider was. I did a little search and saw his videos. What a cute little spider Lucas is. I think he does looks a bit similar to my blue spider.

I know right!

Wow.. Metallic blue spider, beautiful wonder if its poisonous 🤔

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I do not think jumping spiders are poisonous although it was ready for a fight.

  ·  6 months ago (edited)

@watersnake101 Lovely river!!

The only thing we could hear were the sounds of birds, insects and the rushing water of the river.

This plus the rock pile she made just brings so much calm to me reading this <3 Must have been an awesome adventure!!

I also helped by looking for the flat rocks lol. Having a dip in the natural pools was absolutely a relaxing experience.

Quite the beautiful stream to go for a cooling dip, glad you found a tranquil spot ❤️

The rock pile, known as inuksuk
We have thousands of them around here at all the rivers, it’s a thing everyone that comes by adds to them. Maybe your daughter can start a trend there also?

Posted using Partiko iOS

Thanks for the info. Maybe we will try bigger rocks if we come back and see if it virals lol. Maybe people would follow the trend.

That’s an idea and build a couple of them, keep adding people will be bound to catch on. And you can document the growth and be proud of the accomplishment 💪

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The smile of your daughter is priceless, It just shows that you guys truly had fun in this place. Thank you for sharing parts of the Philippines that I've never gone to. Reading your blogs just makes it feel like an adventure hehe. Hope you're doing great po. Keep it up and Have a wonderful weekend

Hello kabayan. Doing good and thanks for asking. A slow weekend and just time to recharge. I am happy that you enjoyed this adventure and hope you could visit the park one day. Have a blessed weekend!

That's my first time to see a spider with that kind of color. Looking at the photos, it just makes one go find and take a dip. They should make more barriers to create more pools and probably deeper ones. I remember a lot of dragonflies used to fly around here in our place and fireflies at night but now they are gone. I guess the air is not as clean anymore.

The spider is very unique I can't even search for the name of it online. Sad to hear about the fireflies it must have been a sight seeing hundreds of them glow at night. I'm sure they are still hiding in other areas.