A Beautiful Yet Sublime Sunday

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Welcome to my post for Beautiful and Sublime Sunday

#beautifulsunday hosted by @ace108 and #sublimeSunday hosted by @c0ff33a .

_MG_0353 (2).jpg

Hello everyone and welcome. This will be my first time posting under the #beautifulsunday / #sublimesunday tags so I hope you all enjoy the images.

IMG_0241 (3).jpg

Today I'm at the garden area at Sequoia Park right next to the zoo.
As you can see the gardens are done for the year and most of the beds have been prepped for winter but I think we can find beauty as well as a little sublime here.

_MG_0299 (3).jpg

_MG_0319 (2).jpg

This yellow flower had a little stalk growing out of the middle, there are a few more like this and it will grow and produce a single peddle.

_MG_0323 (2).jpg

_MG_0324 (2).jpg

Loved the way the light, shadow, and texture played out in this one.

Now we come to this one.
Beautifully sublime or sinister alien pod plant ???
_MG_0330 (2).jpg

Looks innocent enough.
_MG_0308 (2).jpg

Until some poor unsuspecting insect decides to partake in a little nectar.
_MG_0310 (2).jpg

The bug is stunned and captured by the octopus like appendages and brought into the pod to be fed upon by who know what.The pod swells and grows shedding its flower disguise as it has the DNA needed
_MG_0309 (2).jpg

Here is one that is almost ready to emerge, I can hear scratching and thumping as the pod shakes.
Time to drop a quarter in the wishing well and move along.

I was able to image a few more blooms wile making my way out of the garden..... and away from the "pod"
_MG_0326 (2).jpg

_MG_0346 (2).jpg

_MG_0344 (2).jpg

This one was the only lily left in the garden not sure of the type but I believe it's an Azalea

The next 4 shots are the same flower I found out on Woodley Island a couple weeks ago, really like those purple centers.
_MG_0333 (2).jpg

_MG_0331 (2).jpg

Oh these are African Daisies by the way.
_MG_0332 (2).jpg

_MG_0334 (2).jpg

These daises are some of my favorites and was able to take clones (cuttings) from the ones on the island so I can plant them in my garden next year.

_MG_0353 (2).jpg

Oh look at the time, O.o
Time to go to work..... plus I think the pod opened >.> It's awful quiet over there now.

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The flowers are nice but I wondering if the tag quritor is correct?

Good catch @ace108 it should be qurator.
I've been screwing up my tags all week =/ lol tagged my sepiasaturday as monochromemonday, misspelled a few etc.
Have a !DERANGED coin =)

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Epic photos some lovely flowers, I’m intrigued by the bug catching one. The pod phase does look quite alien !COFFEEA

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Hello @c0ff33a thanks for dropping in.
Yeah I was interested in the blue flower as well, I went back just to image that flower.
The seed pod was awesome lol everyone who saw the images all said the same thing. "That looks like one of those pod things from aliens".( I thought the same when I first saw it ) so I decided to spin a tale for part of the sublime part. Here is a post I did a real description and a wiki link. https://steemit.com/qurator/@chromiumone/my-entry-for-qurator-s-photo-friday-101-love-in-a-mist-or-devil-in-a-bush

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That sinister blue plant is incredible. That poor insect didn't know what hit it. All of the flowers are beautiful. Oh, look at the time...I have to to run. LOL!

Hello @whatisnew lol
The pod plant is great, I went there just to image that flower.
It's not native to northern California but it does well here.
That seed pod looks totally sinister though, all of my friends who saw it mentioned the pods from Alien lol

Also had a question...
The 15 sbi I sent in for the three winners didn't get credited.....
Is it normal to take this long to credit?

How do you know that it didn't get credited? The person that receives the SBI will only get notified in their wallet on their very first one and never again, no matter who gave them the SBI. But to answer your question, no it does not take long at all because everything is automated. I hope I answered your question.

I believe it has not been credited because my sbi shares are 15 short I have 12 now and I should have 27

Oh, OK. Check back in a couple of days and if it has not changed, ask them about it in their latest post and they will definitely check it out for you. Good luck!

Thanks, I think there is a link to their discord channel on the profile page as well.
Oh almost forgot !DERANGED wooo

That would be a good thing to do. I sure wasn't much help because I am deranged. LOL! Thanks again!!!

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A wonderful start to these tow tags they are indeed so beautiful :)

Thanks @tattoodedjay starting to really like imaging flowers.
Also trying different color cards in the background, the red was intense lol may need to switch to a more muted red.
Also starting to take full control of my camera settings, fist thing was to peg the ISO at 100 that got rid of all the noise that's been plaguing me lol.
Thanks for stopping by =)

Thats something I need to do sometimes trying a background card, you did really well I liked the red


Hey @chromiumone, here is a little bit of BEER from @tattoodjay for you. Enjoy it!

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You have a beautiful first post for the tags @chromiumone! Your photos are gorgeous! I was gonna say my favorite was the blue flowers but then I like the orange and white just as much so I guess that means I love them all! 😉

Hello @deerjay thank you very much for the kind words. =)
I liked the blue one too, as a matter of fact I was there to specifically image that one.
Spotted it the evening before and had to go back for it.
Still finding blooms around since the first frost has not occurred yet.
Thanks for dropping in @deerjay have some !DERANGED

You are very welcome @chromiumone and thank you for the token also! It has gotten quite chilly here in Maryland. I hope to get out today for a short walk but don't expect to see much in the way of flowers...would be a nice surprise though. Glad you were able to get back to get the photos, they turned out beautifully! 💖

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Thanks so much @deranged.coin and thank you again @chromiumone! 🙂

What a beautifully Sublime post! So glad to see you joining in.
Let's see if we can get more attention for your delightful posts!

Thanks @melinda010100 been trying to generate more posts each week would like to drop at least one a day but I don't have many images stored as I just got back into photography in the last couple months. The flu and sporadic power outages have put me behind the last couple weeks but I'm up and running now and I'm getting caught up <,< >,>
Think I just heard god chuckle O.o
I think we broketeded the deranged bot again but here goes !DERANGED

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