Where was the kind of woman that men like to conquer?

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Each person will have different standards when conquering the type of woman he loves. In fact, men may have a crush on someone at first sight and determine a potential woman can become his wife in just a few dates.


Be gentle, polite in speech, gestures or sometimes surprise him by wearing a dress that is beautiful, very feminine when dating also makes you more attractive in the eyes of the lover. Men always like feminine girls, because men simply like the feeling of being "protected" for their women.

The beauty of the soul

When new, the guy often does not pay much attention to the inner beauty of his girlfriend. An inner girl is the invisible "weapon" that makes every guy passionate. A girl who understands morality, is smart, kind and has a fluttering heart to life is the ideal girlfriend of all men.

Independent women

An independent woman is a woman who does not depend on anyone. You are independent in both thoughts and actions, even when you face life's challenges or obstacles. You have your own interests, goals, dreams and life that make you more assertive with your own choices.

Good women are cooking

If you are a good woman cooking, you will surely know how to care for your family in the future. Good women make men happy after stressful working hours at the company with good food. Every time he sat down to eat with you, he would feel your love for him wrapped up in each dish.

Mysterious girl

All men admit they are fascinated by the mysterious looks of women. When faced with the layer of "mask" that women create for themselves, they feel excited to explore immediately as to satisfy the curiosity and passion to conquer.

Not only women who know each other but even when they are in love, a girl who always knows how to keep a bit of a mystery that makes the other half curious, is the most attractive man, not the type. superficially beautiful women.


An penetrate woman will always be a good listener and gives helpful advice to her lover and husband. In love, not only "roses" but also many thorns and difficulties, understanding is the key to help the couple overcome these things.

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Very strange English.

"a good woman cooking"
"An penetrate woman"

The opinions are strange too. Men stopped conquering women when Conan died.

Where did you find these photos?

Hard to trust most women who want a relationship. My last girlfriend could turn ice cold faster than a beer in a fridge.

So what kind of experience do you have with understanding what men want in women?

On the bright side, I read the whole article and found it super fascinating. Keep it up.

Hi. Thanks for visiting my blog. My English is a bit bad, so I use https://translate.google.com/ to support most of my work.
"a good woman cooking" = Woman is good at housework
“penetrate” means "to understand thoroughly" or "to penetrate"

Thanks for everything, I will try to translate more closely in the following post. :)

Yes, I figured english skills might be weak.

Penetrate is not usually used as you describe. I means to press through, such as an ice pick penetrating through a sheet of ice.

Be careful with this word with a person as the subject, because it often has a secondary meaning, to enter a woman sexually. This is clearly not what you meant, but it sure sounded that way.

Keep practicing your craft, and keep on posting.

Happy New Year!

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