The legend of Ao Dai and its charm

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Ao Dai, traditional costume of Vietnamese women, Embrace the body, have a high neck and knee length. It was split in the hip. Ao Dai is both charming and sexy, both discreet but still expressing the features of a young woman.
It is difficult to translate the word "Ao Dai" into any language because nowhere is there like a Ao Dai like in Vietnam.

According to legend, Hai Ba Trung wore AoDai with two flaps and was covered with gold, covered with yellow parasols, and splendid jewelry when riding elephants to fight the Han Dynasty. It is also said that due to reverence for the two women, Vietnamese women avoided wearing two-flared robes but fortunately replaced them with four-bodied ones with four bodys representing the four who gave birth to them (of the couple). Besides, at that time the technology was still rudimentary, the fabric was woven into small pieces so it had to be assembled into four pieces to sew enough one shirt, known as the four-body shirt. The shirt consists of two pieces behind the back pieced together (called the tops of the shirt), the edges of the two pieces are joined together and hidden inside. The two front pieces are tied up and hanging down into two middle pieces of shirt, so no buttons (buttons, buttons) when wearing. Normally, the hem of the shirt is lifted up, only when there is a great funeral (mourning of a husband or a parent) to drop down and the edge of the fabric will be exposed instead of hiding inside. That is the image of a rustic, modest long dress.

In terms of meaning, the four sections of the main garment represent the four fathers and mothers, and the fifth section (small bodice) represents the wearer; the five buttons represents the virtues included: Human (compassion for humanity, kindness), Ceremony (known above, below), Meaning (spirit), Tri (wisdom, wisdom), Faith (prestige) credits).

Today the ao dai is designed to hug the body and should expose the curves of women, so it is more attractive and more girls choose.

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