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Many women think that appearance and physique are important to attract the opposite sex, however, sometimes there are little things that women often do not pay attention to and are very attractive in their eyes.

The truth is that for many guys, women are really sexy when they are smart, personality and have a beautiful soul. Smart women also know how to create their own "secret weapons" to become more special in the eyes of the opponent and everyone. So in the eyes of men, where is the true sexiness and charm of a woman located? Invite sisters to "explore"!

  • Except for intelligence, confidence and fun, however fat or ugly women are attractive if they are intelligent, confident and funny.
  • A baggy blouse or a loose T-shirt is also very sexy, with many guys, they love to look at the size of the chest under that wide T-shirt.
  • Intelligence is also a very sexy thing in women. Smart women will never pretend to be stupid because they know cute is not like that.
  • Short girls with tight toes or trying to grab something instead of seeking help also makes men's hearts melt.
  • Wear my shirt or hoodies when I go to bed. My wife used to do that and the hottest thing in the whole universe was when she woke up in the morning with a face like, "Bro, I'm still sleepy" while I caressed her neck.
  • Honestly, it was a smile. Smiling or laughing is fine, as long as it's natural, nothing can be more appealing than a relaxed and lovely girl.
  • Men like women in softness and curves. If my woman does not have perfect curves, do not be self-deprecating, I would also love to rub her belly, cuddle her soft "fat".
  • A understanding woman may love a certain man intensely, but does not seek to restrain, coerce, doubt, or always scold her husband for not taking care of his family ... She understands her husband's hardships, giving men absolute confidence and a sense of freedom.
  • She called my name while chatting normally. It made me feel special and more intimate right away.
  • As for me, she just proactively text me first.
  • Blushing when praised, especially with an embarrassed smile.
  • In the winter or when it's cold, there is an old lady in glasses and a bun behind the nape of her hair. Then, hold a cup of hot coffee or tea, blow gently before taking a sip while your hand is brewed around the cup or cup of coffee. The joy of the girl in that moment made me feel more peaceful than ever. Bonus points if they wear a nice sweater.

Many women think that appearance and physique are important in order to attract men but actually appearance is only part of their attraction. So for most men, all breasts are beautiful if toned and fit for the body, size is irrelevant ...

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La belleza física es refrescante para admirar, pero mas importante es la belleza espiritual, los valores y principios en los seres humanos independientemente de su sexo.

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