Behind the strong woman are the storms of life that cannot be shared #1

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Modern women no longer pack themselves into housework. Depending on the husband's economy they worked for themselves. Build career and deep knowledge. Strong modern women are driven by a change of mind. The notion that the basics are due to the turbulence that life brings. Behind a strong and unfathomable woman are the storms of life that cannot be shared with anyone.

Part 1: Women are strong in economics

Life with fears about clothing, money has made people have great changes. Family economics is not simply enough to eat, enough to wear. Rather than that, it is expenses for children, social relations. When women don't have a wealthy family background. No financial support in life. When the husband is unable to make much money. Then economic worries will weigh on the shoulders of women.

Men work, earn money, bring wages home. But women are the ones who preserve, calculate and spend that money. Women are the only people in the family who know the amount they need to spend. The money must have to cover everything so they will be the people who worry and worry about the economic shortage of the family.

Many men get after when married complaining that their wives always talk about money, spending, not being romantic and gentle like before. However, they also need to understand that they are saying that they are in need of their men to share the spending burden. When women get married, when the economic burden on their small shoulders will make them know how to calculate and know how to spend money to become an economically strong woman.

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