KiΩhm's Steemit Beat Battle Entry Week Eight

in beatbattle •  last year

Here's my first ever entry for the Steemit Beat Battle:

As you might expect from me its in the style of forest psytrance!

Most of the sounds are made with warping or tweaking the two beats provided to work with.
To be able to be as creative as possible i choose to use both of the beats in this track.

All the drum elements are cut out from the beats provided, The main exception is the kick and bass that i synthesized myself with kick2 and serum.


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Hey did u come her because of my advice to participate ?:D this is a very tight production as far as I hear it come out of my macbook speaker... sounds very very neath.. totally see it raving in a forest indeed , an illegal forest rave.. epic thnx


Hey there @seveaux !

I posted this because of your tip yesterday yeah, Thanks!
Had not heard about the beat battle before you mentioned it... O.O

Yeah man, so much AWESOME!!!!


Thank you mate! :)

Ayyyyyy this is incredible.

Love the switch-ups back and forth in the first :30.

And the vibe you created with this beat is epic. That uptempo spacey music with change-ups throughout the beat to keep us fully engaged in the beat.

Incredible entry in my opinion because your sound quality is top notch, creative sounds and layering, and how you worked with both of the sample material so well.

Thank you for being apart of the League, appreciate the time and effort you put into creating this.

God bless.



Thanks for the kind words @chiefmappster !
Love the effort behind this competition.
I will join every week for sure!


You're welcome bud appreciate your words.

Can't wait to hear more beats from ya o weeeee :)

Wow!!! This is bangin;!!!!! Nice work!!!

Holy cow this is AMAZING Followed

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Awesome! And so smooth dude, man maybe I ought to go to the floor tonight... I am getting in the mood listening to the track.