Do you Have a Patchy Beard? Don't Worry, that Can be Fixed Naturally

in beard •  6 months ago

Many men looking to grow their first beard often run into this annoying problem; their beards grow in all patchy, especially on the cheek area, which has weaker circulation than the rest of the face.

This leads us to the critical question...

How to fix a patchy beard naturally?

In other words, how can you transfer your patchy beard from Keanu Reeves mode, straight into Jon Hamm mode.

Here's four tricks and tips to naturally fix a patchy facial hair:

1. Minoxidil

This is a magical substance for men who can't grow proper beards, and similarly magical to men who grow sparse facial hair.

You may know minoxidil from the hair-loss drug Rogaine, and there's hundreds of clinical studies and years of evidenced use backing up its hair growth effects, but not many men know that Rogaine also works when applied to the face.

That's right, not only have hundreds, if not thousands, of men grown beards with minoxidil, it was also shown in a study from Thailand to stimulate new growth on the face. To be precise, in 16-weeks, minoxidil grew almost 5x more new hairs on the test areas in 48 men's face (when compared to a placebo).

How minoxidil works? Mainly through increasing circulation, which provides more hormones and nutrients to the follicles.

2. Carnitine

Before facial hair growth can naturally occur on your face, the androgenic hormones testosterone and DHT, need to bind into the human androgen receptors, and through that, enter DNA.

If your androgen receptors are not sensitive enough for the hormones to bind, you won't get any beard growth as a result. This is what some refer to as "genetics, brah". And they're kind of right too. The reason why Asian men struggle to grow great beards naturally, has to do with having less-sensitive androgen receptors than Caucasian or African men.

So what does carnitine do? Well, it has been shown in two clinical trials to activate - and also increase - human androgen receptors. 

I probably don't even have to say more.

3. Get Serious with Sleep

Humans are known to be the only species that delay sleep, and we should stop doing that immediately.

Not only is your facial hair growth rate enhanced at night and your body overall replenishes itself, there's something interesting about the amount of sleep, when it comes to the critical beard growing hormone; testosterone.

Studies have shown that each extra hour of sleep, leads to roughly 15% more testosterone being produced on the following day. And as you know, beard growth is stimulated by testosterone. More sleep = more beard. Catch my drift?

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