3 Facts about Beard Growth Serum and Sprays

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As long as there will be men who seek to grow their beards faster and thicker, there will also be marketers who will gladly sell them beard growth serum, supplements, and other products.

Today, we are looking into beard serums and beard sprays specifically, which is a beard product category filled with dishonesty and snake-oil salesmen.

Thus I present you, the three facts about beard products that claim they improve growth rate.

Fact #1. Beard Growth Serums Rarely Work as Advertised

Yes, that's right. Fact is that most of the products you find by typing "beard growth serum" into any big online retailer are 100% bogus.

First and foremost their ingredient lists speak the obvious; they never contain any proven compounds that could assist in either hair or beard growth and in some cases they even contain hormone-blocking ingredients like saw palmetto which can suppress your rate of beard growth instead of boosting it.

Then there's the before-after pictures, which are either non-existent or taken from guys who clearly have full beards and have shaven their beards down to stubble, and then the after picture is just the same guy when their beard has grown normally for few weeks.

In the rare case that you would see a beard growth serum before-after result picture with some significant new growth, you can reverse image search it from Google and usually find out that the original picture is taken from a beard transplant website or it is a before-after from a guy who has used minoxidil (the hair loss drug) on his face and gained new facial hair as a result (so far minoxidil might be the only scientifically proven beard growth enhancer there is).

This is the sad reality, and the hardest bullet to bite for many men who struggle with growing a beard.

Just take a look at this video where a kid uses beard growth spray and has obviously bought into the claims:

I can guarantee you that the dude has not had any noticeable new growth, and what's even more worrisome is that there are actually some grown men in the comments asking whether they should buy the product and if it did work. 

It doesn't. It has no effective ingredients, and it has no credible before-afters. It even has saw palmetto in it which suppresses the most important beard growth hormone; DHT.

Fact #2. Most People Never Buy Beard Growth Sprays Again after Using Them

When you look at the big online retailers and their beard growth spray selection, you can quickly see that many of them has raving positive reviews and anywhere from 4 to 5 star ratings.

"I was skeptical but got results after first month."

"Bought this for my husband for his patchy beard, he loves it and it really makes a difference!"

So on and so forth...

Well let me hit you with a cold hard fact:

99% of reviews like that are fake. And since Amazon and other big retailers are letting brands do sneaky shit like that, I can guarantee you that there will be yet another beard pill or growth oil popping up soon with hundreds of spectacular reviews within days of its release.

I will say it again:

There are no known beard serums - not even "secret" ones - that work and are sold with the name "beard growth spray" or "beard growth serum".

The only proven compound is minoxidil, which is a scalp-hair loss drug that isn't formulated for beard hairs at all. And the only reason its known to work for beards is that thousands of men have tested it which eventually resulted in a group of Thai scientist studying its effects on facial hair.

Fact #3. Beard Serum & Spray Manufacturers Almost Never Disclose their Ingredients

When I did some research on the ingredient lists of beard growth products, I quickly noticed that most brands did not release the ingredient lists, or if they did, it was in the comments of their sales page or in fine print at the bottom.

One company for example, used a bold title in the beginning promising 6x faster growth, and when I finally got them to email me the ingredient list, it was almost completely made of olive oil.

Now do you expect anyone to believe that rubbing olive oil to the face would result in six-times faster facial hair growth rate?

Of course not.

But could you sell a boat-load of products called "Beard Growth Serum" with that same 6x growth rate claim without telling people that its just a small bottle of olive oil?

Yes, a lot of people would expect there to be some secret ingredient.

The sad case is that there never is, and the reason the brands are hiding the ingredient lists of their beard activator serums and whatnot is simply because disclosing it would make it obvious that they're flat-out lying to you.

Conclusion on Beard Growth Serum Facts

Although 99% of beard serums and sprays are nothing more than snake oil, there are still products that work.

You don't find those products under the name "beard growth..." instead you will find them from your local drug store or online retailers under the hair-loss section...

...And the growth enhancer I'm talking about is minoxidil, aka Rogaine. the only proven hair follicle activator that just so happens to work on beards as well.

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