bafuss #16 | Storks the birds of babies and good fortune.

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Storks. By @cnandofer

The night was cold; as it is at the end of the winter, Tommy's father got inside the wooden shelter where they lived, "is it true Joanna? Paul told me about a stork nest on the roof of our shelter!" His face was red, the fast breathing of his father made Tommy think about the time when was warm, the ground was green, and he could run and jump close to the river following birds and squirrels.

"A nest!!! That means a bird we can eat", Tommy thought. It had been a hard winter, Tommy could not remember when was the last time that he ate something else than soup. He wanted to go outside immediately and kill the birds with the spear of his father.

Tommy's father stared impatiently at his mother for a moment until she finally talked for the first time. "When I came down the hill from collecting snow I heard a noise outside the shelter. At first, I thought that it was someone trying to steal from us, then I saw it. A stork, big and strong building his nest on the roof of our shelter." A couple of tears started to crawl down her cheeks. "That's not all Frank, as I was admiring the beauty of the bird, It looked back at me, staring at my eyes for few seconds. I could feel it immediately Frank, I'm sure that I'm with a baby now!!!"

His parents melt together in a hug and that night they were grunting and moving under the clothes of their bed doing the grown-up stuff that Tommy could not yet understand.

The spring didn't take long to arrive after that and the grunting became an every night thing between his parents. In the village, all the people looked at his family with admiration and jealousy since the birds arrive at their shelter.

After few months, Tommy's mom started to get big, her belly started to grow in the shape of a watermelon. He was going to have a baby brother or sister, although Tommy secretly preferred a brother. He would play with him, he will show him the forest, he will show him how to hunt squirrels and when he'll be old enough Tommy will tell him the story of how the stork that lived in the roof stared right at the eyes of her mother to make her pregnant with him.

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