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Saturday nights at a hostel in New Zealand. By @cnandofer

The Job at the hostel's reception in Christchurch was really easy to do. Phone bookings, check-ins and some other stuff that we could do in our sleep. At least that's what I thought until someone reviewed the hostel on the bbh website "The receptionist seems to be super confused all the time."

The truth is that I enjoyed working at the hostel. The only problem was working every Saturday or Sunday for 10 hours. That made us usually, mixed alcohol, party and work during the weekend. We used to buy beers one day before, then we would have alcohol for the whoooole day.

A Sunday that Jay had to work the whole day. He arrived at the kitchen and realized that someone finished all his beers the night before.

For the bad luck for Mr. "I take whatever I want, even if isn't my", there was a video camera in the kitchen that allowed us to clearly see if someone has taken something from the fridge.

Jay checked the video until he found the person that drank his beers. Was a friend of him, so there was no problem, he got his beers back. Buuuuuuuuut, this person stealing beer wasn't the only person appearing in that night's video. That Sunday morning, Jay also found this girl showing her ass to her friend.

We never knew why she was doing that, the only explanation that we could come up with was that the girl was showing her friend the tan line that she just has gotten in Thailand or something like this. What do you think?

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