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Before the Europeans arrived in New Zealand, the only mammal that existed in this islands was the sea lion. When the English arrived, they brought in their boats a plague of rats that eventually became a very big problem for New Zealand. People of that time needed a solution to eliminate the rats, so a very intelligent person, the Albert Einstein of his time, said:

-The possum eats rats. Let's bring possums to New Zealand!. It will eat the rats and ended with the rat problem!.

Indeed, the possum started eating rats. Buuuuuut, rats as any species tried to survive, they ran, hid and worked together to avoid being eaten by the possum. Sometimes the possum caught rats and sometimes not.

A curious thing about possums and trees of New Zealand, the resin of the trees is like a drug for possums. Possums discovered this and started eating the forests of New Zealand. Recent studies indicate that the New Zealander possum is the happiest animal on earth since it spends its life high as hell (true story). Actually, the way to hunt it down is setting traps on trees.

Finally, the solution became a bigger problem than the original problem, the possum is eating the forests very fast. The trees...well they don't grow very fast.

The years passed (don't know how long, don't ask) and at some point, there was an overpopulation of rabbits. Kiwis decided that it was a problem, so the genius of this new generation, said:

-The ninja possum eats rabbits. Let's bring the ninja possums to New Zealand!. It will eat the rabbits and ended with the rabbit problem!.

Ooooobviusly It isn't called "ninja possum" the truth is that I didn't understand the animal's name when they told me once, twice, three times. I didn't ask “what?” for the fourth time, it was too much. But is supposed to be very similar to the possum, a little bit bigger and more aggressive, so I started calling It the ninja possum.

When the ninja possum arrived in New Zealand, It started eating the rabbits (oooof course). Buuuuuut rabbits tried to survive, they are smarter than rats. They ran, hid, escaped. Sometimes the ninja possum caught rabbits and sometimes not.

Buuuuuut another special thing about New Zealand is that was full of many species of birds. Birds who never learned to fly, because they never needed to fly. When a bird can't fly, isn't the fastest animal in the jungle. The ninja possum discovered this and started to eat the slow birds of New Zealand until It extinguished some of the species that only lived here (with a little help from his friends, the Maoris).

Again, the solution became a bigger problem than the original problem, now New Zealand has a plague of ninja possums.

The years kept passing (still don't know how long) and at some point, many people were using marijuana so the kiwis decided that it was too much, it was a problem. Another very intelligent person (probably with personal interests), said:

-Let's bring from China this synthetic marijuana (the one we haven't study at all) and let's make it legal in New Zealand. People will use synthetic marijuana and will end the problem of marijuana in the country.

When I arrived in New Zealand, it was legal to buy this synthetic marijuana in some shops. Buuuuuuuut the solution again became a bigger problem than the original problem. Synthetic marijuana is more addictive and has worse effects than marijuana. Today there are more people in rehabilitation centers for synthetic marijuana than marijuana in this country.

Finally, they decided to turn it into an illegal drug but after they created a market for this new drug (Personal interests?). So, my kiwi friends seem to be very good to turn a problem into a bigger problem with their solutions.

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