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For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Source

Disclaimer: We strongly recommend you to take only what resonates with you and leave the rest. You don't need to believe whatever we say here or mention, but we urge you to do your own research and then decide yourself if we are speaking truth or not.

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@multidimensional speaking, In our previous post we mentioned about “Smart Dust” and gave you summary about what exactly it is used for. Here in this post we want to cover it in more details.



images (25).jpg

There are many whistleblowers who easily get public attention but sometimes you get whistleblowers ~ who don't get any public attention. We want to mention about one whistleblower who delivered a paper in German language and handed around in Germany, which was kinda interesting. That guy was a technical director and scientist of an institute in Germany which was a part of this project called ‘Raven new’ {Rabe neu}, where they were working on Smart Dust, and he suffered from cancer, he had just 3-4 months to live before the cancer would kill him. He regretted for the things he did in his life, he realised that the money he got for it was not really worth anything. He put some part of the technical concept on paper, gave enough information to make it possible to prove that it exists.

This guy revealed stuff from this project that even the people in the project do not know!

In genetic engineering you can create complete DNA like it is in the cell and you can split this into half and half of the spiral structure is RNA. RNA is good to use because it has full functionality but does not spoil the next generation. They really like to work on this because they can manipulate without destroying and risking the future. If you look at DNA and RNA there are a number of different functions to it.


  • The 1st function is that these fragments of RNA/DNA can produce light of different qualities ~ the entire field of research is called Optogenetics = teaching of how the genetics produce bio-photons i.e. produce the light body of a being, the blueprint that is controlling the building up of form or the morphogenetic field. This field gives us the structure that we are. This is all done by DNA. Today you can synthesize DNA by printing it in a DNA/RNA printing machine. You write down the code that you want to produce and define every single base pair of the structure and print it out. They produce fragments of RNA/DNA that produce light.
  • The 2nd natural function of DNA is to produce substances. Part of the DNA produces RNA and the RNA produces proteins and starts to build up the matter that the body is made up of. Both healing substances and poisons can be produced by cells and this is one function embedded in a certain span of the DNA. They can produce an expensive substance/medicine like artemisinin {used to produce the most effective medicines for malaria} and expensive to extract from plants this way.

They extract the little portion of the genetic information that is producing this substance and insert into microbes that is creating these substances and create artemisinin in big amounts = modern medicine.

  • The 3rd and newest field of research in using genetic engineering is that they realised that they can mount the base pairs into a chain in a way that functions like a computer, like a logical element and this could be visualised by thinking about the old method of telephones where you dialled numbers using sound. Every base pair has a resonance frequency somewhere in the terahertz range and if you hit the right frequency it is opening like a light conducting unit. A sequence of sounds can open all of the fragments and make the entire thing conductive. They can produce light or poison! You can take a radio signal and activate it from outside to produce any substance you want or produce any light that you want! Light is also emotion, thoughts, everything that we send that is an experience of ourselves and a substance can do everything with us ~ it can poison us slowly or it can kill us immediately and this is controllable by radio frequencies without risking that it is triggered unless they want it to be triggered?

That guy said that they knew that this is very dangerous to bring this out so they introduced the “Deactivation Code”, like a line of sounds that's completely taking it out so that it cannot be abused by anyone, this is what he said. And he also mentioned that this thing is airborne since 2003 in Europe and Iraq, And he also said that the second war in Iraq was already done to test this “Smart Dust system”, that was the only real reason for that war. Now the most important point he said, that they spent half a year and 10 billion US dollars in optimising “cluster topology”, which could be controlled by high frequency radio waves. These clustered nanoparticles were supposed to have “deactivation” codes built into them, but a German scientist whistleblower revealed that this was an alien technology and that there are no deactivation codes. We've been fooled by the E.T.'s.

Now, from our perspective this synthetic RNA is what pure artificial intelligence is at its core. So this synthetic RNA is what carries intelligence, an artificial lifeform. If you picture this, People are infected with this synthetic RNA and this RNA is forming clusters in 1mm distances around us. And the cluster like this is able to carry a computer program or an artificial non-physical structure of being. This structure can hover through a being but it can also hover into us, and this structure knows how to access the light production and also the production of poison, and it also carries intelligence that gives it ability to make decisions. And that's the reason they spent such a huge amount of money for just to optimise this whole structure of “Smart Dust - cluster topology”.

But he later found that they're being fooled and it was a big scam by very advanced intelligence that's carefully and very systematically implanting the whole master plan to take over the planet and humanity! {Sounds like a science fiction, no?}

The EPA Quietly Approved Monsanto's New Genetic-Engineering Technology


DvSnf7 dsRNA is an unusual insecticide. You don’t spray it on crops. Instead, you encode instructions for manufacturing it in the DNA of the crop itself. If a pesky western corn rootworm comes munching, the plant’s self-made DvSnf7 dsRNA disrupts a critical rootworm gene and kills the pest. This last step is called RNA interference, or RNAi.

The Environmental Protection Agency already approved the first insecticide relying on it. Check-out their official site here

So they are already using this RNA interference technology to kill insect pests.


Piezoelectric nano-crystals


Piezoelectric clouds in North area of McAllen Texas.

Piezoelectric nano crystals of barium, strontium, and titanium are formed by ultrasonic droplets injected into jet engine combustion. These nanocrystals are capable of handling and processing scalar waves.

Barium-strontium-titanate is an advanced nano-crystal. To get an idea of this crystallo-graphic family we might look at barium-titanate that is described in Wikipedia as followed:

Barium-titanate is a dielectric ceramic used for capacitors. It is a piezoelectric material for microphones and other transducers. The spontaneous polarization of barium-titanate is about 0.15 C/m2 at room temperature and its Curie point is 120 °C. As a piezoelectric material, it was largely replaced by leadzirconate-titanate, also known as PZT. Polycrystalline barium-titanate displays positive temperature coefficient, making it a useful material for thermistors and self-regulating electric heating systems. Barium-titanate-crystals find use in nonlinear optics. The material has high beam-coupling gain, and can be operated at visible and near-infrared wavelengths. It has the highest reflectivity of the materials used for self-pumped phase conjugation (SPPC) applications. It can be used for continuous-wave four-wave mixing with milliwatt-range optical power. For photo refractive applications, barium-titanate can be doped by various other elements, e.g. iron. Thin films of barium-titanate display electro-optic modulation to frequencies over 40 GHz. The pyro-electric and ferroelectric properties of barium-titanate are used in some types of uncooled sensors for thermal cameras. High purity barium-titanate-powder is reported to be a key component of new barium-titanate capacitor energy storage systems for use in electric vehicles. Wikipedia


These nanocrystals also have four times the refractive index of diamonds, but they are opaque to ultraviolet light. So it absorbs UV light/signals at 260 nanometer wavelength, It's exactly the frequency of Ultraviolet light which triggers plant cells to divide and grow. So cell division occurs when UV bio-photons hitting a cell which is kinda trigger that tell the cell “please divide into two”. But, If plants take up these nanocrystals through rain and soil, u.v. inhibition prevents the plant cells from dividing and growing, hence the plants fail to thrive and eventually die.

This is the thing that cause Mad cow disease. Which was a scalar wave experiment.

So there are three reasons to get this disease :

  • Lack of copper within the body.
  • Too much mercury in the body.
  • Presence of this piezoelectric nano-crystals.

What happened then, The Mercury and shellacs in vaccines strip the protective sheath around nerve cells and strip the nerves of copper in the protein, prion, copper, protein, prion, copper chain which form them. In the body's attempt to repair the nerves they substitute the barium, strontium, titanium nanocrystals for the missing copper and what you get is a nervous system which has been turned into a scalar wave antenna!!!

This is how THEY get the complete control over the nervous system of human beings.

When you look into the military domain for the uses of Piezoelectric nano-crystals, they use it for radar range enhancement, for turning the sky into optical mirror ~ they call it “horizontal drift plasma antennas” and ”columnar focal lenses”. So this way THEY can play with the electromagnetic signals, radar signals or by turning the entire atmosphere into vertical and horizontal plasma columns. That bring out the whole set into controllable unit into direct and redirect all sorts of signals & this is part of the rocket shield in the military domain.

Patents regarding it:
Columnar focal lens. US Patent 5900986A

Horizontal plasma antenna using plasma drift currents. US Patent 6118407A

Laser beam antenna US Patent 3404403A

High-frequency ion source US Patent 5017835A

Pulsating plasma device US Patent 3914766A

To give you clear picture of its working, visualise, if you want to destroy a Russian rocket approaching London, you just calculate the path & then you activate the plasma & heat up the plasma upto 10 thousand degrees, and the rocket when enter into its field just melt away & explode ~ this is how this rocket shield tech work. For this thing to work, this thing need to be spread out onto the entire territory to have it everywhere. So this is military domain but as you see, some of the aspects of this particular plasma tech are connected to diseases and attempts to get access to the nervous system of humans.

Plasma shield surface protection US Patent 20140162465A1

We can tell you the whole agenda is not about military technologies but to control the civilian population of country by accessing their nervous system.


Aluminum and Manganese Oxide, Opening The Pandora Box

images (27).jpg

If you look at the normal jet engines and go through the whole process of how they work with aviation fuel, what are the additives of fuel, and do deep research by opening up scholar domain, you will reach to a very interesting find! That will help you connect with a very important dot, I.e., how normal jet engines can be used for creating nanoparticles of aluminum oxide, manganese oxide, etc!

Barium strontium titanium powders (BST) are produced in industrial spray pyrolysis at 750 °C & then at 600 °C flame temperature, which is identical to the flame temperature within normal jet engines.

It's very clear that aluminium oxide can be produced in Jet engine through the spray pyrolysis besides Barium, strontium, titanium.
However within the temperature range of a jet engine in normal flight the nanoparticles should come out in a amorphous structure. To achieve a mono-crystalline quality it needs temperatures in the range of 1700 °C, that are present in normal jet engines only in the starting phase. In military applications the temperatures needed to melt and recrystallize aluminum-oxide can easily be achieved through afterburner technology.

So in afterburner technology military domain is utilising Aluminum fuel, so the Aluminum is already contained inside the aviation fuel. And when you mix it with Barium, strontium, titanium nanoparticles, jet engines do rest of the job by manufacturing nanocrystals on-board through spray-pyrolysis within the jet engine!

Note: No one is going to tell you about spray-pyrolysis within the jet engine cause this is where the whole chemtrail secret lies! Facepalm to those who said chemtrails are just conspiracy theory.

To find the real source of the chemtrail, look into ongoing development of jet propellants and their additives by the US air force and the NATO.

1 gram of these (Ba, Srx) TiO3 nano-crystals has the amazingly large surface of 2500 square meters. It is possible to spread these nanocrystals so unbelievable thin that 1gram can totally seal 685 square meters. 300 tons would be enough to cover a country of the size of Germany with a one particle thick layer.


If you look all those particles, this^ is how they look like under the microscope. The particle form is called ”whiskers”, it looks like a star & it has the special ability to attract electrons and to hold them. So this is the function of this particular plasma in the military domain ~ The barium strontium & titanate can be activated to spit out electrons & the aluminum-oxide is carrying them, for long time.

So this makes it very clear that this is what we have on daily basis, those nanoparticles/nanocrystals in our atmosphere being sprayed out through normal jet engines.


Connection With Flu (Chemtrail Flu)

Aluminum oxide nano crystals are formed from aluminum additives in jet engine fuel heated to higher temperatures in jet engine afterburners. (When manganese is substituted for aluminum you get “chemtrail flu”.)

During low temperature condition (Winter Time), they don't use Aluminum as fuel additive but manganese to create manganese-oxide. And, This is what causing symptoms that are 100% identical to Influenza (Flu). So during the winter months you find lots of this in air, when all the people run to the doctor because they think they getting the flu and they want to be vaccinated ~ BIG MISTAKE! Running to doctor for flu shot is suicide!

Yeah, if you look at the things those vaccines are containing, starting with mercury ~ this is pure poison! Starting shellacs that pull out copper from your body is slow death, you start realising that there's a master plan behind it.

We would like to mention about the “Mark Purdy”, he was a organic farmer in great Britain who exposed the causal link between organophosphorus chemicals and BSE and also refused mandatory vaccination for his animals & none of his cattle had BSE, not a single one ~ just because he refused the vaccination. Unfortunately 10 month later he died of brain cancer.

His death wasn't a natural one, it was the same tactic used for many former high ranking people or whistleblowers as a consequence of going against the Government authorities to speak up the truth ~ we’re referring to the list of microwave weapons that are being used to silence so many truth speakers.


Chemtrails connection with Directed Energy, Plasma Weapons


As we said that chemtrail is multipurpose technique or say medium to serve multiple purpose or agendas simultaneously, so here we shed some light on the purpose to turn our atmosphere conducive to directed energy weapons and also several different plasmonic weapons.

It involves the combination of chemtrails for creating an atmosphere that will support electromagnetic waves, ground-based, electromagnetic field oscillators called gyrotrons, and ionospheric heaters. Particulates make directed energy weapons work better. It has to do with “steady state” and particle density for plasma beam propagation.

They spray barium powders and let it photo-ionize from the ultraviolet light of the sun. Then, they make an aluminum-plasma generated by “zapping” the metal cations that are in the spray with either electromagnetics from HAARP, the gyrotron system on the ground [Ground Wave Emergency Network], or space-based lasers. The barium makes the aluminum-plasma more particulate dense. This means they can make a denser plasma than they normally could from just ionizing the atmosphere or the air.

More density [more particles] means that these particles which are colliding into each other will become more charged because there are more of them present to collide. What are they ultimately trying to do up there ~ is to create charged-particle, plasma beam weapons.

Chemtrails are the medium – GWEN pulse radars, the various HAARPs, and space-based lasers are the method, or more simply:

Chemtrails are the medium — directed energy is the method.

This system is in Russia, Canada, the United States, and all of Europe. Exotic weapons can be mobile, stationary, land-based, aerial, or satellite.

It is an offensive and defensive system against EM attacks and missiles. It uses ionospheric particle shells as defense mechanisms [like a bug-zapper shell]* against missiles and EM attacks. That means they spray and then pump up the spray with electromagnetics. When these shells are created using the oscillating, electromagnetic, gyrotron stations, it “excludes” and displaces the background magnetic field. These shells can be layered one above another in a canopy fashion for extra protection from missiles. The chemtrail sprays have various elements in them like carbon which can used to absorb microwaves. Some of these sprays have metal flakes in them that make aerial craft invisible to radar. Spoofer sprays. Sprays like these can be used to create colorful,magnetized plasmas to cloak fighter jets.


And they're creating fake plan holograms, too, as they successfully made the sky into a 3D holographic screen. If you're lucky enough you’ll notice plasma orbs in front of faked planes or plasma orbs near or besides the chemtrails or flying through them.

They are also photographing gas plasma generation due to the heating of chemtrails by electromagnetics. The technical names for vertical and horizontal plasma columns are columnar focal lenses and horizontal drift plasma antennas which we already mentioned above with their patent links.^ Various size of gas plasma orbs are associated with this technology. These orbs can be used as transmitters and receivers because they have great, refractory and optical properties. They also are capable of transmitting digital or analog sound. Barium, in fact, is very refractive ~ more reflective than glass.


Creating Deception Using Holographic Technology


Right, when advanced technology is used to create a fake plane hologram or even to cloak the object at a certain moment.

Those orbs are part of a holographic ‘chemtrail’ project.

Patents regarding it.

Holographic scan converter US Patent 3630594A

Apparatus for reconstructing an image of an object which image has been recorded in holographic form US Patent 3810687A

Holography using multiple diffused object illumination beams US Patent 3782804A

Holographic multiple image formation with astigmatism correction US Patent 3653736A

While chemtrails obviously contain toxic elements spraying chemtrails to kill of the population is a very slow, costly and ineffective way to do this. Of course, the chemtrails secondary purpose is to spread disease, weaken our immune system and interact with HAARP to alter the weather.

But the main goal for the on-going spraying appears to be to fill the sky with Barium and Aluminum to make a screen, so that holograms can appear very real to those who view them.

images (28).jpg

Chemtrails are laid out in cross-cross patterns, so that the elements contained in them will more uniformly spread over the whole sky when activated by HAARP.

Barium and Aluminum are two of the most common elements to be found in chemtrails (3D holographic display using Strontium Barium Niobate).

And not only they use chemtrails, also they fire high power radio waves into the skies which create artificial glowing plasma patterns causing glowing dots to appear around these patches.

But why would they use high power radio waves and why would they project 3D holographic images in the sky?

Because they have found that only viable means of mass genocide is through deception.

OK, suppose this is real, how can they put realistic holograms in the sky that are close to flawless?

Project Blue Beam. The New World Order Psyops program which is being developed through NASA in connection with the Department of Defence.


To accomplish this^, the shuttle missions were needed to weaponize space and deliver satellites that could create holographic images to deceive the masses and it will be the International Space Station that will coordinate all of those satellites to broadcast their great holographic space show all over the world ~ simultaneously.

Note: On January 8, 2015 NASA and White House officials confirmed to keep the International Space Station running through at least 2024 — a four-year life extension for the largest spacecraft ever built. Previous lifetime projections for the space station called for it be shut down in 2020. Even NASA and its partners have floated the idea of flying the space station through 2028, an option that could be revisited later, agency officials said!!!

And of course they will use sound effects to make it all seem so real by using ELF - GWEN towers around the world. Yes, the strange sounds heard around the World sometimes!

By creating these strange apocalyptic sounds and feeding artificial thought into the multigenic field via satellite, the mind control of the entire planet is now possible.

But creating chemtrails, strange sounds and the use of mind control techniques are not enough to realize the New World Order.

The UN New World Order Plans are revealed for the next 15 years (Agenda 21/New Agenda 2030) thus the time is near that they will start with their last card, the false flag alien attack (Read project Blue Beam) in a final attempt to realize the New World Order.

At the moment the holographic space show starts it will certainly involve fake alien spacecraft and of course the false return of Messiah.


Here is a video ~ in which chemtrail plane is using advanced cloaking technology to disappear ~ literally!


Morgellons (Nano Tags)


OK, going back to NASA presentation we had the nano tags that are apparently there to track down people to find out where they're & what they think.


You can see those Morgellons fibres airborne, especially in Europe, if you go out at night time & take a UV lamp with you & turn it on, you can see those fibres airborne & there are billions of them! Not every night but every now & then. You can see them fly around. This fibres, this fungus is infecting the human body & with 99% of people nothing special happens. They're just embedded somewhere & your biology is keeping the fungus population low in your body. They just function as a plasmonic antenna to send out signals but you don't get sick from it, no visible symptoms. So it's not big deal, it's not dangerous as long as body can handle this thing. But some of the people cannot handle it and miscellany starts growing in the body & at certain point they start extracting out of the body. They also have Quantum Dot colors (used in transhumanistic research) also used in blue Morgellons and red Morgellons fibers


If you look deep into things that are connected to Morgellons disease, you will find many strange things like, Large area self-assembled photonic-plasmonic crystals, if you go into it, you'll find hexagonal forms & if you look for function then it's actually the thing that's used for collecting the radio signals and turning the radio frequency into DNA readable light impulses within the body.

Patent regarding it.

Device and method for fluorescence-based imaging and monitoring US Patent 20110117025A1



So this is the reading unit.

Patents regarding it:
Photonic crystal fiber US Patent 6243522B1

Down there^ you have Photonic Crystal Fiber. If you look deep into what they do, it's carbon nanotube filled with this Quantum dot colours chemistry & its function is to collect light processed by the DNA and turn it into readable signal!

Method for using a photonic crystal fiber as a Raman biosensor US Patent 7738097B2

And if you put two together ~ this goes beyond the normal, you get a read/write unit


So Morgellons are basically self-replicating hollow fiber “Nano Tags” used to track anyone and to be able to know what they are thinking. They can read out the “light fingerprint” of your DNA and turn them into an electronic signal which can be read by satellites or ground stations. This is a read/write unit.
(an example of use ~ read out a person's anger who is angry, digitize it, put it on antenna rebroadcast it to other 100 people that are not angry & if they have this biology within their system, this read/write units, then they will feel exactly the same experience of anger that's broadcasted from a single person and voila ~ you've got yourself an Arab Spring ~ just introduce a little anger into the system.)

This thing is online at present!

[We do not want to go ahead in explaining this in this post or it would turn out to be the nightmare for many and it would be too much for people to handle in a single read.]


Final Thoughts


We have connected many important dots of the whole chemtrail puzzle concerning different agendas, and the top agenda to control the masses, not only the masses but the whole planet, at their figure tips!

It's very crystal clear that Someone or someones’ are very involved in unconstitutional, domestic spying and the entrained plasma orbs carried on electromagnetic beams can be used for mind control programming. The satellites can be programmed to track and monitor various frequencies on different parts of your body. These electromagnetic beams carrying the gas plasma orbs stick due to magnetic polarity and frequency mapping and tracking to people’s eyes, ears, temples, and private parts. A beam with entrained orbs carries pictures in each orb just like the different frames in a movie. It is a particle beam that is also a frequency weapon.

Persistent chemical aerosols, combined with artificial EMF generating apparatuses (eg, HAARP, cell towers), are not only affecting the weather, they are also affecting biological health and reducing people's capacity to think clearly (mind control)

The military of many nations, and their governments, are all complicit with this program, and it is accurate to call it "Star Wars" because it utilizes exotic tech (or technology based upon devices and processes not original to Earth.)

This is not mass hysteria, this is mass sanity, as humans begin to understand that their consciousnesses are under attack.

It's very sad to see that people are heavily into deception that they're still having hard time to understand things like, chemtrails and other agendas that are associated with brutal crime against humanity! People are still debating that chemtrails are just theory - not real, while government are spraying it 24/7 around the world, they have achieved state of the art in this, not just that, there are using far more exotic hyper-advanced technologies that are not in public domain yet! There's so much to reveal!

We are aware that many people are being mind-controlled to the extent that they no more have critical thinking capability, they will continue to deny this truth and are falling deep into the Matrix.

But, here we are leaving the codes of awakening which shall awaken the many!

Remember who you really are! Go within yourself and get in touch with your divine self. Follow your inner-guidance and you will see past the illusions of this matrix.

Please do not just passively accept the reality (established order) you were taught from your childhood. Determining your own reality is the most courageous thing a person can do in his/her lifetime. Take your power back and re-create your reality that's harmonious, balanced, most aligned to your truth of being.

How are you serving the world?


Are you educating yourself of the true reality? Are you doing yours own research, using your inner-guidance, your intuition!? Are you empowering yourself and those who are spreading the truth, to bring unity, love, and peace among us?


Are you just going after the illusions of matrix? Are you just accepting and believing what your authorities, governments, or those in power telling you to be the truth?

Well that's how THEY enslave you, when you blindly believe whatever THEY taught you without you doing your own research, when you just used your logical left brain and denied your right brain creative, intuitive power to discern the truth! You happily believed when the doctors said that you need flu vaccination, alas! Those doctors themselves don't know what they're doing, for they used their limited thinking logical left brain to only believe what they have been taught by an educational system/organisation that served mixture of half truth and lies! That's when you gave your power away to decide what should be your truth & how should be your life suppose to be.

It's high time now! Stand up for yourself and you will no longer fall for anything. Never give your power away to others. And don't allow others to steal it from you either. Be a sovereign being who is aware of sacred presence within

They’ve fooled you enough, It's time to stop these brutal experiments and crimes on humanity.

Seek the truth within yourself. Stop doubting yourself, because you are sharing with the world who you really are. Stand tall dear brother and sister. You are not in this world to please others. You are here to be YOU. To discover all you can be. And if by chance it should encourage others and empower them then there is great joy. The Courage to be fully you. Stand up great Warrior of Light. And Shine On. ✨


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Wow, it looks like science fiction, but it's real... It makes you think... Indeed, this type of technology could be extremely positive for humanity, the problem is when bad people, or rather, governments can use them to gain more control. Excellent research.

Thank you very much! ☺I agree, technologies can be used to bring good to everyone on our world, but it's known that with technology comes addiction, and also power, but many people fall for it rather than standing in their power amd use technology to serve their own selfish agenda to gain more power and satisfy their egos! Thank you so much for your comment! 🌟

Thanks! Having put together so much info it may be worth backing off and looking at each aspect in more detail, especially personal symptoms. Most people won't believe any of this - until it affects them - and are deeply lost in their fake-phone-world.

You're welcome! ☺We are doing our part of role. It's upto people now if they do their part of role or not.

That's right, people won't believe such things until it happens to them. Sadly, it's already happening to them, but it's on subtle level and it will take some time for their limited 5 senses to detect, but that would be too late for them to do anything.

These series of posts are awakening call for those who are going to be part of The brave new world.

Thank you for your comment and taking your time to read this post. You may like to read our previous posts, too. ☺

Thank you for that great information so much going on it is crazy. Sorry i am late reading this post and i can not upvote now. If you comment here i can upvote that still i believe. Cheers :)

You're welcome! 😊 Yes. So much is going on behind the scenes. It's ok. You can read my new post here

Thanks i will check out the new post soon.

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thanks for another thought provoking post

a German scientist whistleblower revealed that this was an alien technology and that there are no deactivation codes. We've been fooled by the E.T.'s.

Why would extra terrestrials need human scientists to be involved at all?

Also if they can control people's minds directly with light through implanted RNA control mechanisms why bother with the holograms aliens?

This is all pretty accurate:
It is an offensive and defensive system against EM attacks and missiles. It uses ionospheric particle shells as defense mechanisms [like a bug-zapper shell]* against missiles and EM attacks. That means they spray and then pump up the spray with electromagnetics. When these shells are created using the oscillating, electromagnetic, gyrotron stations, it “excludes” and displaces the background magnetic field. These shells can be layered one above another in a canopy fashion for extra protection from missiles. The chemtrail sprays have various elements in them like carbon which can used to absorb microwaves. Some of these sprays have metal flakes in them that make aerial craft invisible to radar. Spoofer sprays. Sprays like these can be used to create colorful,magnetized plasmas to cloak fighter jets.

The question is if these systems have every been deployed and how often they are employed. The barium seeding is only going to last so long, keeping the atmosphere saturated all the time would be a lot of work as would producing the amount of energy needed for a sustained effect.

I contend that the best form of mass mind control is still TV even with social media coming up fast.

You're welcome! ☺

Coz, it needed to infiltrate from inside for the master plan to work, by taking this thing into consideration that their are another force that's opposite to them which put limitations for it to directly attack the planet.

There are different sets of groups working on different plans that has same agenda to get control over the planet, but they use their own methods to accomplish that agenda.

We will reveal that missing link soon that's preventing you to understand how they can maintain such a complicated attempt so perfectly and so systematically without needing to worry about the available energy.

Yes, TV is indeed the best form of mind-control, but it's getting oldx, a new form of technology is going to replace it soon. As it already begin.

Thank you for taking your time to read our posts and for commenting! 🙂

People seem pretty easy to control with facebook. And if they have real aliens why would they need hologram ones?

People seem pretty easy to control with facebook. And if they have real aliens why would they need hologram ones?

To create a false flag attack, but this time, it would be false flag alien-attack, Just imagine if they use that holographic technology to create that ~ then what will happen around the world. New World Order, will be established. You can also imagine it with fasle holographic Godly image projecting in sky, telling people of their second coming and commanding everyone what to do! Majority of the Religious People would blindly bow down and believe it as real and would think not for a second to kill another on the command of their holographic Godly figure.

Anyways, have you read our another post about "Morgellons"?

Right, but if they have real aliens and real alien technology that would seem far better than holographic aliens. I'll check out that post, thanks. It certainly is a pretty common movie cliché to have giant alien ships appear above world capitals. Independence Day, Arrival, the series (and the remake) of V and others I am sure.

Yep, they have real aliens working with them but that doesn't mean they would do as THEY say, each of them working for their own agenda, few want to take control but few others just want to do their own genetic experiments to create hybrid race which they already did, but they still want to achieve more perfection to create more superior race, while other Et forces just trying to push their control agenda. Now you must understand that there are not just few groups, but many, each possess different agendas, and make use of their own methods, techniques and technologies.

That's true that they have technologies that can blow up whole planet in a second, they can take over this planet in a day, but the thing is ~ space is not only filled with Negative Et's who want to just take over everything that comes in their way, but there are forces of positive Et races that's what stopping many powerful negative Et's to get success in their agenda. The funny thing is ~ each negative group is trying everything they could but they are failing again and again, and as they get failure, they use another tactic, another method, another plan but they get failure only. After so many trials and errors, few of them finally figured out that if they want to get success, they have to take over people people from within, once you get power over collective consciousness, whole holographic universe comes in your command! But that's very complex thing to achieve as collective consciousness always backfire whenever it experience suppressions. The truth is you cannot stop consciousness from ascending, you can just slow down its progress. ☺

Yep, those movies were always been a part of their plan where they give hints to collective about their plans. ☺

well if I see any alien ships I will have to shoot at them and see if the bullets bounce off or go through.

Hahaha! Bullets won't make their way through them unless it's old reverse engineered ARV. 😁

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