Announcement: STEEMBAY is working NOW.

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Earn SBD without blogging, just by selling items or services to those who already own SBD.
Get influence while keeping the tokens in the system...

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CCO from pixabay

Steembay is a blockchain based auction system to strengthen Steemprice and create circular markets.

We have a platform that is censorship resistant.
We have a currency that is available all over the world.
We have a transfer speed that is amazing (3 sec. which is faster than anything in the world).
We have an amazing community full of creativity.

Why the price of Steem is not yet through the roof?

Well there are quite a number of reasons, most of them are discussed at length but one of the reasons is for sure that there is no incentive for holding Steem/SBD other than hoping for a price increase. You can’t do not much with Steem or SBD other than transfer it to BTC and / or fiat. The markets are scarce.
One of the things that are really needed are these marketplaces they will ensure that you don’t have to pull out your Steem to BTC or fiat money. This move is key to strengthen our currency and the only way to get away from a constant drain on the price.
Additionally markets will give people with no writing / photographing skills the possibility to earn Steem and get influence on this platform.

@ned was talking about these circular markets more than a year ago and unfortunately not much happened since concerning this topic. At a certain point there is no more point in waiting and one has to start fixing things for yourself. That was my initial thought when starting creating steembay…


I was thinking about @steembay since before the Steemfest in Amsterdam and I was already in September 2016 talking to a lot of people about the topic. I had a clear plan in mind, but no one was willing to invest neither time, nor money into that. I was sure, if so many people invest in Steem projects, there will surely be someone doing, what I had in mind… seems I was wrong.

Now, more than a year later, I decided to become a little more pushy about the subject and I found a developer able to realize what I had in mind ( @schererf THX ) He additionally found solutions to some of the major problems we faced.

  1. 3 seconds between votes, 20 seconds between comments.
  2. A quite unstable blockchain at times…
  3. Constant changes at reward curves / communities / SMTs etc.

We decided to not give a damn about this all and build a recursive, strictly blockchain reliant bot-system, which is as fast as the blockchain allows and that is scalable until there are no more accounts available on Steem. At the moment we run 5 accounts, which should be able to handle open beta just nicely.

What can Steembay actually do?

  • When you use the hash tag #steembay , a botsystem will log the post and start managing your post as an auction. Automatically the ending time for the auction is the payout time of the post.
  • The starter of the auction can end the auction at any time with “end auction”, placed bids will stay active.
  • The starter of the auction can cancel an auction at any time with “cancel auction”, placed bids will be ignored.
  • The auction is manageable through comments.
  • Start of the auction with “start 1” (This will start the auction at a starting price of 1.000 SBD)
  • The starter of the auction can’t place bids
  • Bidders can place bids with a new comment “bid 1.5” or any other amount
  • A bid can be revoked with “revoke bid”
  • At the end of an auction the winner will get a congratulation comment.
  • Bids in the wrong format, out of time or by the wrong people will be rejected

Screenshot (98).png

Known issues

  • Highest bid will be open to see, no incremental approach like on ebay
  • You can overbid yourself
  • Sorting is crap on steemit atm. Hopefully this will be better as soon as there are communities or will be fixed with an application.
  • Remembering items is not possible at the moment ( => fix in application soon)
  • No prevention of “funbidders” and trolls

Plans for the future

  • Integration of a encrypted “reserve” price via memo
  • Memo bidding, which would allow anonymous bidding as well as incremental approach to the highest bid.
  • Integration of an automated escrow service (meanwhile you could use the existing one)
  • Application with a better sorting system and “on-system” possibility to remember searches and items, as well as bidder selection (min reputation etc.)


There is no way to ensure legally what happens here and everything is trust based. I am aware that there are a lot of people who want to stay anonymous, but there are also many who do not care about that. Please do use this service at your own risk and be aware that you have to show at least to one person your address details, if you purchase something material.

CC0 from pixabay


The Steembay service is free to use and does not cost anything. We will ask for an upvote on our initial comment, which will hopefully ensure that we can keep our servers up. We also plan to post a weekly report on updates and numbers about this service, hoping that we can finance further development with that. As long as there are no communities, we suggest declining payout for your auctions.

What we really need

We need your suggestions, what you’d like to be implemented.
We need financial support to keep up our servers and to continue development.
We need this service to be known all over the platform and beyond.

So please use it, upvote our first comments in your auction, share (resteem) the idea…. THX


We have build kinda “ebay” on the steem blockchain. It works and explains itself if you use the #steembay in the tags and we need your upvote / donation / resteem for this service to stay free of charge and to become known!





Yes, supply and demand are perhaps the most fundamental concepts of economics. This is giving a new approach to steemit ecosystem. @steembay

Nice post! What will happening, if someone resteem your post?

well, and @schererf i think this is a good innovation but there is also a need to break it down because it seems too complex to understand for a new user like me but i actually enjoyed reading this post and i look forward to seeing it in progress #steembay

Community of Steem is growing and is offering wider and wider spectrum of services. This is the way! Re-steem!

Yes it's growing ... and now steem price is growing too!!!

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Sure Thats Good For all ,

Decent undertaking!
Group of Steem is developing and is putting forth more extensive and more extensive range of administrations.

visibility growing!!!!!!

i hope you dont mind if i were to put you in a post i am making about all of the different kinds of services that people have the option to use on steemit .

i give you upvote acidyo, you can also visit my blog--->

Wow... this is about the greatest news EVER!

Not just because it's awesome to have an internal peer-to-peer marketplace, but because of what that could MEAN for Steemit, in a larger sense: What this does is to create an "economic reason" for the Steem token to exist... above and beyond just the social content platform.

Phrased differently, Steem just went from being primarily an "asset class" to being a bonafide "currency."

Why do I find this so exciting? "Differentiation." As myriads more ICOs come to pass, it's inevitable that we are moving towards a place where a bunch of "shitcoins" are going to get their wakeup calls... and dramatically dump value. Having an actual Steem based economy now gives us an edge over all of them-- from a pure INVESTOR standpoint. A true "reason for being." And how cool is THAT?

Resteemed, and many thumbs up!

(And yes, I'm a 20-year eBay veteran and user....)

Thank you so much. This is probably the most moving comment I read so far.
You are speaking from my heart so to say...


Amazing! That's a good idea. Can market valuable things that are just set aside and not in use. Thanks

I wish you a lot of success

I appreciate it! Anything helps!
No need for a popularity contest. I strongly believe this COULD improve Steem a great deal.

Is this for services or materials only because will people bid for written content like health or education articles?

@sayee. good question. I'm so interesting about it

excellent idea! best one I've seen lately.

I think your very right, I think steem has alot of great benefits as a currency!

brb flagging this with my alt account


Resteeming this hope to help a little for your great content

Re-steeming for visibility! well project!

steemit always heplfull for us..once a time this steemit get learning in your life..@aggroed

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Cool concept!

Cool. Might give this a try to sell a few of the silver steem coins minted by @phelimint.

I think we may end up seeing a few here for sure. I already had to give it a test, I love the idea!

Yeah I saw yours on there. Looks like it’s up to 53 SBD. I would really like to see this steembay take off.

Great! Glad you like it!

A German translation is now available:

Ankündigung: STEEMBAY ist JETZT funktionsfähig!

Thank you and @schererf for creating this amazing service!

Top I'll read it straightaway.

It's so funny that my confirmation for the registration came in today and this is the first post I've checked out using my account. It's funny because I work for Ebay, so I decided to do my first comment on this telling everyone the story. :D

Heil Blockchain!

Added a link directly into the post.
THX a lot for the work!

Yes now we fully understand the working principle and purpose of the steembay......

I wish you a lot of success (and it seems to work like a charm)
Resteemed the fist ever real auction on Steembay!

Thank you very much for this project. I'm sure this will advance steem and have a positive effect on the value of the Steem token

could be great ! look forward to seeing it ..I've got some prints to sell


This is what I've been wanting ever since I saw Dan's Steemit's Evil Plan for Cryptocurrency World Domination post. I really hope this gets used a lot. I also hope we can eventually build into the escrow commands that are there but not exposed via the Steemit interface yet. Great work! I'll be watching this one for sure.



Means much to me, you saying that... ( I talked to @ned about this on Steemfest 1 already and had no chance on Steemfest² to talk to you about that matter. You seemed always busy ;-) )

Can you tell me more about the escrow (perhaps via ? same username there )
I think we are already are using some of these features in our testing environment ;-)

Keep up the good work!

Hey @schererf, good job guys.

One very simple idea for announcing the current highest bid:
Update your first auction comment each time you see new higher bid. It's very easy to do that using steem-python or SteemJS whatever.

In order to keep the first action comment always at the top, do self-vote on it rather than just waiting for the valuntary upvote on it.

THX for the idea. Actually we are already working on realizing this (had a similar idea).
Needs some time testing because it has to work on a separate script (for security and timing reasons)

Can't wait to try this out! I also hear there is a Steem Flea Market opening up. Sounds like there are plenty of choices out there!

Love the idea. Honestly wish this would have been ready a bit earlier back when I was selling a ton of stuff on eBay and getting bent over by their fees! Literally just wrote a post about it this morning.

I can relate, since I sell a lot on eBay as well, hence the reason I asked whether a higher opening bid is possible for items of value.

eBay's fees have gotten ridiculous, not to mention that they aren't treating sellers with nearly the respect they did, when I started selling on eBay in 2001.

Cracking idea, I thought of this too a while back but didn't have a clue how to implement it. Good luck!

I’m happy to see this being made! I run an online merch business so I’ll definitely be keeping my eyes on this.

Right now I can only think of two things that might make this more secure.

  1. Maybe have an escrow made so the “fun bidders” will be forced to pay for auctions they participate in

  2. Have some kind of shipping label/ tracking numbering setup so both buyers and sellers can be protected if shipping goes array. I understand it might be complicated. Maybe just an area to enter the tracking number after it is shipped

I’ll keep trying to think of stuff. I really want to see a marketplace succeed

The tracking number could be provided with encrypted memo. This already works by using a simple # in front of any memo you sent, only reciever and yourself will be able to see this.

how do you send a private memo? i'm confused. I want to bid on items but i'm wondering how shipping info is exchanged.



THX, I hope so!

I am very sure you will see lots of activity from our #steemsilvergold group, heck we already have 2 auctions running!

great idea. Have you thought about how you could implement a rating score for just selling and buying stuff? Some way for only the buyer and seller to give a score. This would help build the trust of buyers and sellers.

This would be good. Reputation rank is not a reliable tool to judge reliability in this case.

Sounds like an interesting project ... probably will use it on my graphic design, website design, and artwork posts on SteemIt.

Looking forward to it. Good luck!

Hope it takes off.



Very cool project! I will have to try this for selling one of my next artworks :-)

me too ^_^

Please do so! I will bid on it for sure!

Yay :-)

Good idea- I can market my book on here!

Hmm nice idea! Thanks.

I suggest making this open source and releasing via in order to get a lot of collaboration to make this thing super duper! eventually it should have it's own front end, ideally... the idea is great, but a bot auction via regular posts doesn't seem ideal to me

I really thought about this. Still the servers have to be payed by a person. If there is not enough support for us to make it ourselves (as I already have the flowcharts ready) this remains a possibility.
I wanted to have a basic way to use the chain as it is, without needing anything around at first. Everything that follows can be discussed and even be open source (already anybody can build a front end application / website) using the bot we installed.

i´m glad you came up with the realization of your idea! i honestly also thought about a steemit market place ... let´s see how that auction thing works :) so we are still in beta but it works? i´ll check out the hashtag and hopefully i´ll find something to sell :) resteemed - i hope @schererf translates this to deutsch

I could do it myself, but I am too lazy at the moment ;-)

This is a great model and development boys. Congrats for being able to see this through despite the timeframe length and lack of initial support..

I don't believe it would be too much if you guys deductied a small free from the closing bid as a means to keep the service going... just my two cents.

You've obviously put a lot of thought, time and energy into and it doesn't seem out of the ordinary to retain a wee percentage..

All the best moving forward!

Thx for the thoughts. As I understand and see this community, there will be no forced share needed. (also it is quite a difference putting up something like this as free community project vs. an ebay clone business (I see a lot of legal problems about the second)

"All the best moving forward" sounds like a great title for a new song!

Ahhh, Actually I can see how the legal implications would be a problem now that you mention it.

And yea, I think that the community should be supportive enough for it to sustain. I certainly believe that that avenue is possible and could work great as well.

Lol, I wonder if the that song title is too happy for my love & loss originals ;)

YES!!! I've been waiting for this. eBay comes to Steemit and the SBD. I welcome @steembay with welcome arms. EVERYONE!! Let's make sure we turn this into a success.

Having used eBay for MANY YEARS, they've become a greedy conglomerate who charges too much money for their service and doesn't care about the people. They only care about maximizing their own profit margins. Well Steemians, nows our chance to make it right through CRYPTOS!!

You have my full support.

Steem bay.png
Made this for fun. :)

Best Regards,
Bishop Corey DeFrancesco

Here here! 😂

I love the pic, althoug it would probably bring me into some lawsuit danger if I use it...

Yeah, it was just for fun =)

Well sir it's very interesting but I have many question regarding this, I can't understand what are the benefit of someone if buying this post made by other,and how would I be benefit from it

It works just like ebay...
You make a post with a pic and a description
decline payout (optional) and use the #steembay
The item will be sold
The buyer sends you the money (SBD)
You send him the item or the service

Guess that's pretty simple.
As everything is on the blockchain, you probably could use the data for a legal issue, if it does not work out as expected.

And what happen if I had send sbd to the other person and he does not delivered me the product for which this auction has been done

Steemit is based on trust. I would not send anything to a person that I don't trust... Same as on ebay. Either I would not send SBD to an untrusted person. There are already escrow services available on Steemit. We plan on automating those, too. Needs some further development, though.

My sincere congratulations to both of you having this up and running. Undoubtedly a big piece of work and time that went into it!

THX means much to me!

Ok my friend but how could I judge other person that he is fake or a genuine person.

We all have reputation points here that can help guide you. High rep accounts are less likely to scam as they probably are well established here and would just hurt their income here by scamming someone.

But as said, it's still based on trust, anyone could scam you so don't do high value transfers at first is my suggestion.

That's a possible approach. I will reach out to the escrow guys or build something on my own...

You can't ...
Escrow will help, also knowing people will help.

Okk I will looking forward to how it would work .

Great idea. Steem has been waiting for this. It's a great way to generate interest and inevitably increase the value of steem

How will you track deal completion. The logic is obviuosle need some mechanism of conflict resolvement and reputation system at least.

I knew the Sheriff was behind this somehow! @schererf !!! :D Awesome -I'll share this and make it work, it sounds like an awesome idea!!!

YES! Sheriff is the best! ;-)

Mommy!!! Thanks for your support :-)

I happy services as well as goods can be sold on your site. I will be looking forward to your growth. I make jewelry, drawings, and paintings!

And please, make it "KISS"(Keep it stupid simple) and it'll be VERY successful i am more than sure.

this is a very good idea. the points mentioned in the post is very correct. i also have some products but i have been doing through other sites like tradeIndia and indiatimes and alibaba, quicker etc. Indiamart. i will start planing this. thanks for the suggestion and idea.

I live on the West Coast of Australia, how will postage costs be handled? If we are trading purely in Steem. The seller will have to arrange delivery so I am guessing postage will have to be considered in the price they accept at auction.

You can either limit the shipping to Australia and/or go check for prices inland and abroad and post it into your description (this will probably be possible automatically on a application level, on Steemit itself it is kind of difficult)

Yeay finally !!! i can sell online games through steembay

❤️ it @steembay!

Already followed @schererf and too!

#ReSteeming this Steem Bay post right now!

Thank you 🙏 I think this is awesome!


Awesome project. This is exactly what steemit needs and what we need to rid ourself of the tax fraud. Now if only more people decided to use it. That would be great. Resteemed for support!

Probably we will need some more time to grow as a community...
just taking the first steps into freedom ;-)

So does Steem, we need a better, more organized way to sort posts and search for specific posts. This is just chaos now.

I agree with the payout

Glad you do!
Viel Glück mit dem Gedichtband!

I'm a techno-idiot so it will probably take me a month to figure out how to use it (or help from one of my younger more tech-astute friends) Resteemed to give you a little more visibility!

It's not that difficult. In fact you only have to use #steembay as first tag and follow the instructions.
Hoping to provide an even more selfexplicatory download version soon.

A suggestion on handling funbidders and trolls, set a minimum rep level to be able to bid, anyone who bids and has a rep below "x" will be ignored. Also, a high rep account that can downvote funbidders and trolls should help discourage this action for fear of rep damage. An enforcer, if you will.

This is planned for the application version. But as settings not as preset definitions. This is not easily possible to do without an application.

Excellent project and idea. Looking forward to selling all that crap I've got laying around the basement.

That was the idea... thx. Hoping you'll have plenty of room in your basement soon.

nice project OK.gif

Is there no end to what can be accomplished with Steemit?

What a cool concept. Excited to check out the site.

There is and there probably never will be a "site". Everything is on the chain and exploreable there. Hopefully there will be an application any time soon, OR we moove this thing into a community.
A site can be closed down... the blockchain is harder to end ;-)

Great idea!
Helps the platform growing.
More features give steemit more value.
Resteemed :)

nice addition to steemit
i will do some auction in the future !!!

i resteem this, but am very curious how it is going to work.

Wow this is awesome project and every one can partake on it, if its gonna make steem rise then bravo, lets make it work.

Hoping for it!

Sympa le projet !!! Bravo et continuez à le développer !!! ;)

Merci beaucoup, on va faire tout ce qu`on peut...

THIS is the kind of innovation I love about this community and you smart people. I'm glad not to be tooo late to the party.

I hope your project will succeed, the Idea of spending directly SBD than converting it first to fiat is the way to go. People will save conversions fees money too and same time will empower the crypto!

What a brilliant idea! :D

Do you think there will be any place for selling items related to retrocomputing? Some of my more interesting and valuable stuff belongs in that category.

Give it a try... atm the community is still small. But it will grow ;-)
Everything is a question of supply and demand.

Good project, my only suggestion is to take into account the different languages ​​and countries to participate, but I like your idea and I would like to be part of it, regards

German => done
French => working on it
Chinese => working on it
Spanish => almost done
Korean => made offer (seems they plan to copy the system for themselves)

... more to come

Großartige Idee!

Dankeschön, ich hoffe es wird da mehr als eine Idee draus...

Resteeming for visibility too
Good luck!

Huge, best of luck with this.

Awesome ! Now i can sell my retro games directly for steem tokens.

YES! That's the idea!

Amazing! Hopefully my little token of a resteem helps spread this good news.

With each app developed and deployed on steem blockchain, it gets clearer to the world that steem is a gold mine that is still untapped. Kudos guys.....

what a cool service. And yes, it is super important to create circular economies around Steem and SBD and this is for sure one that was need.

A suggestion for enhancement: create a website woth a market place / bidding user interface That will solve the issues of sorting and viewing and all. At the same time, it will expose the service better to the outside world, the world outside our Steem blogging community. Also, make some marketing about this at other social media. Maybe after you have the website and market it as a Next Generation Auction service accepting crypto currencies.

This is good news for the steem ecosystem. Good job

My wife and I have been selling products on Ebay for years so I'm interested in seeing how this works out.

Awesome @steembay as I go through the complete study of your project it seems that you did really something useful and can be a milestone in the journey of Steel, I appreciate your idea effort and specially time and believe for the success of steembay is also appreciable.
Dear sir if any support you need I am always ready and eager to add something useful in the journey of Steembay.
In the last but not the least,
Thanks again brother.
Best wishes.

Good post.