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RE: Announcement: STEEMBAY is working NOW.

in #auction4 years ago

Re-steeming for visibility! Nice project!


Yes, supply and demand are perhaps the most fundamental concepts of economics. This is giving a new approach to steemit ecosystem. @steembay

Nice post! What will happening, if someone resteem your post?

well, and @schererf i think this is a good innovation but there is also a need to break it down because it seems too complex to understand for a new user like me but i actually enjoyed reading this post and i look forward to seeing it in progress #steembay

Community of Steem is growing and is offering wider and wider spectrum of services. This is the way! Re-steem!

Yes it's growing ... and now steem price is growing too!!!

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Sure Thats Good For all ,

Decent undertaking!
Group of Steem is developing and is putting forth more extensive and more extensive range of administrations.

visibility growing!!!!!!

i hope you dont mind if i were to put you in a post i am making about all of the different kinds of services that people have the option to use on steemit .

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