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RE: Announcement: STEEMBAY is working NOW.

in #auction4 years ago

Resteeming for visibility that should be cooler and better than when @acidyo did it.


I appreciate it! Anything helps!
No need for a popularity contest. I strongly believe this COULD improve Steem a great deal.

Is this for services or materials only because will people bid for written content like health or education articles?

@sayee. good question. I'm so interesting about it

excellent idea! best one I've seen lately.

I think your very right, I think steem has alot of great benefits as a currency!

brb flagging this with my alt account


Resteeming this hope to help a little for your great content

Re-steeming for visibility! well project!

steemit always heplfull for us..once a time this steemit get learning in your life..@aggroed

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