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Forecast for the New Moon in Aries
What we're all going through ...

The Sun has officially tripped into Aries ... two weeks ago. And the New Moon in Aries formed ... as this past week-end arrived. But the usual upsurge in energy that comes with Aries has been slow and sluggish this year.

It's there. Otherwise, we'd still be stuck in the almost moribund stupor that was daily life a few weeks ago. But the powerful energy drain of Mercury and Venus conjunct Neptune in Pisces ... lingers. We will get past this time. But it has been memorable.

Mercury makes it into Aries on April 17 and that will help, but this year's Season of Aries hasn't been nearly as productive as usual. We'll just have to chalk it off and accept that it's meant to be this way -- and go from there. I, for one, am disappointed, but I'll get over it. Meanwhile, we've got the Aries Lunation behind us ... and a new month ahead, so let's talk about that.



Here's what the Lunation Chart looks like this month.
The Lunation in Aries

So here are the positive things about this Lunation chart.

  • The Sun has finally made it into Aries -- for what it's worth (Not much, if you ask me.)
  • There's a powerful stellium in Pisces, conjunct Neptune -- the ruler of Pisces

Problems in this Lunation?

  • There is not much else going on. Movement in this chart is pretty darn lame. (But, wow, look at the spiritual growth in values and perspectives!!)


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Specifically this month ...
Lunation Issues

Personal focus ---> There's a pretty good dose of untapped potential from the Aries energy that is in this chart. But it's getting no help in any direction.

Four of the five Karmic planets (the exception is Uranus in Taurus) are in the last half of their signs ... so anything in early degrees doesn't connect as far as the Lunation is concerned. Action, when it does finally wake up, burns out quickly ... and may not produce much.

This lonely little Lunation in Aries reminds me of a high-school girl with her hair done up and her Prom dress on whose date stood her up. It was all supposed to be different ... somehow. But here we are.

This gives all the work still going on in Pisces extra importance ... if only because it's the only place where there's any action at all. But it's all so subdued and private, only you may be able to decipher it for yourself ... and make something of it in the future. So, as I said, let's talk about that and we can all go home early.


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Mercury Issues

Ideas, communication, information ---> Intuition is still in high gear. For those of us with Water sign Mercuries ... wow, this time has been interesting. It's been great for any creative work involved in your profession or hobbies. It may have prompted some serious spiritual insights.

It has certainly elevated your tolerance and compassion. You simply see life from a more esoteric, even mystical perspective than you did -- say at the start of the year. The frailty (and failings) of the human condition may have made quite an impact on you in the past few months. I know they have me -- and I'm still processing it.

Idealism has been a strong theme -- and may continue. Also, images of death have been prominent, giving rise to so many questions about it -- as it remains the ultimate mystery. It has been quite a time of healing -- and that will continue, too. Even after the 17th. Changes in Astrology aren't like throwing a light switch. They fade in gradually over several days -- or weeks -- or months, depending on what's happening and how slowly the planets themselves progress.

We're still working to assemble a new way of thinking -- and get comfortable with what we've learned in this latest retrograde cycle. Give yourself plenty of time. This is nothing to push ... or hurry along.

The changes in you will be permanent -- more or less, until something else comes along and makes further changes. So give them -- and you -- a chance to settle in and get to know each other. You're a different person now -- and you may not yet realize just how much. Discovering that is part of this month's business. But again ... it's all inner work.


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Venus Issues

Relationships ---> With Venus conjunct to Neptune in Pisces in this month's Lunation chart, you're looking to connect to your important people on a soul level. You want to merge with them with a spiritual intimacy that requires a lot of trust, a lot of tolerance ... and maybe a very deep willingness to forgive and love unconditionally. It's a tall order. But this is what you want from your partnerships now -- and that will become more apparent in the coming weeks.

If you don't have relationships that are this strong or this important to you ... you'll fantasize about them. You'll create them in your mind just to avoid the deep disappointment and frustration of knowing that what you're after (for the moment) doesn't exist. It probably never does -- but that doesn't stop us from looking and hoping.

You'll come to more realistic terms with it as this aspect dissolves -- and you move back to real relationships with real people in the real world. But as in your intellectual life, you've been changed by this. Your thinking has changed. Your perception of your people, the concept of love, and what it all could mean when everything goes right has also changed.

To say you're able to love better and differently now is no exaggeration. You'll feel it. And, yes, eventually you'll get used to it -- and it will be the new normal in your life. This is a blessing. It will also change how you relate to people you care about in the future.

You'll need to watch this as it happens to appreciate it -- and that will obviously take some time. Be conscious -- and aware. (It's no good knowing this stuff if you don't actually use it -- or at least it's not as helpful and interesting as it could be.)

This is one way you've become a better person with all this work. As I said, watch what happens ... and see how it reveals itself ... as time goes on. You'll learn some things about yourself if you do. And it will be nice.


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Mars Issues

Action ---> when you finally gear up and get going, you'll work on several projects at once. Part of this is to make up for lost time. Part is because you can't stand being bored -- so all the catch-up drudgery and chores will be interlaced with things that are challenging and exciting. That's how you'll make progress this month -- in fits and starts.

Learn the magic of multi-tasking. That can be a trip all its own. Don't miss the fun. (Again, that's about the only thing going on this month, so make the most of it.)


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