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The Sun (in Cancer) has formed its annual
opposition with Saturn -- this year in Capricorn.
This lasts about 10 - 15 days.


The theme of this pattern

Feeling (and being!) stuck, blocked, trapped
-- as if everything is an uphill battle.


Who are the players
and what are they doing?

The Sun afflicted in Cancer = fretful, anxious, moody, easily depressed, touchy -- worried about things like family, security, home, living conditions, safety -- or feeling extremely responsible for them

Saturn afflicted in Capricorn = situations that are forbidding, entrenched, unsympathetic, inflexible, rule-bound, disinterested, even unfair and merciless

Oppositions = usually manifests as a difficult, unbending (possibly long-term) relationship ... or association with someone harsh, cold and judgmental ... but for some reason you can't "just work around it"


What's happening?

This is truly one of the most difficult aspects we reach every year -- and it does come around every year ... ready or not. Not difficult in terms of danger or anger which happens when Mars bumps up against Saturn. (We had that one go past a few weeks back.) This one is difficult because it's so depressing and frustrating.

When the Sun opposes Saturn, life feels like one endless, grueling, exhausting uphill slog -- with no end in sight because of the power of who or what's opposing your progress. (So, if life has become especially taxing and thankless lately ... it's not just you and you're not just "feeling sorry for yourself" to think that. It really is brutal out there ATM.)

Usually there will be some definite person or situation you're trying to cope with that is just going nowhere despite your best intentions and efforts, despite your attempts at compromise, despite your trying to come up with some win-win situation for both of you. It just ain't happening.

Also, your "opponent" is often someone or something who could help -- who could make things easier by a long shot -- if he wanted to, if he tried just a little. But he doesn't and he won't ... so bag that idea. (There can even seem to be a mean-spiritedness on display in what you're up against ... or a failure of sympathy, an unwillingness to try and see things from your side, etc.)


You're trying to get something accomplished -- even something necessary and worthwhile, even something that might benefit both you and your antagonist ... if you were only given a little assistance -- or at least not actively crippled by their opposing choices and attitudes. (If you're working to come to some kind of arrangements with the government, a big business bureaucracy, an insurance company, The-Powers-That-Be, your employer, or ... oh, I dunno Steemit, maybe, etc., ... this is the kind of stand-off virtually designed to make you feel powerless, small, insignificant and puny. If your opposition is something else ... this is still what it feels like.)

It's aggravating, humiliating, overwhelming, unresponsive, exhausting, etc., and at the end of the day you still don't feel like you're getting anywhere. I suppose there are some kind things I could say about the Sun opposing Saturn. (But right now I just don't feel like it!!)

Symbolically, this is designed to make you stronger. (Oh, yeah, big deal. Thanks.) It's done so you'll refine and improve your plans for moving forward. (By showing you all the problems you're carrying, all the "dead wood" and excess baggage, all the holes in your logic, all the things you've tolerated until now they've become too burdensome.) Saturn opposing the Sun makes you stop and assess what you're really trying to accomplish -- and how your current intentions aren't liable to help you get there ... any time soon, if ever.

It's the Universe saying in effect, "You can't get there from here. Try something else -- or wait for conditions to change. Your choice." It can also arrive after a significant investment ... when you had high hopes for some pay-off by now. Which is another reason it's so depressing. You're not only farther from the target you're aiming for ... you're a lot further back than you thought. (Meanwhile you're stalled ... and having to devise some kind of "workaround" -- and that's going to consume more time and assets. I know. The story just gets better and better, doesn't it??)


Actually, the answer to that last question is, "Yes, it is going to get better." Just not in the way you expect. And it won't take forever. Honest. We've got one more Cancer transit to worry about -- Venus ... which reaches this opposition on July 18. (Hopefully you can last that long.)

Even with Mercury retrograde, he doesn't back up for this opposition to become exact again ... although it may definitely growl and rumble. We'll talk about that right at the end of the month. Mercury turns direct on July 31.

From here though, the Leo transits start to pick up the trines to Jupiter in Sagittarius. (YAY!!!!) (Mars starts the parade on July 24. Sun on August 7. Venus on August 8. Mercury finally on August 20. )

Then we start picking up the Virgo trines to this difficult Saturn / Pluto conjunction. So ... yes, things are going to get a lot better. Possibly because you finally say, "Screw this," ... and map out a different path to your greater objective.

Keep your mind open and your plans flexible. The next week or two (or three) may be tough. But this is not the end of the story. You're tough ... and creative ... and resourceful ... and you can do this. (And you will actually like what you create instead ... better than what you're trying to do now. You can quote me.)


What to expect?

  • Limited circumstances, limited options
  • Dealing with unhelpful, disinterested, self-interested people / situations
  • Feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, stymied, lonely, powerless
  • Trying to balance your needs & obligations in two or more different life areas
  • Coping with low energy, frustration, restrictions, responsibilities
  • Barriers to progress / burdensome demands
  • Pushing hard but getting nowhere


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Oh. That sounds like fun. Another 3 weeks?

Ugggghhhh. Sometimes it feels like it's freaking hard to breathe.

That explains a lot. It’s freaky how even without knowing what’s happening in the skies, I can still be affected by this sort of thing.

It’s even more particularly potent being this happening so close to my natal Sun-Moon opposition days before Solar Return. I’ve been wanting to stay in bed all week.

I didn’t. I did take Tuesday off however. But also didn’t do a lot of other activities, such as writing, shakuhachi practice, and hanging out on Steem. I just kept it to work and sleep.

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