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Mercury (now retrograde) and Mars
have formed a conjunction in Leo.
This energy lasts about a week.


The theme of this pattern

An energized mind, ready to think, learn
and express your opinions -- vigorously!


Who are the players
and what are they doing?

Mercury = your conscious mind, your reasoning & analytical skills, your ability to generate ideas & use language

Mars = raw physical energy, your ability to get things done, defend yourself, push your agendas & ambitions

Conjunctions = bond these two qualities / Inner Selves together, making them integrated allies ---> they act in concert / you can't separate one from the other ---> they form a third entity which includes the characteristics of both partners


What's happening?

Mercury conjunct Mars has been described as "a mind on fire" -- which is especially appropriate here, since Leo is a Fire Sign. This combination is aggressively intellectual, pushy, expressive and shot through with Leo's trademark pride of personality and presentation.

You have opinions and knowledge you're ready to share, things you want to say, stuff you want to get off your chest -- and you're ready to make some noise. (And maybe some waves, too. Who knows!?) We can certainly expect the public discourse -- and political conversations -- to become more inflated & bombastic. There's a lot of ego in Leo placements. (It's what drives their train, TBH.) And when this pair gets together, disagreement doesn't become "just another point of view" -- it's treated like a physical attack.

Trump has Mars in Leo closely conjunct his Ascendant -- which is a very similar energy, and you see how he responds when someone questions or disagrees with him. The idea of this energy being loose in the world for even a week and a half is kind of scary -- maybe. It doesn't have to be quite as offensive as happens when his Mars gets triggered (character and maturity have a lot to do with it), but -- let's be honest -- it is very dramatic.


This is a time when you'll be very attached to your opinions. And you won't be shy about putting them out for others to enjoy ... too. Just realize everyone feels like this ATM -- so running into some different ideas is pretty much a given. Sure you can be proud of what you think, what you know, how you express yourself, etc., but this mix is so confident and emphatic you can come across as a know-it-all, or someone who is hard to talk to sensibly, or someone you can't hold a simple conversation with without getting into a fight. This is something to keep in mind -- but as stated, it's only temporary.

In the interests of full disclosure, maybe I should note I have a Mercury / Mars conjunction (in 3rd House!) in my own Natal Chart. It's in Pisces, which makes it a bit more intuitive, poetic, reclusive, etc., than Mercury / Mars in Leo. But I'm still not known for tact, or discretion ... or for holding back when I have something to say. I do sometimes try to wait until I'm asked my opinion before mouthing off -- but notice the word "try" in this sentence.

Anyway, we all get to play with this energy now. It can be very productive. In addition to being "aggressive" in the way you express yourself, you're able to learn quickly, you're invited to explore lots of new interests and you grasp new ideas and concepts easily. You'll see how your mind and language skills are real assets for engaging the world. I enjoy mine a lot TBH, and I hope you enjoy this time, too. (Being proud of your ideas isn't necessarily a problem either. Some of us need that to counter-balance our natural modesty and reticence. Don't worry. You'll find your own level.)


What to expect?

  • An energized mind / dynamic intellect ---> your mind comes alive
  • An ideal time for focused, acute, incisive thinking / piercing perceptions
  • Your language skills can be put to good use arguing your case, presenting your opinions, defending yourself or others against harassment or provocation
  • There is both an aggressive & defensive tone to your thinking
  • Makes for rapid responses / has great potential for getting in arguments, losing your temper

The fact that Mercury is retrograde now may mean you're rethinking some of your positions -- and letting people know you've changed your mind on certain topics. OR ... it could show you are restating positions you've decided are solid and true for you -- making sure you've staked out your intellectual territory clearly, so there's no mistake about what you believe, where you stand and what you stand for. Come to think of it, that's also useful!


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