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Venus in Cancer has formed the
departing sextile with Uranus in Taurus.
This will last around 7 - 10 days.


The theme of this pattern

Meeting new and unusual people, widening your social circle
taking some financial risks that could turn a nice profit.


Who are the players
and what are they doing?

Venus = your people skills, your social circle, relationships & partnerships, things of value

Uranus = independence, originality, things that happen quickly, "the unexpected"

Departing sextiles = experiences that involve new knowledge, information, talking & writing, social events & connections


What's happening?

Venus sextile Uranus is a harmonious mix of your people skills and interest in other people and relationships (Venus) engaged with your independence, your originality, your interest in something new, different and unusual. Unless you are extremely set in your ways when it comes to what you like in other people -- and what you look for in friends and partners -- this can sound exciting. Honestly, it is.

This energy opens your mind, turns on your antenna and radar -- and broadcasts your interest in meeting new people. When this is happening for everyone, you can bet people will pick up on that signal -- so you may not have to look long (or hard ... or even more than casually) if you're in the market for new contacts, friends or allies.

It sets you up with invitations and opportunities to meet new people, to enjoy more interesting company and connections, to find unusual people in unusual places ... and in unusual ways. (You may notice a theme here.) Uranus traffics in surprises, off-beat encounters and "the unexpected." With these two getting along, you don't have to worry about "never talk to strangers."

Unless your intuition just goes crackers, relax a little and see where a new connection takes you. Don't just abandon your common sense, of course, but there could be some nice rewards from this mix. You wouldn't want to miss them. The new people you meet when Uranus and Venus team up may be brilliant, exciting, intriguing -- or they may just be "colorful and different." What you find may depend on what you're looking for. Keep that in mind.

This mix can liven up your social life and your existing relationships. Relax. Live a little. See what Life delivers.


What to expect?

  • Meeting new people who are interesting, intense, out of the ordinary, independent -- but what results is more apt to be a casual connection, an interesting encounter -- don't count on anything permanent for a while

  • This can, however, revitalize existing relationships, add new depth to long-term & stable partnerships, resurrect your interest in meeting people -- whose presence & novelty may deliver unexpected benefits

  • You may see things (based on these quick meetings) in your existing partners you never noticed before -- and the energy can make you a more interesting partner yourself

  • An unexpected meeting, social occasion, conversation, piece of enjoyment or entertainment -- could deliver surprising profit -- or a benefit worth more than $$$


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Light and love upon you!

Particularly where people are involved, unusual is normal for me. And there's always room for more.

Oh, God. I just 15 minutes ago hit 'send' on an email to one of my HS GFs who contacted me because I didn't go to the 50th reunion. How long does this last?

Well this energy itself lasts about 7 - 10 days, but anything begun while it was in effect carries the energy forward. So, to answer your question -- it depends. (grin)