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Mercury in Pisces has formed the departing sextile
with Saturn in Capricorn -- for the third and final time.
This aspect formed at 20°

This is what it looked like to an Astrologer.

The theme of this pattern

Visionary, inspired ideas paired with
careful, traditional methods and applications
yield satisfying, dependable results.


Who are the players
and what are they doing?

Mercury = your ability to convert knowledge, information, the intellectual data you collect and the experiences of your five physical sense into opinions and views that help you make sense of the world

Saturn = the Inner Self that demands order and organization ... and helps you apply them, your ability to work hard on projects and ventures that take long-term planning and determined effort, your sense of discipline and responsibility

Departing sextiles = working with new knowledge and information, learning helpful everyday stuff, inventing new ways to look at and work with what you know, new ideas & data points to collect that you acquire in casual everyday contact -- things you read, conversations you have, light research, opinions or knowledge you share with others.


What's happening?

Well, after rummaging around back-and-forth in its retrograde cycle for the last two months, Mercury has finally made up its mind about things to do -- and how to go about them. Now it's ready to make some "permanent choices" (you know how those go) and actually get some work you can count on accomplished.

This intellectual energy is organized and practical. It's also visionary in ways that make it unusually valuable. With Pisces to provide the inspiration, it can move beyond the usual plodding and methodical means of Saturn in Capricorn and turn in results that are both artistic and profitable -- truly the best of both worlds.

Your ideas are disciplined and realistic. You make careful, rational choices on what to work with and what to set aside -- at least for the time being. Your determined attitude and sensible strategies for getting what you want can hand you success over and over again. Take things one step at a time and don't get cocky -- but at the same time, don't "play small" either.

Step up. Take charge. And let your own miraculous mind show you each milestone you need to hit and how to do it. It will. Make it your working partner -- the way you would respect and treat another human being, even -- and you may develop a new working strategy for engaging life.

This energy is good for solving problems, setting targets and making things happen. This mindset and its operations can deliver invaluable confidence ... in yourself and the benevolence of life. Give it the chance to show you how.


What to expect?

  • Careful choices and well-considered plans bring you the results you want
  • Your thoughts are organized, disciplined and conservative -- with the wisdom of experience behind them
  • You can accomplish projects -- or make excellent headway on work that uses tried-and-true concepts and step-by-step execution
  • Your approach to life is practical and efficient -- and the careful, controlled use of resources right at hand counts for a lot
  • One cautionary note ---> you may be a little too rigid or inflexible in your thinking -- playing it safe is your preference for now


Final notes / looking ahead ---> Mercury's next aspect is the departing sextile with Pluto in Capricorn. This will show you how to apply these ideas to your overall effort, the tapestry of your life -- and how the accomplishment of this work you're doing will adjust the trajectory of your life so that you contribute more to the world around you -- and harvest more benefits for yourself in return.

Whenever Saturn is involved, there's plenty of Karma in the mix -- which is why it's so important to get things right. The extra effort you've invested here will pay off nicely in the long run. That makes all this extra delay and discipline we've all put up with these past eight weeks worthwhile. Trust me on that. When you look back in a few more weeks, you'll like what you've accomplished.


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Just stopping by to tell you how much I appreciate these posts. Sometimes I don't reply because I don't have anything to say all that I am simply considering what you were saying without feeling the need to respond. But I wanted to let you know you are heard and valued xx

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I appreciate the note -- and I completely understand that it can be challenging to engage with a lot of my posts because they are forecasts / predictions of what to expect -- so if you're just moving into that energy, you don't have a lot of experience with it yet. For me, however, it is so interesting to watch these things engage -- and play out in real life. (Some of my Tarot posts -- a project I began a few weeks back -- are becoming so spooky-accurate I'm considering whether to continue with them. It's fine when the cards say -- "Hey, great things coming up!" It's less delightful when they say, "Oops ... there's a lot of potholes ahead.")

I understand it though -- first-hand, both from doing my own readings for myself for decades and from things that happened when I put out a free Ezine on my site years ago. Life is a mixture of ups and downs, but not everyone wants to see it that way -- or prepare to put in the work and deal with issues that are simply going to be there ... demanding attention.

Some of the mail I got over that eventually prompted me to stop. For a while I had someone screening the mail to take out the worst of it, but then I thought ... "You know what? This is silly." And I still had heart-pounding hand-shaking anxiety attacks when it came time to real the mail. (You'd think if people were that touchy about it they'd unsubscribe and move on. But no. ) It was interesting.

In hindsight, I decided I wasn't sorry for either choice -- not the decision to do it in the first place nor the decision to quit. (But I notice I never started up again. And I'm still very ambivalent about doing it here.) Keeping it to myself ... or sharing it very selectively ... simply proved to be a lot more peaceful ... for everyone.

Almost no one reads a thing I write on Steemit -- which is oddly both liberating ... and comforting. It's almost like a journal I keep for myself. Ten minutes after I publish it, I can assume it's pretty much gone forever unless someone really wants to go look for it.

Thanks for the occasional calling card though. The fact that they're rare makes them special.

Have a good week-end.


Gosh, that's crazy about the mail. Isn't it odd how technology can remove social niceties, and how hard people find it to truly examine themselves? I'm glad you dont get the anxious shakes anymore - that would have been awful for you!

I'm sure that more people read than you think - sometimes people just can't be bothered checking in to say they have. We live busy lives! And self work and self examination can be HARD - so if post provokes those things, maybe it's easy to ignore it and move on.

Agreed though, Steemit can be like a journal for sure, but I'm glad I use Steempress now so i can more easily find my stuff on my blog!