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This drawing is another one of those that do not fall into the category of monster/horror/scare-the-neighbors freak-show I might be known for.
More gentle and sweet, like the recent post of my latest painting Lady Z

This here is one from 10 years ago.


graphite on paper - W 38 cm x H 33 cm - 2008

right click and select 'open in new tab' to view larger size



right click and select 'open in new tab' to view larger size


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right click and select 'open in new tab' to view larger size

Prints are available

See the tabs on my website
A selection of merchandise you find on my Pixels website


this what a framed print would look like


how about a round beach towel?


.... in masked company

Note: I am an Austrian Artist living in Vienna
I post many of my blogs under the tag #steemit-austria

About my Work


Wow amazing work! Love it :D

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this is really an excellent piece of work. Standout quality. I love the rest of your work on the website too. I feel certain that I will order a print at some point.....perhaps a hand towel ;p

thanks - I appreciate your comment!

amazing work, otto !!!! beautiful composition, incredible detailing and gorgeous focus on the woman <3 you are really inspiring me to try and make better pencil/graphite arts * ____ * aaaaaaaaaa

I spent a lot of time on that one - and basically used up my entire bag of tricks 😉

That is really an nice and beautiful one. Not a little scary or so at all.
Wunderschön :-)

about scary: I held back on that and let it all out the next time, haha

Lol... I have something "scary" for my next post, too.
I like it scary from time to time. :)

Truly lovely. I adore bearded iris and I see one in there as well. The patterns and formations in which she dwells is perfection. Wonderful!

thanks very much.

Well this is crazy since yesterday I saw this piece at your Saatchi art profile and was amazed with it @thermoplastic, and now you share it :)

yeah, I am all over the place, but since you mention Saatchi, I have not added anything there lately.

It's a fantabulous work sir. I am totally impressed. And you deserve follow, upvote and resteem. Go ahead.

thank you kindly.

This piece was featured in #artzone today; could stare at it for hours

Thanks - it is flattering you feel that way!
I am sort of 'afflicted' by Horror Vacui - happy it resonates with you.

I'm impressed of the level of details that this drawing has!!
i'm curious of how much time do you spent in this piece.
Definitely upvote en reestem! ♥

thanks - as for time: I can't remember, but this type of work would take up several days. One large drawing I done took me a month: Eros Thanatos II.

a month! is a long time hahaha I'm sure you have to have enough patience haha

not 8 to 5, 5 days a week. I go to the studio when I feel like. Except on that one there was a timeline.

You're right, not your usual 'freakshow' stuff, but still excellent. There's so much detail in here and I'm particularly enamored with how you managed to put that detail into both the background and the subject, yet managed to have them transition seamlessly. The multiple layers of framing is also quite nice.

Thank you - that piece was exceptional back then - it meant a lot to me.
As I mentioned in my Lady Z post, drawing (or painting) monsters is a lot easier (you can get away with making mistakes, lol)

I hadn't really considered it, but you're quite correct. It truly is an exceptional piece.

Very beautiful work. I love all the details!

Its been around for 10 years - time flies!

@anomt you have to see this super awesome arts.. amazing @thermoplastic sir 🙏

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cool, thanks. If I had a better phone, I'd try that.

If i had huge SP sure I'll gave you more vote sir 😊

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Friend, I take my hat off to you "Maestro Vinci".

thank you - appreciate your comment, but I always think I am not quite there yet and can do better with my next one!

You're better with each work :D

that's the aim - and I hope I can continue. Thank you.

very beautiful !! love that detailssss
im going to use ink mixing charcoal for my next work :)

this one here was pure graphite - but yes, ink and charcoal are great. I also aim to do more of that.

i am learning this techniques from you :)

perfect portrait, Otto! I liked it :)

Absolutely brilliant work!

still stunned by the details

Stunningly beautiful as always!

Thanks, glad you like it

Very nice painting......

Wow! This is a very very cool graphic artwork! : )

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