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In conversation I remarked that I am really good at painting monsters, but I struggle with something beautiful like this, and it really proved to be a challenge.


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acrylic painting on canvas - 40 x 50 cm - 2018
finally done, details added, color enhancements and varnished 2018-06-28

The Process

It started with a charcoal and ink drawing on canvas, continuing with highlights and glazes, highlighting white in between layers.
First Stages - Underdrawing.jpg

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First Stages - Underdrawing 2.jpg

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Second Stages -  glazes and details.jpg

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The Finishing Touches and Details

The top left detail is most true to the actual colors of the original, the other detail photos are a little off. I had in the final glaze added a soft peachy hue to parts of the face that does not seem to show in the detail photos. One of the last corrections was to soften the hair again with a milky-pearlescent glaze.
The Finishing Touches June 2018.jpg

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I hope you enjoyed my work and the process stages shown.
As a bonus feature, click the image below to see it in high res on Flickr:




Lady Z and I a few years ago at the Barockschloss Riegersburg

Note: I am an Austrian Artist living in Vienna
I post many of my blogs under the tag #steemit-austria

About my Work

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Hi thermoplastic,

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wow - thank you so much - I am honored! Of course I had already joined Curie on Discord before.

It's beautiful, Otto! Reminds me of Gustav Klimt


thank you - there are elements of the Art Nouveau in it, that is my heritage, so to speak. I am Viennese, and my idol here is Ernst Fuchs (who, until his passing in 2015, was also a friend and mentor).

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great, thank you very much!

Eine wunderbare Detailarbeit mit unfassbarer Präsenz.
Wobei ich beim Durchwandern in der Entstehung das eine oder andere Mal geneigt war zu sagen: Stopp! Das passt!
Aber das Resultat lässt diese Augenblicke schnell vergessen.
Der ganz leichte Dunstschleier über der rechten Gesichtshälfte lässt mich etwas fragend zurück.
Du erlebst mich begeistert!


Beautiful; I love how soft and lovely her face is against the shiny clothing.

Enjoyed seeing more of your process; I feel I am being taught by you better than at art school.


thank you, what a nice thing to say! I am not quite by the "rules", am always experimenting. Everything I do has to be a trip of discovery. I can't work by rote: it is boring, and when I am bored, I don't accomplish much.
Almost a year ago, I published my "Letter to Natalie" from 2016. You might enjoy reading it:


Interesting read, thank you. I wish I had been more studious on certain subjects in art school. Still trying to break out of the "so-so' artist mold now that I have more free time. You are an example to me of the quality of work I wish to one day achieve.

It is a very elegant portrait, Otto.


Thank you Kathleen. The (future) owner loves it - she is a very nice lady whom I like very much, and possibly this shows.

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Wow. That is some amazing artwork. I am glad I came across this in the SMG discord server.

Perfect painting, Otto! Thank you for showing the creation process


you are welcome - I hope it helps others. I am not quite "by the book" with what I do, but I know the rules. Always say: you have to know the rules before you can break them!

This is lovely and amazing! And of course, aren't humans the real monsters anyway ;)

Honestly a lovely piece, the golden 'wrappings' and texture she is trapped in , in so delicately done. Great job!


thank you .... some humans, lol, yes ...... most politicians, but then I am not so sure they are humans.

Beautiful painting! and many details,
did you glaze with acrylics on charcoal painting ? i never tried it before, what medium you used ? i ask so much heheh ,,, because i liked this technique would love to know more about it ,


Yes, I worked it all with acrylics over the initial drawing.
I drew very detailed with charcoal, worked over some of the lines with thinned out sepia ink. You can manipulate the charcoal also with spraying a mist of water on it and then blending with a brush, or fingers. When bone-dry, spray it with fixative a couple of times so it won't rub off, then give it a coat of clear acrylic glaze medium (you do that between each step). Mix the medium and water with paint so it is quite transparent for each layer of color. I rubbed my glazes on with a sponge. Work quickly so you can dip off the color glaze in places while it is still wet, For this, I use several things, a dry stencil brush, sometimes my fingers or the palm of my hand, or a dry sponge, or kitchen paper.
Between each glaze, you highlight with white. Final step is to add some more local color and work on some details.


thank you very much for the complete information wow , i appreciate :)
it is very interesting coloring the charcoal drawings ,
thanks again

This is amazing, a very royal painting with all the gold :)


thank you - the photos don't even do it justice. I used pearlescent medium in some of my paints that shimmer when viewed at an angle.

Wow you've captured the details perfectly, right down to the little crow's feet around the eyes! Congratulations on the curie as well :)

Beautiful artwork, so classy!