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Greetings steemians.
It's become somewhat tradition of mine that my first sentence after the greeting is about lack of time, too much work and other worn out excuses, but screw this. Not today.
Today i want to ask you something:
How many of you own a sketchbook, or a diary or some other small space where you can get creative whenever you get the chance, the right idea, the inspiration.
Do you carry it around with you? I know I do.
Though being a working father of three little kids means that I rarely get the chance to use it. And, knowing that, my wife always sighs loudly when I turn back to grab my trusty moleskine ( i love it ) sketchbook whenever we leave the house ;)
Anyway here's some of my drawings from last weeks.
I'll start with most recent as I like it most ;)

Unfortunately those were all made on the go n were different places so no chance for a process shots.
Hope you like it


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I do have one as well :) I´m not using it for detailed drawings, just for saving the idea before it´s gone forever. Yours are beautiful!

Thank you :) I have been inspired since I first saw sketchbooks of artists like James Jean or Kim Jung Gi where every page was a full detail mind blowing masterpiece. Been trying to reach their level since then ;)

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Thanks! appreciated

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It has been TOO longgggg, maaaannnnnnnnnn~

I love these sketches so much! And yep, I have my own moleskine sketchbook also but ........ i haven't really drawn on it since I kinda draw on just printing papers from work XD lol

Gosh, you are so amazing, your lines are so delicious and expressive, and I love how you set your pieces :) Love this series so much! The kids all get paired up with really awesome animal companions :D :D :D The catterpillar one is so adorable XD But they are all awesome \o/ !!!!!

Truly it has been too long @veryspider
Always nice to get feedback from you :)
I've been using a few different kind of sketchbooks but this moleskine I've got my hands on now has this super-smooth thick pages which are made for ink pens. I can't get over how good it feels to draw in it :]
Printing paper doesn't stand a chance in my comparison ;)

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Oh I love these sketches so much! They all make me smile. And I also like the first one best, because it's the craziest.
I used to carry a sketch book around with me years ago. I wanted to go to Art School, but when I failed my O-level Art at school, I decided to go to University instead. I think sketching improves with practice, and I'm so out of practice! Writing also improves with practice.
I know what you mean about lack of time, as I've been all over the place in the past few weeks, and hardly near a computer - which is why I missed this one until now.

@natubat thank youuuuu. So sorry that you didn't go to art school, maybe someday you'll pick up pencil once more and do some sketching just for fun.
And yes I'm aware you're pretty occupied right now, good luck with everything :)

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Thanks @longer! Yes, I'm away on yet another trip 😁

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