Embrace your demons

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"Embrace who you are for we all have demons"


Hey all

How is everyone doing...

So after 3 months, I am back here. Not gonna bore you with why I was away but missed the platform. Very Much!

Here is my latest sketch which in some ways is inspired by Game of Thrones- the fever is on. BTW after such a long wait, I am kinda disappointed with this season.. But still its GOT

The buzz refuses to fizzle out!



6 (8).jpg

aa (1).jpg

I hope you enjoyed reading my post and I am grateful for every Upvote, Resteem, and Comment. Until next time! 😍

All content and photos (otherwise stated) are by @itravelarts

Love. Swati ❤️

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Yea, the current season isn't really that hype, but I am now just waiting for it to wrap up, cuz it's been quite a journey and I am just feeling excited for its final episode now :)

Your drawing is always amazing, though, Swati <3 I love how gothic and how beautiful they are and this one is very much gorgeous, as always :) Really liking the crow and the bodies and all the fine lining across the forms * ___ * So pretty !

@veryspider ... same here... now just waiting to be done with it, without many expectations..
And you just reminded me why I should be here...
thank you so much. Love

Yes, I'm the same~ I am just waiting for it to wrap up now, I'm no longer expecting great stuff from it.

But I am glad at least to have reminded you that you are missed here :D :D :D Hope to see more from Swati on Steemit in the near future <333333333

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I like it as a person who fight with demons daily.

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thank you @noemilunastorta ... i feel all one needs is a right attitude
hor are you doing??

That is really amazing! Love the abstract approach to a very accurate statement.

@jaynie thank you so much

My pleasure :)

This is a great drawing, @itravelarts, thank you for sharing. Welcome back to #steemit and thanks for tagging #artzone.

thank you so much @dandays
how are you doing...

I’m only doing great if that counts! 👍🏿

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Howdy itravelarts! well I've never watched GOT so I can't know how this sketch relates to it but I bet there's an awesome connection and the drawing is super interesting even if I don't understand it! well done.

Welcome back!

Quite a break you had there lol. Almost had me believing that you had left the platform. Glad that's not the case. Steem isn't doing all that great right now but that's alright. With crypto, you never know, right?

Anyway, awesome that you are back with your amazing abstracts! Love 'em as always! :D

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