A riot of colors ...Sometimes that's all you need

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Hey Guys

How is everyone doing, Hope you had a relaxed weekend.

The riot of Colors


So I have not been doing much from the last few weeks due to work pressure but this Sunday I could steal some time to have fun with colours and get my hands dirty.. One second I hate it and the other second I love it.. Can't explain how satisfying that was, it was like therapy.
Just hoping to make create some more over the next few days...

Anyways here is the process of my fluid art ❤️

1 (3).jpg

2 (6).jpg

3 (4).jpg

4 (5).jpg

5 (5).jpg

8 (5).jpg


I hope you enjoyed reading my post and I am grateful for every Upvote, Resteem, and Comment. Until next time! 😍

All content and photos (otherwise stated) are by @itravelarts

Love. Swati ❤️

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I've seen similar technique for decoration of cakes :) I have never seen someone making a painting like this. It looks interesting, creative and original.. And the coolest thing is that you never know how will be your final product :)

How do you spread the colors? Is this done with brushes or by moving your canvas from one side to another, shifting colors to achieve some kind of a shape?

I love the color combination that you chose Swati. It's so cheerful and fun. Great job!

Hope to see you around here more often :)

hey, sorry for commenting so late, wasn't well for some time..
this pouring or fluid art technique is getting quite common these days, and it's actually very fun. and like you said, one never knows what the final result would be, it makes it more interesting
so I do not use a brush for spreading the colours, instead move my canvas around and sometimes uses a blowing tube to give special effects.
thank you so much for your comments, really appreciate it, I was myself tired of using monochromes, thought of taking a break and doing something different, glad you liked it. <3
Love and a big hug

Howdy there itravelarts! shoot, I missed some of your posts! Well I never go to my feed because I'm so busy reading posts and commenting so then that's how I miss people. At any rate I'm glad I spotted this post and the artwork is beautiful, it's brilliant and vibrant!
So your job is going very well it sounds like?

thank you for your response, I understand how my posts can get lost and also i don't post often now, so that's okay.
How are you doing?
Job is hectic and very demanding at the moment, and I ain't keeping well, so not on Steemit much these days.

howdy today itravelarts! I'm so sorry to hear about the stress at your job. I know most jobs are too demanding for too little pay for what they want out of people. I hope that it is at least good pay for your time and efforts.
I'm doing well, most of the time I'm spending on steemit so I hope it's a good investment. I'll check your blog at least once a week so I don't miss anything but I totally understand you not being able to post often. Take care of yourself!

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Woow, so colorful! I saw this type of art on instagram, but I didn't try this.. I hope I will. :)

thank you @nesni996
I am sure you will love the process, its fun

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Amazing colors!

Thank you dear.Love and hugs

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