Life and elimination. Pen drawing

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Hello everyone. I was commissioned recently to do a drawing dealing with life and death. The result was a tree growing from some skeletal figures, some of which are extinct animals.


The finished piece is 9x12".

The client was really happy with the result. I told her I wanted to do a brick pattern in the background with sort of screwed me with time. I know that the background alone took 8 hours to do. But hey, I like the end result, and so does the client.


Detail of them bricks!


Detail of the tree. That was a learning experience. I had only done dead trees in the past. I'm happy with how it turned out, but I would like to practice some more.


Some of the skeletal roots. I also added a break in the bricks.

Anyways, Client is happy... so I'm happy.

That's all for today folks,
Get grim,
Copyright @achristopherart.
All Rights Reserved.


that brick wall is crazy

i love it

i love this, anthony <33333333333333333

I agree, the brick background does add to the picture. Well done.

That's a lot of bricks :) I like this composition, a lot of your familiar elements at play with a very impactful message in the way they are combined.

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Beautiful technique!...I really enjoy grayscale magic, love trees and death concept.

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omg this is so detailed and amazinggg

Thank you. I thoroughly enjoyed drawing it.


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Amazing work @achristopherart. Such detail. I love the transition.

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