Pimp Your Post #43 - 2 Steem Bounty

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Pimp Your Post

Pimp Your Post is Back for the 43rd installment.

To make sure that there is time to see your comment and vote on them before the Bounty happens we are going to create an end time for entries. No entries after Saturday 11:59am CST (Chicago) time will be voted on. This will give us about 36 hours to make sure all entries are voted on.

To help encourage more engagement when there is extra Voting Power it will be used to reward those who are engaging with the posts featured here.

To let @pifc know you have engaged please leave a comment as a reply to the entry comment of other people saying that you visited their post, what you thought of it, and what level of engagement you did (comment, upvote, resteem). This will help us to know who to reward with extra votes.


Rules for Pimp Your Post:

This is the easy part and hopefully one that will bring you some added eyeballs to your posts. Remember nobody is forced to vote on your posts so make sure they are quality. If you post a link to a Actifit Report Card or other Spam type post don't expect any part of the Bounty as we will not upvote them. We support original content.

  • Leave a comment with the Link to Your Post, but also "Pimp It"...that is sell us one why to visit your post.

  • Support Others by Visiting their Posts and leave a reply to their comment that you did so.

  • Post needs to be 3 days old or less when you add your comment

Naturally we love your support and appreciate your votes and resteems!

Tag Someone

Know someone that you think would like more exposure to their posts? Then tag them and invite them to Pimp their Post.



As an added bonus a @steem-bounty of 2 Steem is being set on this weeks Pimp Your Post. @steem-bounty is a
great way for @pifc to be able to reward everyone at a higher level without burning up to much Voting Power or taking a ton of time to send out rewards for entries. This payout happens automatically just after post payout to all entries @pifc upvotes.

If you like what @steem-bounty is doing helping engagement on steemit set steem-bounty as a witness. In order to do so you can go to: https://steemit.com/~witnesses and enter the "steem-bounty" account into the text field and click vote. @knircky is the brains behind @steem-bounty and he does a lot to help boost the contest posts allowing for higher rewards.

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@pifc has started to build up a couple tokens to help add extra value to our community. Posts with #palnet or #neoxian will gain a small bonus as we have staked tokens from both. Current Token balances are below. Thanks for the vote from neoxiancity to help get our balance started.

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@pifc has set 2.000 STEEM bounty on this post!

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Happy Rewards Hunting!


Are you ready for fork21 or do you still think a fork is something you use at the table while eating?

Upvoted and commented -- yes, I do have a plan for life up to and after HF21, roughly summarized as "stay the course," but there are some tweaks I have in mind that I have in my comment...

Good morning, everyone! I hope you had a fabulous weekend!

Here's my post. I hope you like it.

Living By the Romantic Lake Talkša, in Šiauliai (Lithuania)


Links: 1Ramp / Busy / SteemPeak / Steeve / SteemIt / PalNet

The Iron Fox photo should have been your first one so it showed up in feeds. That is pretty cool.

Maybe you're right... incredible how the post I took more time preparing and publishing this week... has less rewards than the rest of my posts. 😂

Hate when that happens

Upvoted and commented in the post. A best place to have a house for.

This is a fabulous post of a lovely place. You sure get to some interesting spots in your travels, @trincowski. The fox sculpture is amazing! Very cool that it has a time capsule too :)

Thank you very much! I wonder when that capsule will be opened! 😊

Me too! And what goodies does it contain :)


FREE 50/50 Draw

Why CLick THe Above LINk ?

For the rewards ........ I'm giving away 50% of all the liquid rewards earned via the above post to one lucky winner. Entry is FREE ...... and with so many different tribes (Steem Interfaces) being created with new tokens the amount you could win is a decent amount.

Read, upvoted commented:).thanks for sharing the opportunity to particopate

Posted using Partiko Android

Excellent, Good luck !

I upvoted, resteemed and commented there in the post. I am going to use the platform mentioned for my next post

Gracias @pifc! por su ayuda a la comunidad, que Dios lo bendiga, un abrazo.


Here is my entry -


A story of how Bell peppers kinda maybe ruined my body.

Visited and commented -- READ THIS, folks, if you love peppers but are tempted to overdo...

I'd like to pimp my latest post on AI - https://steemit.com/ai/@chekohler/will-ai-make-procreation-obsolete

and invite @titiansin and @justinparke to pimp their posts

Awesome article! Keep up with the great stuff.

Commented, liked
Very interesting topic regarding AI. Would like to see a major poll on this just for fun

Sounds like a good idea, ill try and set one up would be fun to see what people think :P thanks for the tip


Here are your ENGAGE tokens!

To view or trade ENGAGE go to steem-engine.com.

@chekohler, I just recently learned how to check form mentions on STEEM, so I never even noticed this comment. I realize this is way late now, but now I'm watching my mentions. Thanks!

Awesome! I’ll be sure to keep tagging you in anything I think you might be interested in!

On the second anniversary of racial terrorism and murder in Charlottesville, VA, a fictional but honest vision of what church should be ...


You have some interesting views of the subject. Thanks for sharing!

This is a Christian poetry explaining the way of evangelism outreach to win more souls for Christ. There plight, yearning and prayer, all in a bid to see a soul saved.


I would like to pimp my post from my afternoon at a pinball parlour in Osaka Japan 😊

Posted using Partiko Android

Best pinball parlor ever! I could have fun in there too. Such an amazing collection.

Very cool collection of pinball machines!

It sure was a a amazing collection!!

Posted using Partiko Android

@pifc, Kindly find my piece below. And explore this post for the Poetry Recitation.


Keep up the awesome work.

I'm showing some of the slice of life in Yangon Myanmar in this post. It's a place I'm glad I was lucky enough to get to in my travels.


Dear @pifc, this is the post i would like to promote:
I hope you will not loose this last chance...;)

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