My New logo, Instagram and CONTEST for the Best Comment

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Hello my friends!

How are you? I hope you all doing well. Long post, some news and little contest TODAY!


First of all I want to show you logo I made recently for myself. Ta-da!


For a long time I thought how it can look like. But last week... Well, that was really spontaneous. Its colors have meaning for me. Like yin and yang. If you will meet me for the first time you will see strong, independent, sarcastic, ambitious person. But if you will know me for some time one day you will see friendly, kind, gentle, sentimental and sensitive girl.


That's not the end for today! :)

Friends, from now you can follow me in Instagram! I will post there only design and art things. Be assured I will not bore you with tons of selfies!


Follow me @happy_happy_ksu

I am self-taught and only 3 years in design. Most of this time I was working for microstocks and studio. So I really hope for some changes this year. I want to improve my portfolio and to change almost everything at my Creative market store (it is like a promise for myself). And of course I really want to learn something new! Maybe not everything during these experiments will look perfect, but I believe that I will succeed. Will you support me? I'll be very grateful.


As I share with you something personal it will be nice you to do the same. So rules:

  • Upvote this post

  • Follow me or be the part of Steemit Russia Team. If you meet both requirements, it will rise your chances :)

  • Answer question in comments: What you want to improve in yourself, your work or your life till the end of the year?

BONUS: If you have Instagram account you can mention it and follow me or other contestants if you like them (it will be nice to have new friends in Instagram).

The deadline is 8th of July.

Three winners will get 2 SBD each from me and 4 SBD will go to the Steemit Russia Team member from @johnstone.

Your entries can be in English or in Russian, as you like.

Good Luck!


Hello @Happyksu, I am shakeel Rahman and I am here from your recent post in discord Steemit team Russia, Dear coming to your question so I want to improve Myself till the end of the year and the reason is that I became father this year 2018 and I want to improve My self slowly and gradually to be the ideal of My little son, the second thing is that If an individual bring positive change and improvement in his or herself, then you will see a visible change and improvement in his/her work and life.

Hello, @muhammad007 Thank you for the comment and interesting thoughts! Congratulations on the birth of a child! Wish you to become best father.

Thanks A lot, May GOD shower HIS blessing and happiness on you

ох, наверно, самое главное прогнать всех тараканов из головы)) это сложно, мучительно, но возможно) а, ну и кг на 5 постройнеть))) это как всегда девочковое желанное

Можно еще заставить тараканов работать на себя)) Удачи с планами!

спасибо! пойду командовать тараканами))

Хорошо сказала!))

Очень сложный вопрос, по крайней мере, для меня. Я хочу всё улучшить и, причем, сразу, т.к. мой внутренний перфекционизм не выносит ожидания и с трудом мирится с текущими несовершенствами -))) А если серьезно, то и портфолио везде, где оно засвечено, и в целом свой стиль (точнее, найти его наконец-то), и анимацию, которую совсем забросила.. Улучшить свой дом – закончить наш бесконечный ремонт и навести порядок на участке, свою жизнь и отношения с близкими.. Как-то маловато времени получается на все это до конца года -)))

Понимаю, столько всего хочу... И анимация, и дизайн, и научиться рисовать, и даже 3д. А потом со всех сторон все кричат, что надо сосредоточиться на чем то одном и я начинаю немного грустить)

That's a great question! Let's get to it ;-)
By the end of this year I want to start my own project called Sea-Dogs, which is still under development.
The goal of this project is to tell the world that everyone can afford living on a yacht and how good it feels ;-) It would be great if I succeed and more people find out about Sea-Dogs. That’s it =))

WoW Sea-Dogs!! Very interesting, be sure to let me know on our Team Discord when you make your first Sea-Dogs post here on Steemit.

Sure! I'll let you know as soon as I post it. Thanks for your comment!

It will be interesting to learn more about your project! Will you write about it on SteemIt?
Wish you good luck with it!

Thanks! I will certainly write about Sea-Dogs on Steemit ;-)

Good to follow another member of the Russia Team
I'm already in the groups. Where are you from?
I really liked your logo, I would like to learn how to design. I'm not very good at that hehe

Regarding the question, I hope at the end of the year, to have a stable economy to be able to keep my family together, and not continue to leave the country because of the economic situation.


Thank you! I'm from Ukraine.
I think most of us want to have stable economy. Hope our wish will come true!:)

I want to improve in been responsible. I joined steemit late last month because of the rate of unemployment in my country. And i wish i gradually climb the lather until i get to the top

BTW, nice logo you've made for yourself

Thank you! I also like ut!
Yes, many people came here to earn some money. Wish you to be lucky!

Thanks for the well wishes

The only thing i want to improve in myself this period is to be able to spend more time with my wife and kids. I tend to always keep myself occupied doing other things forgetting that they are around. Whenever i am not working, i would be in our visitors room pressing my phone or laptop through out the day. It's beginning to tell on our relationship, so I've made up my mind to work on my workaholic nature by giving them more of my time. Though it has not been easy doing that o!

Yes, it is not easy but we shoud remember about our family even if we have no time. Good luck with your plan! And thank you for your thoughts.

I want to improve My life, I am way too aggressive and less empathetic in life and I want to diminish these trait and want to show empathy to others and patience, it will give me satisfactory feeling and I can be sleep easily without guilt

Thank you for comment. It is really good plan! Hope you will be able to make it come true! Good luck!

That is a great design and it somehow reminds me of the Legendary Pictures logo but that is just me hahha.

Well I have been in Steemit for over 8 months now and what I have mostly done is just write a lot of stuff and do fiction writing from time to time.

I want to improve in creating and conceptualizing videos as I want to add vlogging and doing Dlive streams of my games as another dimension to what I can offer the Steem Platform,

Steem has made me want to learn new skills and so I hope to do that by end of the month.

This contest has been placed in the Steemgigs Contest Channel which has over 5000 members and will be presented in a compilation post on the weekly Talk with Terry Show is every Sunday 12:00 AM Manila Time/ 16:00 GMT 0 Time Zone.
I will endeavor to join all contests left there or at least make a small upvote and add on the compilation post.

Steemgigs Contest Channel link

This comment was made from

Thank you! Happy you like it :)
I understand you. Steemit also help me to improve my skills and to come out from the box. It is helping me to do not only comfortable things.
Nice to know that my contest will be presented in Talk with Terry Show. The contest is not closed yet. So steemians still have some time to participate.
Thank you for the support!

I would love to plan better to be able to bring some food to the most needy. I'm from Venezuela and the situation is a bit complicated for me and other people. But I think that with a little good planning I will be able to achieve it, even if I start little by little. In addition to carrying food also preach the evenagelio of Jesus Christ.

Nice plan! Hope you will be able to realize it soon! Thank you for your comment!

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