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Hello guys and girls! Today we gladly open our doors for everyone. STEEMIT RUSSIA TEAM welcomes you aboard. If you want to have many good friends and you are open for friendship and someone else beside yourself - COME JOIN OUR TEAM today!

YOUR Special Invitation TICKET for our incredible journey is HERE:


ENGLISH AND RUSSIAN LANGUAGES/ Beautiful and friendly people.

BE AMONG THE FIRST WHO JOIN, and enjoy all those first-settlers-benefits!

We have different channels inside. Starting from PRIVET-PRIVET up to COME-HERE-FOR-HELP channels.




SPECIAL CONTEST! by @johnstone

To motivate your enrollment, we have established a 55 SBD guaranteed PRIZE POOL FOR ALL WHO WILL JOIN OUR TEAM WITH IN THE NEXT 7 DAY payout period of this post.

So to participate in this FREE SBD GIVEAWAY - 1. Simply Come Join our Discord channel here:

Write IN RUSSIAN in "Privet-Privet" section or Write IN ENGLISH in "Say-Hello" Sections:

2.Your real Name for us to use in our talks,
3.Your CITY,
4.Your STEEMIT ACCOUNT NAME for us to start supporting you.
5.Leave a good COMMENT to any member's recent post and let us know about your recent posts in post-promotion section for a chance to get additional SBDs

The amount of 50 SBD WILL BE SEPARATED among the all the participants according to our judges decision.


Each judge of this contest will receive 2 SBD as a small compensation for their good work in Steemit Russia Team community.

All the Winners and the Winning amounts will be announced in 7 days @johnstone!

FASTEN your seat belts, as WE ARE FLYING HIGH tonight!


great job! wondeful initiative

Thank you for coming and checking it @nuevo!)

странно что текст к русскоязычным не на русском

да @allfabeta действительно странно)))))

So no golos ? ;)

Well we need to go onto the depths of and go rescue all the dying golos users and get them, to come onto steem, and save golos with golos classic SMT airdropped to all golospower holders.

Golos can still be used one day and resurrected, any chain that widely distributed like that can be used, even Bitconnect could be rescued, but Golos needs to really have some new leadership that recognizes how BIG Golos could be if RUssian govenrment became involved and helped push the token price up. Then the free market can take care of the rest but if Russias government started pushing talented developers to go look into Golos and if they accepted that this is a system they cannot have central control over, well then maybe we can have a new hi tech Russia but it has to come with some compromise of authoritarian power. Russia's government must realize that if they accepted a DPOS system like Golos they could really help ALL golos holders existing in Russia, and the system itself is perfectly viable, and with @golosclassic SMT hardfork, anyone who had some golos stakes will be able to claim this new SMT so just holding Steempower gave you Golospower and then THAT gave you Golosclassic so you can see if people are willing to fork it so much, we may agree it is of some value. Eventually 41 Golos can be reached or the golos classic SMt can be worth that much, either way we can always use a Russian centric blockchain for Russians to practice excersizing their minds and creating new systems for their part of the world to use. They could end up creating a system that is used throughout all of central asia and all ex soviet satellite countries IF they use state backed steempower holders to create an incentive to make posts on the platform. I can see Russian state using Oil Money to buy golos, like buy ALL of it, and then power it all up and make Golos power extremely rare and hard to get so they can then upvote all the things the Russian government wants to promote, whether thats family values or conservative movements, whatever they want they can promote it via social media now with a massive web of Golos front ends like and this is a front end for the golos website. Its much nicer but hey even has added many features we actually still don't have like displaying vote power on the front page next to your name. Also they have an official golos app, and steemit doesnt but we will soon have a "steem" app thrugh Utopian-io

Anyway I believe we can have a great time making Golos a sort of Niche luxury brand for wealthy people to buy golos power with and use to lord over poorer russians, :D i am serious! we can get rich russians to feel like if they buy golos cheap now and power it up, they can eventually make money AND halp poorer russians and become like social media oligarchs but with many fans that love them because theyll be getting upvotes from them!

I better stay here on as I saw how was made, this whole golos platform seems to me to be some sort of USSR during IRON CURTAIN period. Do you feel what I am trying to say here? I can'not imagine people speaking different from Russian native language to come to golos. Why would they need it, if they don't understand 100% texts in there. You see, in the other hand for me is a place for UNIVERSAL INTERNATIONAL FRIENDSHIP. That's what Russians really want to. To become friends with other nations. To share their creativity not only with a bunch of Oil magnets.)) but to see the world looking carefully on them.
I am pretty sure that the first motive for everyone who registered here on was to GET some MONEY. But then you start knowing people, then you start to think differently, then you want to GIVE your MONEY to start helping people not only from your closest circle, but this circle gets wider and wider, other nationalities, other communities. I love Russians very much, I am Russian, but tell me why should I narrow my circle to a one nation, even if this is my native nation?!?
You see people who came to our Discord for the recent 48 hours were people from all over the world. Why did they came? Of course, again first motive would be that SBD GIVEAWAY word))) But then after they are in and see they are not alone from their country or region, they start to communicate, to make international relations there, to share their knowledge with people from all over the world and this is why I could easily call it INTERNATIONAL STEEMIT RUSSIA TEAM
But i just take this word INTERNATIONAL and throw it back to Internationalists as I know quite well that the word STEEMIT has this international friendship meaning by itself!)

That's cool. Not that many Russian places at steemit before. I have to check it out! :)

Thank you @icotelegraph, have we already meet you in there?))

hah i made this JUSt for the russians on golos and steem!

I joined the discord, thanks for your welcome. I hope you build a thriving community. Take care!

@giddyupngo thank you for your help here!

Yes friend i have joined at discord.i will try my best to make our Russia Team strong and it will be in#1 in all respect .As i am following u & want ur support tha ks for cteating a good team.

That's cool. Not that many Russian places at steemit before. I have to check it out!

Thank you for this informative post. you always have a very creative idea, the spirit of smart work will be a good example for us.

Hey @zayan69 Thank you for these words. We very glad you joined us. Have you already been enrolled to your country Team back there in STEEMIT RUSSIA TEAM?

Yes friend i have joined at discord.i will try my best to make our Russia Team strong and it will be in#1 in all respect .As i am following u & want ur support tha ks for cteating a good team.

You made those fist steps their in Steemit Russia Team Kudlip, and I really appreciate your help! We'll see you back inhere.))

I'll have to check in after I get back to the desktop...Cheers!

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Hey brother, @tonygreene113 Why I haven't seen your cool red face in our Team Discord yet?))

I am there now. I had to get laptop jerry-rigged sinve screen is damaged.

Excellent initiative, thanks for the information

Hello @jadevida have we met before?))

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