Talk Artisteem with Otto Rapp

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Hi Artisteemers, Steemains and Dtubers,

Yesterday I had a chance to meet Otto Rapp, a great Steem artist at the Steemit Austria Meetup. We talked about the Artist community on Steemit and a project calls Artisteem.

Find out more about Otto Rapp here:


What’s Artisteem

Artisteem is a Steem based app, which allows Steem artists and talented Steemians with creative minds to upload their artworks and earn rewards. Everything you post on the Artisteem platform will be shown on your Steemit page and your followers will be able to see your awesome artworks.

To create your Artisteem post, you must visit the Artisteem interface and upload your artworks onto the Artisteem platform. has ongoing contests every week. The users can participate in the contest or just upload their artworks on their own Artisteem profile. Every great artwork will be exclusively rewarded by Artisteem. Please remember, plagiarism is not welcome on Artisteem!

Please follow @artisteem on Steemit for more information and read the upload guidelines here:

Join Artisteem Discord :

@siamcat ❤️

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Thank you @siamcat,
You are so awesome curator. Thank you very much for introducing Artisteem. We will try to expand our influence even further.


I am glad to be part of the team and happy to help. 😸

Amazing! Thanks for this meetup and information, @siamcat :D @thermoplastic


Always welcome! Artisteem is a great project and people have to know about this awesome platform 😸

Wonderful ! I love the interview and I love the initiative with Artisteem ! You are doing such awesome work, @siamcat <3

And, Otto is so lovely :D And Caroline <3 <3 <3


Thank you, I hope we can make Artisteem a place for good Steem artists.😸

great, thanks - I didn't think you would post this as quickly!
upvoted, resteemed and shared:


Thank you @thermoplastic,
Artisteem company nTOPAZ sends you deep respect and appreciation for your amazing talent and for joining our community. we sincerely ask you to extend your talent and influence to something worthwhile. And we look forward to that wonderful performance.
May the grace and peace always be with you.


Thank you Otto, you are awesome ❤️


the catalog we are holding up has this image on the front page, I posted it a year ago:
The catalog was produced by PIGMALION 2017
This painting was one of two I've shown last month at Chimeria in Sedan, France.

Lovely! It was a pleasure to met you :-)))


Thanks dear!
You should check out my Meetup post :-)


Thank you for your visiting :-)