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OFFSPRING OF TIAMAT - THE FOMORII UNION - ​acrylic glazes and egg tempera on canvas, mounted on masonite.

This painting was the beginning of a series (mostly drawings) with the titles of FOMORII.
Credit should be given to my friend Helena Nelson-Reed, this was her comment about the work, and I think likely the best interpretation: "Tiamat's children: Born to the sea, they drift upon undulating waves of shimmering, phosphorescent krill mirroring the starry night skies above, while others resemble the bizarre creatures dwelling deep beneath the surface".

from this painting, I derived this digital design:

SH108332ps-FOMORII THRONE-web.jpg
which in turn found it's way on my designer platforms:


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That painting is amazing, with its green-blue tints, and the way shapes melt into others, it captures the Fomorii theme just perfectly. I can't help bringing up connections to Deep Ones and the Innsmouth taint from H.P. Lovecraft.

The Throne is astonishing, showing how digital processing can breath new life into a painting, making it something completely different!


Thank you for your insightful comment! Lovecraft is one of my favorite writers. I drew Cthulhu quite differently than anyone else - I envisioned it as a multi-dimensional being and only parts of it's appearance are visible on our 3-D plane. Hence this: CTHULHU MONUMENTS - I was going to give you a link to it on my website and realized that it isn't even on there (have to correct that, since it is one of my major early drawings).
Fomorii: not a complete listing, but on the site "Artflakes" I sorted the Fomorii works into a set: FOMORII SET ON ARTFLAKES

An amazing creature! Beautiful work.


Thank you - when I start out, I usually do not know where I am going to end up. That's what keeps it interesting for me, it is the trip!

whoa. looks like that fractal automated art that google can make with a photo... you seen those? where it turns stuff in to dog faces and stuff? the colors remind me of that anyway... thank you for sharing Real art


This was done without any program. Just in Photoshop. This is what you are talking about: Deep Dream -
my eye:
and a old b/w photo of myself:


here is something else you can play with:


haha, yes


right after, I posted this, and then some (you might have fun with the GIF generator in my post).