#16 Animation - Recharging that First Love

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Ever experience the job you're having now is ACTUALLY becoming an actual job to you? Literally, it becomes a task that you have to complete everyday and you know there will be new tasks up on the schedule board the following day. It gets tiring and then you realized that you're just playing a 'point and click' game with yourself without you realizing anymore that these used to be what MATTERS to you.

Truth is, animators do get the passion meter worn out too. You're looking at him now, typing his way to hopefully help you recharge your animation batteries and also to recharge his own. It is easy the first few years when you've landed your first job in a studio, any studio that is. And because of your undying passion, that tells you to just do great animations despite being in a bad or good studio.


Then comes a time, when eventually you feel as though you've been working on that shot forever. When clients decide that it wasn't good enough and the life wasn't there in the characters. You try to work overtime by putting more hours into the shot, having to only realize that you're just clicking curves and edges over and over again like a robot.

Your heart is not in it anymore

When this happens, we often tell ourselves that no matter what, we will continue working the job because it will give us our monthly salary. You look to the monthly salary as a comfort device but behind that heart of yours, you just don't care anymore. We tend to do repetitive animation cycles for all the characters. You've suddenly lost all the passion for what animation should be. It is an art form of your creativity.


Once you've realized that your passion/batteries are old and weak, probably leaking too. You HAVE to come to a conclusion. You HAVE to admit that this is happening and it will continue to happen if you don't do something about it.

That being said, all you can do is to find ways to recharge those batteries.

But how do we do that?

Ahhh, a very good question.

When you start to ask yourself how do you recharge your animation batteries, you have already gotten the first step right. And that is to admit that you need those batteries changed.

But here comes the tricky part, because it depends on who you are as a person actually.

For me, when I finally realized that I've had it animating shots which I know will suck, I decided to take a step back away from anything related to animation. That means movies, cartoons on TV or youtube. I will avoid looking at these animations only to think what goes on behind the scenes and how did the animator pose that character. I've eventually found out that my greatest escape is going to fuel me back as a real artist.


Photo is free to use

When I've saved up enough pocket money, I would take my film camera and my DSLR to go on a photography trip. Could be solo or with a few friends. Not a crowd but 2-3 of my good friends. I hate crowded places for that matter. I get inspired by just enjoying the scenic views of cityscapes and the outskirts. I love seeing beautiful things not through the silver screen but being there to witness the beauty that many passed by.


This photo was taken on one of my photography trip. I was walking behind a back alley and I thought the layers of building gave it a good composition.

In short, I will find things that will inspire me be it as an artist or as a person just wanting to experience new and beautiful things.

When I can't afford to travel, I would stay at home and do the things I enjoy. Like playing computer games, talking to Steemians, and sometimes just watch youtube covers. When it's a weekend, I would spend it at a cafe with good company.

It all comes down to who you are as a person

You may have figured out some ways totally different from mine, but who cares! In the end, all we want is to have our batteries recharged. The worst thing that could happen is that you don't even realize that your batteries are low. Even if you do, you hope that by waiting it out or some may subject to switching companies, will allow your batteries to be fired back up. It will be a cycle. It will not only affect you as a person but your friends/colleagues and maybe the client you're working with. And you owe it all to them.

I do understand that sometimes it can get really frustrating when everything seems on the low. My advice is to just force your way through it until you find that charging port to charge back up your batteries. Constantly remind yourself of your first love, on why did you take up animation in the first place?

When you tell everyone around you, "Hey! I animated that shot".

And also the times that when you've successfully pulled through, you'll be looking back at these stories and thanking God that you've not given up on animation.


Thank You

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That animation is fantastic! Good aim, otherwise that little machine will be in trouble. Good to hear you are "recharging" your batteries! @ironshield

Thanks! :D I hope everything goes well.

This post is very personal to me in a way. I resonate with this ...

When clients decide that it wasn't good enough and the life wasn't there in the characters. You try to work overtime by putting more hours into the shot, having to only realize that you're just clicking curves and edges over and over again like a robot.

Sucks huh sometimes. But you'd be surprised how one mistaken road can lead to another turn for a better destination :)

I hope you can achieve your dreams soon with your DLSR (esp with Steemit). Keep believing and keep steemin'

PS: Will talk more about this when we meet. I may need to take a raincheck for next week. 'Cause I'll be helping out quite a bit with the Steemit ladies workshop this week :)

Ahhh, glad you could relate, hope not in a bad way though. :) Thanks! Btw, no worries, we got time. Anytime when ur bro is free too.

Like @deborism This post resonates with me as well. I remember I have lots of these drained batteries moments too. It's like everything not working out suddenly and came crashing down.

Fortunately, I learned to pick myself up every time. And maybe i gotten so much better in recharging myself that I have kept my battery full or near to full most time these days. Of cos battery still drained out once a while, it no longer really bothers me as much. I allowed those moments to pass and i refocus back on like u said, what got me started in the first place. And things will pick and get going again.

I do hope you get your recharge soon and also to achieve your dream of travelling with ur DSLR. And if you ever need someone to talk to, just buzz and I'll send you some positive energy like I just did . Hugs!

p/s: can only upvote u to support tmw.. cos steemnow show my upvote is 0.00 😓

@carmenraec!!! Thank you for offering a listening shoulder and I know where to find you :) True, I'm recharging those batteries as we speak, taking things slow and waiting for the weekend.

Haha, and please power up some STEEM.

Sorry been so busy. quiet for 2 days now. Will steem up and power up soon!

really nice photos man , One way I deal with recharging that first love is by listening to Utada Hikaru's song "first love" . Then all the memories come flooding back ; )

Hahaha, I used to listen to that song a lot till it got annoying bro. :D

Sounds like you need some new inspiration. You seem to be on the right track though. Just continue doing something out of the ordinary and you will find new sparks soon!

Hehe thanks! We all got our downtime :) But definitely will be back up!

I can relate some situations in my work to some of the things you wrote there. I mean I was on the verge of giving up on so many occasions but thanks to the "I need to pay the bills and debts" thought I had everytime that happened, I back down and keep on doing it no matter how bad the situation is and accepting the fact that I'm part of the modern day slavery with my leg chained onto many things. I did left my passions for good few years ago due the fact that I was pressured by increasing workloads and static pay that doesn't help in making my life better. But I didn't consider myself as giving up because I tuned myself to take in something different and new to make my life better and it did... agree with you, it will all comes down to who you are as a person...

Good post bro!

Thank you! It's a cycle so we gotta be aware when we need to take a step back from it. :D

Oh god yes.
But sometimes, you get so tired, that even reaching a goal doesn't power you up again. I had a dream come true recently, watching the first movie I worked on with some of my oldest and best friends at home in Vienna. But I got back and barely a week later, the lethargy was back. It's not even that I don't enjoy my job anymore but I'm just... I'm just so tired.
Steemit is giving me an outlet at the moment, distracting me from the fact that I'm totally knackered all the time, getting my creative juices flowing with writing articles and drawing contests.
But the truth is, I think I'm just burnt out. I pushed my career forward really hard in the last 2 and a half years and I think I'm paying for it now.
I'll have to recharge my batteries soon too.

I think one big problem as wel though is the ridiculous hours in our industry. and the crunchtimes. and then in canada you get 10 paid vacation days a YEAR. 10. what the hell do I do with TEN MEASLY DAYS? Nothing, that's what I can do with 10 days.
And so you can't afford to take the necessary breaks your mind and your body and soul needs to keep balanced and function at full capacity.
Studios just suck their artists dry until there's nothing left, and then, who cares? because there's 10 eager, cheaper animation students to take their place.
.... maybe I'm just bitter. I need longer periods of time to recharge than other people do, and you can really feel that in this environment, where they just expect you to marathon work for forever, because aren't we animators cos it's our passion? don't we love doing nothing else in our lives? -.-

but I'm rambling. sorry.

basically: I feel ya bro, I feel ya.

True Story right there.

I guess we all need a break sometimes and it's true that some ppl take longer, and I've seen some constantly maintaining that spark of enthusiasm which is hard. They keep inspiring themselves everyday. Let me know when ur finally taking that LONGGGG break! Let's meet halfway around the world. :D

That'd be sick! if I can afford it.. haha!
no serioulsy tho, that'd be awesome. You should come to me Vienna. that's halfway sorta? You can meet @zeroooc too ;)

Taking a day off and playing with my dog that is the best way I found to get my batteries recharged and kicking ;)

hahah that's nice :D

Sounds so similar to what I am right now🤔 perhaps I should take a leave and do some soul searching as well😁

Ahhh, by all means plzzz do so. It's better that way, if u can afford, take a long break to realign urself.

I have worked as a roto/paint artist on some major motion pictures so I know this story well. I find that a little physical activity helps a lot when my batteries are low. Usually I just take a walk but most studios around L.A. and Hollywood have some sort of activity room. One studio I worked even at had a bowling alley! They know we all have to recharge our batteries now and then so they can get more work out of us. ;-)

Haha wow that's awesome! My office on the other hand is a small apartment. Haha, so i usually take these things outside on a weekend. Go on a small photography trip or a nice music lounge.

@zord189 Indeed bro, giving up is easy, but to keep trying is the key to the road of success...

That's very true man. I know how you feel from time to time, especially after a long long day of teaching. That's why I tell them lame jokes. Their response, be it a sympathetic laugh or a genuine one, makes me happy.

Haha, whatever works best for you man. Even if it's just a simple joke or reading memes online. :D

I'm not an animator, but I guess works is works, your words do resonant with me.

Thanks for the sharing, keep up the good work buddy.

Ur welcome! :) Yea... work is work..

Well it happens. We all get bored at some point and need to recharge and take a break doing something totally not related to it.

True true, I'm going to do just that this weekend. :)

it can be hard to recharge so i try not to burnout lol ;)

Yeaps, that's good that you know how to control. Some ppl I've met known how to maintain that

We written @zord189. I would say recharge those batteries or throw them out and get new ones...Sometimes throwing out old batteries and getting new ones may just be the answer ;D

That's true! Whatever works!

"You gotta admit it first"....so brilliant of you :)!!!

Wondering who's the brilliant one here. :P

well both of us I'd say :) but on this post, definitely you!

Glad I found fellow animators - will keep following, Andras