A handmade key ring for my friend

in art •  last year


I'm Zack from Hong Kong.

In recent, I am starting making furry doll with needles.

Two days ago,I've done a Poodle key ring for my friend. @logwai

He is a simple and kind man.

Please feel free to follow him.

And it's his introdution...


Sorry...It's only written in Chinese right now...

As you see,he has a lovely dog.

He's called Luffy.

Yes! The King of Pirate in the ACG, One Piece.

Let's see how I made it!

相片 26-6-2017 上午2 51 26.jpg
Hello! The main character of today.

相片 26-6-2017 上午3 24 21.jpg
Before it has become something, it was nothing.

相片 26-6-2017 上午3 26 32.jpg
The head almost done.(REALLY?!)

相片 26-6-2017 上午3 35 25.jpg
Head and nose

相片 26-6-2017 上午3 49 17.jpg

相片 26-6-2017 上午4 09 21.jpg
One ear

相片 26-6-2017 上午4 12 56.jpg
Two ears

相片 26-6-2017 上午4 30 08.jpg
Head + body

相片 26-6-2017 上午4 44 55.jpg

相片 26-6-2017 上午5 02 12.jpg

相片 26-6-2017 上午5 39 06.jpg

相片 26-6-2017 上午5 40 20.jpg
Cute face

相片 26-6-2017 上午5 49 08.jpg
Handsome face

相片 26-6-2017 上午5 55 33.jpg
OK! I can send to @logwai

相片 26-6-2017 上午5 55 40.jpg


Thanks for viewing my post!
It's really nice to meet you!
Please follow me,resteem my post and upvote my post!
See you later! :)

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Oh that is so cute, both your friend's dog Luffy, (named after one-piece?) and the one that you made!! The head is so big and cute haha. How is this actually made?? Just by poking the cotton ball with the needle?? Maybe next time you can show us a video so we could understand more how it works!! I have just followed you for more of those handcraft works, hope you will be posting more of those handmade dolls/ keychains!! They look very beautiful, no regrets and steem on!!


Your suggestion is very good. I've thought of it but I should buy something to fix my mobile/iPad mini (my only cameras) Thanks for your replying. It's great to talk with you. Please leave more comments in the future.

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very cute!係點樣將舊鬆泡泡既棉花變成有形狀呢?



好可愛!! 你也玩羊毛氈??





看完之後發現你真的好多才藝,超厲害啊!! :D





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