Open Letter To A Liar I Once Trusted (Original Text and Gif Animation)

in #art5 years ago (edited)

Life might be a game, but that does not mean that you are allowed to play the other players figures.
This kind of cheating is possible and you might feel like this is what we mean by using the term freedom. There is no one who can stop you from doing something if you really go for it.
The question is why would you want to play the others if you do not know how to play yourself, or in other words: Are you scared to be no one if you were not capable of manipulating people to like you. I can not imagine a blissful life filled with lies. Actually I have the feeling that every lie is grinning back to me. Every lie leaves marks and it takes time to come clean from it. Sometimes you want to run. But it is still present wherever you take it. Healing is also realizing that there is more than one figure in the game and the beauty appears when they are not all played by the same person, which is controlling all the others.
The freedom to control appears to be connected to money. How can one you be free if you are depending on your income through other beings that uses that influence by telling lies. Ideas and promises they do not plan to act out after. Using the vulnerable people for ego-celebration. Because isn't it that what you are doing with every lie you tell? Making the circle around your own construct of lies smaller and smaller until you feel isolated and a stranger to this universe. Honesty is a step of courage because the truth can cause many reactions in people but isolating yourself from the true reactions of others brings you to an never ending conflict with yourself.
Drugs can not help to overcome this mind spirals you experience. Changing your behavior and being honest about your intentions and your doing opens you up to the world, even if it needs the courage to accept and respect the reaction of the others. But honesty gives you one less thing to worry about when you are troubled. And if you are honest with yourself you feel that we are hurt that you escaped an honest conversation with a note on the phone, you escaped even saying goodbye. You are on the way to a deeper disconnection.
Come back and be true, people can digest a lot, and forgiveness can not easily be achieved sometimes but it offers you a door back into a connected life, and by that I do not mean connected in the way that you are able to get as many intimate and painful memories out of someone that you are intimate with to create dependence. But I mean an open connection to every moment, every person you meet, every emotion and every being.
Sometimes there might be troubles but if you are not honest how do you think hierarchical structures should come to an end. They clearly are a problem. They do not only cause fights among us but also cause wars. Very view people, I am convinced, have no better things to do then to participate in a war. Sad that there are people that do not know anything better to do. Sad that there are people who travel far to kill and come back heroes in the eye of the public. Sad, there are people who do not know the relief of honesty, practiced in daily life. There is of course no proof that this statement is metaphysically true but I think growth of intelligence is achieved by learning from others with respecting their way of expressing themselves. You are not the one to heal them or to show them the way, if you are not honest with them and therefore with yourself. You want to play the game without attachment to the feelings of others and you overlook the fact that their reactionary feelings reflect back in you.
Your fear is in the present not in the past. Here it is where you face it. Face your lies effects on yourself. Do you feel comfortable? Properly you have passed over to nirvana, more likely you are lying to yourself and are still stuck in a body with a mind talking. Every lie disconnects us from the others, and we have to lie to live among others it seems. We are regarded to consider ourselves imprisoned souls in a vulnerable body in a unhostile environment . Because lies are believed with inhonesty. Come back to honesty. Find faith through admitting that there is no one less nor more valuable than you. We can only heal as a whole. We can only heal through forgiveness. We can only heal through telling the truth.
Yet, to trust you has become almost impossible to me, after all your lies. I wish to you all the best. May you find your way to honesty and relation, to trust and love. Find the courage to face the truth in other people. For now we can not be friends anymore. You are alone with yourself and the people you manipulate to mirror yourself. I am sorry to see that but after all that happend I do not care anymore. It is your responsability to change. Otherwise you are doomed to stay lonely.

I hope you enjoyed the thoughts expressed in this letter. All of us have propably experienced the perspective of the liar and the one who was lied to. Therefore I wish to all of you:

Lots of Light and Love <3


Very thoughtful piece. Well yes i think everyone who will read it will have their own life experience associated to this. At least i had some thoughts popping up

Cool, I am happy reading my words made something resonate in you. I wish you all the best. Have a great day <3

Hello @yoganarchista, thank you for sharing this creative work! We just stopped by to say that you've been upvoted by the @creativecrypto magazine. The Creative Crypto is all about art on the blockchain and learning from creatives like you. Looking forward to crossing paths again soon. Steem on!

First of all i want to talk about the GIF, and it's telling the story of all your thoughts which are moving in your mind, and this letter is saying by an hurt soul, and in my opinion it's really unfortunate to see that nowadays people are becoming so Artificial and they can lie to gain the Materialistic Things.

And i personally watch many who gave pain to their closed one's for their benefits and they become so selfish that they left their close one's in a position where, their closed one faced great Obstacles but some people never care.

And i really really agree with your one point and that is we are more thinking about the wars and military power and not about love, kindness, peace and forgiveness. We all are here for the short time then why not live like an family excluding all the differences, but many becoming so cruel that they are ready to hurt others for the small things too.

I don't know if i can see this world beautiful as world or not but, when it's come to me, i never stay with the materialistic world and that's why facing Loneliness, and in my opinion i am really blessed because i am free from all the false thoughts which is pursed by this colourful and world of illusion.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

Thank you for your comment. I think I do not understand all the points you are making. What do you understand by the term materialistic world? What do you mean by world of illusion? Do you feel other beings are an illusion? This is actually one of the ideas I am in conflict with for it is an excuse to not take care of the feelings of others, yet I do not know if we even have the joice to decide to take care. Yet, it is kind of a value for me. What does it feel like to feel blissed. I know myself for having ups and downs all the time, accepting this gives me strenght but it does not mean I am in a ever-lasting blissful state. I am curious to read your thoughts on these metaphysical context. Love and Peace <3

Materialistic World: By it's i mean, for example to gain some material profits or any other profits people can lie and we are watching it all over the world, means lie and conflicts in job, towards property, in relationships, in friendships, lie by politicians and they eat the money which should be passed to common people. This is my thoughts towards the materialistic world, where people are received less importance than other aspects.

Illusion: By illusion i mean, i saw many people hurt their closed one's for their own benefits and for example, one individual is giving pain to their family members for an property, then in this context i am saying that, that individual is living an illusion life means we will not going to stay here forever and we don't hold any ownership on earth, so we have to follow the path of love and kindness towards human beings, instead following an illusion world where people are increasing the hatred aspect for the materialistic aspects.

These are just my opinion and i read this world this way.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

Thank you for giving such understandable definitions. The way you describe this terms I agree with you that the materialistic worldview created this illusion. I think the terms are widely missunderstood in a different way, and propably with materialistic(in your sence) intention to gain this illusory values. I appreciate your comment and I am grateful to read such great thoughts on the world. We can truely never own anything in this world for real, neither material belongings nor even our thoughts and intentions, that come and go as effects of our experience. This is my belief(at the moment). I wish to you a great day as well and blessings from the universe <3

Welcome, and thank you so much for kind and warm blessings. Stay blessed. 🙂

Hi @yoganarchista, Honestly toughing heart deeply after read your thoughts. Yep...Life is looks like play game..We have met lot of peoples in this community and how can we trusted peoples only? More peoples reached to us for getting some rewards from us then after they got their benefits from us leave from us. How so sadness to us? Only few honest peoples I've found my life time. Lot of ones said lies.
In fact, we need to find own way for keep going our life. We have to fear still face to community. But my opinion is no worries needed. We have own way for go ahead. Only need to spend some longest time to fall our track. Thanks.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Yes you are right, we should focus on our own needs and our own journey. Yet, sometimes if we are hurt we need to express that too. I wrote this text some mounths ago and now I feel ready to share it because I have made my way out of bothering about the lies and manipulation I have experienced. They made me grow and I think I learned a lot from them. Wishing you all the best <3

I really like this line: "Honesty is a step of courage because the truth can cause many reactions in people but isolating yourself from the true reactions of others brings you to an never ending conflict with yourself."

I think that is one of the main things that leads people to be dishonest, especially with the little lies. They don't deal with the trouble that comes with honesty so they avoid it and, as you point out, it leaves them with an internal conflict.

Thank you for your comment. I think this is really the most important sentence of the whole letter. All of us get tempt to tell lies now and then, for it can make things really easier. As a community of this planet also dealing with the truth in an understanding way can help to overcome the psychological issues that are caused by inhonesty and internal conflicts.

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Wow very impressive article my friend...& Such a great thought to express beautyfully with your heart💓....your art is also beautyful...i hope every steemian like your work...great my dear friend...keep it up..☺️

Thank you for your nice comment. Have a beautiful day and Steem on ;)

Most welcome my friend...& your day is auspicious too..😊

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I couldn't say no more. Your post is contained honest statement and true feeling. I tried to say more but language barrier make me hard to convey my thoughts.
Only wish the best thing happened and the light of morning sunshine ⛅ will come along in your future life.

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Cheers and all the best :) Have a beautiful day <3

Well said. You offer the truth and a lot of substance in your argument. Fear cam rob a person of themselves and harm the lives of those they touch. Thanks for sharing this letter to the folks here. Blessings.

Thank you @enjoywithtroy. I already thought that you would like this article. I do not know if it changes something but it feels good to let those thoughts out.

Very well said! @yoganarchista

That helped a lot!

Great writing! What caused you to write this?

A person I trusted instantly when we first met continued building up a fassade of lies. I wrote this when I discovered the first lies he told me and since then more and more has showed up. I do not feel like being a friend of his anymore after all that happened. But maybe this text can help him to understand that lies are a reason for isolation and they do only control the others. Control causes lonelyness because you are not facing the real reactions of the others.

Your writing is very powerful and the emotion is strong.

Did you know this person long before realizing it?

Were there any early warning signs you can share?

I am slowly recovering from the shock of seeing all the lies but to be honest I knew the person not to long before we became friends. I think what was really shocking is that he pretended to share ideals like honesty, feminism, decentralization, anarchy, friendship etc and expressed himself very well when talking about this things. Expressed himself better than me I guess. Then by his actions he acted against those things. He used his good way of expressing himself to gain the trust of two great women I know and love. He did "therapy" sessions including psychedelics with them. He declared himself healed and them still triggered. I think to therapize people modesty is needed. After escaping the conversation with my friends (leaving to another countrey) he threatened one of them and kept attacing her eventhough the only mistake of her(as far as I can tell) was to trust his "therapy" methods.

Warning signs:

  • behaves very polite and perfect so noone would suspect to be lied to
  • Never tells stories about his past that are not expressing how he was abused and projects all guilt outside of him
  • Claims to offer therapy but creates dependency
  • Uses money in order to control peoples emotions and reactions

Wow, this sounds like a Hollywood movie!

Although, most of what you described sounds like Donald #Trump before he got elected... Now I dunno... I guess he is the person you discover after being lied to and manipulated for their own gain and pleasure.

I guess the therapeutic psychedelics was probably a red flag, but that's pretty common these days.

Well, I hope that this experience makes you stronger and you are tougher the next time someone tries to deceive you!

Now Smile.

Everything will be better from this moment on.

Screen Shot 2018-08-08 at 7.54.07 AM.png

I think psychedelics can have a good therapeutic effect since also studies show that. i have been at the "75 Years LSD" conference in Basel this year and a lot of scientists showed the positive effects. The problem is that this person had not undergown any kind of psychological training nor has dealed with his own psychological issues. I am happy I did not fall for his strategies to convince me to do "therapy" with him. In the end I am happy he has left the contrey and I hope that my friends who have suffered more from him then me will recover too. I am grateful to have people I can trust surrounding me and I am grateful to exchange thoughts with you. Thank you for your support :) These things needed to go out and now I can focus on new projects <3

Now you're talkin!

So what new projects are on the horizon?

What will bring you the most happiness?

Time will tell, but I guess life brings the most happiness if we do not plan to much and not share to much of our plans before we actually make them happen. Stay tuned ;) I will share updates <3

Very complete article friend @yoganarchista are beautiful words that fill the soul, this is a fantastic painting that inspires you so much and has good results, I appreciate your cute pretty work
have a nice day of success and blessings <3

Thank you very much :) Have a nice day <3

igual para ti amiga bendiciones <3

awesome art with a great article

Hello my friend how are?
I liked your writing. The art is very nice.God bless you......

Thank you :) May you be blessed as well <3

This game is very fun.

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