A person I trusted instantly when we first met continued building up a fassade of lies. I wrote this when I discovered the first lies he told me and since then more and more has showed up. I do not feel like being a friend of his anymore after all that happened. But maybe this text can help him to understand that lies are a reason for isolation and they do only control the others. Control causes lonelyness because you are not facing the real reactions of the others.

Your writing is very powerful and the emotion is strong.

Did you know this person long before realizing it?

Were there any early warning signs you can share?

I am slowly recovering from the shock of seeing all the lies but to be honest I knew the person not to long before we became friends. I think what was really shocking is that he pretended to share ideals like honesty, feminism, decentralization, anarchy, friendship etc and expressed himself very well when talking about this things. Expressed himself better than me I guess. Then by his actions he acted against those things. He used his good way of expressing himself to gain the trust of two great women I know and love. He did "therapy" sessions including psychedelics with them. He declared himself healed and them still triggered. I think to therapize people modesty is needed. After escaping the conversation with my friends (leaving to another countrey) he threatened one of them and kept attacing her eventhough the only mistake of her(as far as I can tell) was to trust his "therapy" methods.

Warning signs:

  • behaves very polite and perfect so noone would suspect to be lied to
  • Never tells stories about his past that are not expressing how he was abused and projects all guilt outside of him
  • Claims to offer therapy but creates dependency
  • Uses money in order to control peoples emotions and reactions

Wow, this sounds like a Hollywood movie!

Although, most of what you described sounds like Donald #Trump before he got elected... Now I dunno... I guess he is the person you discover after being lied to and manipulated for their own gain and pleasure.

I guess the therapeutic psychedelics was probably a red flag, but that's pretty common these days.

Well, I hope that this experience makes you stronger and you are tougher the next time someone tries to deceive you!

Now Smile.

Everything will be better from this moment on.

Screen Shot 2018-08-08 at 7.54.07 AM.png

I think psychedelics can have a good therapeutic effect since also studies show that. i have been at the "75 Years LSD" conference in Basel this year and a lot of scientists showed the positive effects. The problem is that this person had not undergown any kind of psychological training nor has dealed with his own psychological issues. I am happy I did not fall for his strategies to convince me to do "therapy" with him. In the end I am happy he has left the contrey and I hope that my friends who have suffered more from him then me will recover too. I am grateful to have people I can trust surrounding me and I am grateful to exchange thoughts with you. Thank you for your support :) These things needed to go out and now I can focus on new projects <3

Now you're talkin!

So what new projects are on the horizon?

What will bring you the most happiness?

Time will tell, but I guess life brings the most happiness if we do not plan to much and not share to much of our plans before we actually make them happen. Stay tuned ;) I will share updates <3

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