New Painting "No one knows enough to worry!"

in art •  last month


You know I love mushrooms. Painting them makes me happy, eating them as well.

More mushroom paintings:

I hope you like this new creation with a Terence McKenna quote that I really like. Good night and:

Lots of Light and Love ♡

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Great painting it’s so fun and happy I love it! Steem on :)

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Thank you mate :)

Mushrooms are tasty and would love to grow them, Your painting is upbeat and happy. Thanks so much @yoganarchista


Thank you :) I am a big fan of all kind of fungi. They are fascinating. Actually it is not to difficult to grow some species I think, but I have not tried yet eather. I do not have so much space in my flat. But I think it is even possible in a small space. I gotta research that. But the species I painted can only grow with his tree friends.

This is beautiful 😍😍😍


Thank you <3 <3 <3

Funny mushrooms seems good for an animation, by the way I love acting mushrooms too.

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Propably I could create an animation with them. At the moment I am more into painting them though. Maybe later this year. Who knows <3

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