My psychedelic steemit logo drawing

in #art5 years ago (edited)


I have just finished this zentangle steemit logo. I am so glad I am part of this community and how much my art is supportd here. In the last year I drew 30 psychedelic drawings in this style with fineliner. The topic was mainly animal portraits. Today I felt it was time to make a steemit style one. Soon I need to hurry out for the birthday of @kronosconcious. I will wear the shirt I got at steemfest tonight. Maybe some new people will join our community soon.


This is a little experiment with photoshop: I will also add this logo variation to my online t-shirt shop soon!


Lots of Light and Love <3


Very very cool!

O wow, it is so good. I am very bad when it comes about drawing.Even I say to myself that I can't draw a straight line but man your skills are just incredible. I wish you the best of luck.
I joined steemit three days ago so I hope I will learn something from you in the future.
If I may ask, how long have you been drawing?
Just upvoted and followed you to not miss out the amazing content coming from your side in the future.

Hey there, welcome on steemit ;) I checked out your blog and I liked your post about photography. Yes drawing a steight line is difficult, that is why I prefere round shapes too. I have started a drawing diar when I was 15 but I did not draw every day. Practice helps, but I enjoy it a lot and that helps with creating something beautiful. I follow you now ;)

Awww, thank you so much yoganarchista for replying and checking out my post.It means a lot to me. O wow, so it is a hobby for you.I have a friend and same like you she loves drawing.At a moment she will be drawing a bird and next moment might be an actor.
Thank you for following.

That looks truly amazing!!!

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Great! Now it needs some color :)
Bless :)

Great pic my dear! I have to regenerate my Upvote power so I hope
Will help to vote for me

Thank you for your support my lovely strong friend <3 We gotta talk about that steemit meetup in @kaliberlin still :) When do you have time?

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Hammer. Sieht spitze aus.

Vielen Dank <3 Ich freu mich schon es als Shirt zu tragen <3

Really good!!!

Würde ich auch anziehen! ;-)

Ich lade es morgen hoch und wenn mein shirt da ist werd ich einen post machen. Wenns dir angezogen gefällt kannst du dir ja dann auch eins bestellen <3 <3 <3

Da wird aber heftig mit dem Zaunpfahl gewinkt! ;-) ;-) ;)

haha :D Nö, so sollte das nicht klingem, ich wollte dir anbieten, dass du schaust wie der Druck bei mir aussieht bevor dus kaufst und es dir nich gefällt... aber wenn du kein T-shirt brauchst /willst ist das ja unnötig :D

Ah, sozusagen ein Katalog-Service!

Ich freue mich schon auf die Bilder!
Mein Vote hast Du sicher! ;-)

Nice work that coo, must have taken a while. Better than the plain green :)

Yep, it took a while. The most important thing about making such drawings is to have time and good fineliners. Because if they are making problems you have no chance to draw something good.

Yer talent also! I went through a phase of using pen didn't work for me rubberouter see :)

Hast du es mit einem Fineliner gemalt? Schaut echt gut aus!

Jap, ich hab verschieden dicke fineliner verwendet. Freut mich, dass es dir gefällt :)

Wenn du mal Langeweile haben solltest, würdest du auch ein Wunschmotiv von mir in dem Stil umsetzen?

Great work ! 😍 love it~~

wow sieht echt sehr gut aus. 👏

Wow! Am an artist too, but I most confess, what I see here is indeed a great act of creativity, I love your artwork to the core, and wished to learn from you too... Lol.

Thank you very much :) I am very happy you like my work <3

So many signs inside...Is there some meaning ?

Maybe, but I think the main meaning for me is that I am happy to be part of the steemit community. Maybe this is expressed in the symbols without planning :)

looks great! Sehr schöne Zeichnung :) Wie lange dauert ein solches Bild?

Das kommt immer auf meine Tagesverfassung an, aber normalerweise schau ich dann auch nicht auf die Uhr... Das dauert dann halt solange es dauert :) Vielen Dank <3

Ja klar das glaub ich :) Sieht auf jeden Fall sehr schön aus!

I love your creativity

Thank you my friend <3

I really like the details.. It's beautiful @yoganarchista :)

Thank you very much <3

Hi there.. You draw the designs? That's a difficult one. You have long patience to do that.Nice artwork! thanks for sharing :)

Yep, that is what I do :) It is really amazing how much this community supports my artworks <3

wooow you are a pure artist. Damn I like it very much.
you can put it on your profile. I promise you too many will like it.

Thank you very much <3 I am happy you enjoy my work <3

Very creative post. How long ii took you to make this :)

Thank you very much :) I did not check the time while drawing but I guess it took some hours :)

you are very beautiful and your art too

Very cool. Adding new dimensions to something that already has many. Have fun.

Thank you for your nice comment <3

the true meaning of creativity nice to see ths happy new year

Thank you for your support :) Happy new year <3

it's okkay dear you deserve more you look as beautiful as your wonderful work

Oh deine zentagel wirklich super :)
Ich zeichne selber welche, aber nur zum eher rumkritzeln und kopf frei bekommen.

Super Idee mit dem Logo. Gefällt mir echt gut. :D

Vielen Dank :) Bei mir ist das allgemein so wenn ich kreativ am werkeln, zeichnen und malen bin -die beste Sache für Ruhe im Kopf :)

Ja funktioniert bei mir auch super.
Und bei dir kommt dabei noch so was tolles raus. :D

Pretty cool, pretty girl.

This is really beautiful.

I like this embellishment, turned out rlly well

You are definitely talented!

Hey there I seen your post in steemit(fb) and loved the stencil of Steemit logo. Awesome.

its amazing how portrayed it.

Holy shit, enormous level of details.. You are very very talented, nice work.. Check out my work also :) Followed and upvoted

Cool! Like a Steemit Mandala!

Wow cool. That looks like it took a while...

very beautiful. good work @yoganarchista

That's so cool! I love black and white detail work of all sorts! What's zentangle? I'll have to look it up after I'm done "steemiting". I Have a few ink drawings under my belt but most of my work is in drafting so not exactly a fun thing to look at but occasionally I get a chance to let loose. here's one of my originals you can check out:

Here's what I'm working on now:


Hope to see more of your work!

I am interested in developing this into a fully digital piece. Might be a nice challenge as i am a graphic designer and this appeals. What I would is to simplify the elements so that the design can be seen when you make it super small, much like the size of the current Steemit logo in the upper left hand corner of this site. It would be a development of the concept your have here.

This is awesome!

Hi there
this is a competition that has to do with logo designing of a friend of me that is paying very generously and lacks quality participants. thought you might be interested :)

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