This time I have put a title on my digital art which is my own imagination and thoughts

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Confused whales, what journey do they take

Digital art made by @xpilar

confused whales, what journey do they take 1 A.jpg

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The whales are the largest in our community and are the ones who can do a lot for our community to continue to grow and become the largest social network on Blockchain But everyone is just as important here from the little ones to the big ones in this community

The prices of Steem are falling and falling and many believe it is not worth writing blogs with such low profits. This is completely wrong thinking Anyone with long-term goals with STEEM / STEEMIT blogs anyway The premium pool is just as big even with low prices.
It gives a benefit for you to get the same amount of Steem / SP paid out on your blogs and more chance when there is a middle number to divide from the pot

It's important not to think about price now, but to collect as much STEEM / SP for the future as you can. The smart ones at Steemit see it and do it now. And those who have some money left over should buy steem and build up their power

I have great faith in the future with Steemit Blockchain and with today's prices, I also believe that there will be some new whales in our community who are joining STEEMIT with us

Feel free to share your opinion on what you think about Steemit

I read a lot of blogs on steemit and many complaints about a lot
And those who cry out loud are the ones who should think first, What if I can do something about it myself, turn the negative mindset into positive thinking

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Confused whales, what trip do they make?

In the warm waters of the Steemit Sea Daniel was the whale swimming distracted, sunbathing and enjoying the landscape.
But Daniel did not realize that in the middle of the sea was a crystalline blue trap, and in it he was trapped.
He was desperate, looking for help, his cries were desperate for help, he began to cry, his crying was agony, he knew he would die, I spent so much time that fatigue overcame him, he felt the final moment had come, that his journey was about to end, I no longer had the strength to cry or scream.
But suddenly two whales exploring on the surface saw what was happening and approached him, told him to be calm that they would seek help and save him, Daniel asked them not to leave that he did not want death alone.
But the @xpilar whale told him not to talk so everything would be solved, that no whales, no dolphins, no fish would die on steemit while everyone was together.
The @streetstyle whale when he heard his friend moved away from the cruel scene and summoned all those who were close to make a force, a team, a #spud to save Daniel, the confused whale, a whale who did not know what to travel toward.
Immediately many fish and whales approached, all wanted to join and save one of their own.
The fish, as they did not have enough power or steempower, kept coming and witnessing the historical moment that occurred in the waters of the Steemit Sea, but the whales joined together and created a plan to free Daniel from the crystalline trap.
They worked as a team and won, the whales together succeeded, they managed to free Daniel, this trip had taken an incredible sense, all the whales were heroes.

Thanks for your great story @jdbs

Yes nice story and thanks for including us.

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Hi @xpilar, you digital Art with that ecosystem of peaceful swimming of underwater life is reflecting very well the Steemit and its inhabitants.

I agree with you and nowadays despite of low Steem prize we still see a lot of communities still running some projects, contests, rewarding the people. Only those who think that the should receive upvote only because they issued a post no matter how good it is they are wrong. The community works only if we communicate with each other, if we treat each other in the way we would like to be treated. People should actively try to be seen and heard! But because it is some work that takes few hours of looking around, searching, reading carefully posts and communicate that is something that many people lacking.

My advice would be we all need to contribute to Steem community to grow with our activities to make other people to join platform, to advertise in and outside to our friends.

That is only Crypto that we ourselves can influence to grow and that we can earn. Starting with Zero and going up to what ever upper range we want to have. But important is to reinvest Steem into Steem Power only then Steem prize will grow and becomes stronger!

Let's support our little Island of young Crypto Steem! Let's make it stronger and grow in our own interest and for our own future!

Thank's for your feedback @stef1

Yes, it's about supporting each other and taking care of the new ones that come to our society, it will make us grow

Title that describes digital works appropriately

In my imagination the Whale II is trying to make a big decision for this blockchain. I believe a lot of whale who care about Steem. maybe the problem is not yet strong enough to make a better change. I imagine the power of the blockchain residents unite and then be able to repair this increasingly severe situation. If the steem value is lower and many steemians leave it because the mind does not see the vision far ahead. I will be determined to survive and continue to use this blockchain as a place for blogging. I believe that in the future there will be a better change and if that time comes I will be in a well-established position.
I would not think of this low steem value being the reason I stopped. precisely at this time I tried to post and get a reward. I am sure that the more posts there will be, the more chances there are of getting rewards and that someday a number of Steems will be collected. Until now I will power ups that I have Steem to strengthen votes and RC. That is why I am very happy with the support from And @xpilar about power ups. Likewise, I am very happy when @streetstyle runs the SPUD idea, which we later know is more and more participants. This shows that many Steemians still care about STeem and this blockchain.
Thank you @xpilar
Warm regard from Indonesia

Thank's for your feedback @rokhani

SPUD will be one of the biggest events in Steemit
SPUD will grow and grow and many will understand the importance of it

I am sure about it. SPUD will be popular and get large support.

I am sure about
It. SPUD will be popular
And get large support.

                 - rokhani

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Thanks for the support @rokhani and thanks for the mention. SPUD is making a difference with help from Steemians like yourself.

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You are welcome @streetstyle.

This is completely wrong thinking Anyone with long-term goals with STEEM / STEEMIT blogs anyway The premium pool is just as big even with low prices.

100% agree with you @xpilar! I am new to this platform, but I did it to buy some SP according to my ability. And the hardest thing for me is not the problem of the fall in Steem prices, but to get votes from the Stemians is difficult.

Moreover, looking for someone who is able to guide us so well that we are more eager to continue working. That's really difficult!

It's nice to have people as passionate as you. 😎

Thank's for your feedback @pessal

Getting votes is not easy, it's first about making friends who eventually want to visit your blog and then upvotes.

That means it's important to comment on others here at Steemit and build friendship

Thank you for the very enlightening feedback, @xpilar! 😎

you're welcome @pessal

En la unión esta la fuerza, y en la mente las buenas decisiones a tomar en todos los ámbitos de la vida, con las estrategias pertinentes, las que mediante l experiencias propias, y los aportes de buena fe como lo que provienen de personas como tú, xpilar, es posible intentar, y, crecer, aplicando concienzudamente, no olvidando un punto clave el cual es interactuar mediante esta herramienta. Gracias por compartir.

thank you @brismar for your kind words and description

Steem goes up or down.

Life is a constant of ups and downs

Of heaven and earth, of Air and water

The low steem and many are gone

Forgetting that in life wins the one who perseveres and has constancy

Today we have to wet our metal wings and wait for the right time to fly

Rejoicing that there are committed people like @xpilar and @streetstyle filling steemit with projects, contests and dreams

Steem goes up or down here we must be, because a family is forever fighting

Someday we will reach the moon.

Someday we will all be whales.

But today we are all a family and the family is not left.

Hi @anasuleidy

Thank you for your feedback with a great poem

Wow your imagination is very good, sir. I totally agree with you that it is very important not to think about prices now. but to collect a lot of steem power.

at this time I keep trying to collect steem as much as possible. in early 2018, I always hoped to get a lot of power. but I think that is impossible. it's very impossible for small fish like me. because the price of steem at that time was greater than sbd. and if I exchange it, there is little that I can get. I'm sure many people feel the way I think.

but to get a lot of power, now is not impossible for all small fish. very many opportunities to get steem. from the income of the article provided several times x. from making a deposit in your own country's currency. and the current price is also very low. and steem can be obtained by exchanging tokens on the steem-engine. in my opinion this time is very special for everyone.

but what makes me confused, in early 2018 many people who want to have a large power. and at that time it was very difficult to get it. but why when steem is easy, everyone gets away. in my opinion right now everyone should be competing in getting steem.

Thank's for your feedback @aulia1993

That's right, many have a great opportunity now

The amazing nature of the purple world

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great work

Nice vision, @xpilar. I agree that low prices are just temporary. We still earn in Steem and unless we convert, the lower price doesn't matter so much.

Yes @numpypython,
that's right and I hope others can see it too

One another great imagination by @xpilar. Due to my opinion Steem coins need to be listed on the new exchange. Steem coin need to promotion like binance Exchange. Steem coins are also important to be in the news like binance exchange, like CEO binance, make a multi coin steem wallet, burn a few coin This will affect the price of steem coin

thank's for your feedback @anil566
agree with you

Welcome @xpilar. So can I believe that all this work will be done in future @xpilar ?

I would think so @anil566, steemit is only 3 years old.

Where are we going in the next 3 years?

It is up to everyone to let us grow in the next 3 years as well
and that the whole world is hearing about our great Steemit community

my brain doesn't distinguish very well if I'm in an ocean or in space, but if I'm pretty clear that those animals are sharks and if I don't get to safety at any time I could be eaten. Good image, you have enough creativity

Very beautiful image

Welcome :)

This high-imagination image is extraordinary and interesting

Are the Whales troubling deal with Steem Price on the long-term journey?
If it is, Planktons and Minnows can't do anything. But, I will go on with belief and hope. Fighting!

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Faith and hope are important @golden.future

It's like ladders in space.

I like this one imagination, besides being interesting it also has a high meaning

your artwork is very beautiful with very interesting color variations

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Digital images with attractive colors.

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Looks like whales behaving like minnows.

Hi @secondmedicalop

Times will change and the sensible whales will make the society better

Its very beautifull sir

very awesome digital art

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a painting about buildings in outer space which is very beautiful.

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It is a great daily digital abstract art, full of details and aquatic life.

thank you so much @solangeh

Very interesting image, @xpilar. Now I wonder what do whales dream of?

hehe, maybe the whales tell us @charcoalbuffet

Very beautiful art looks like a ship landing in the water.

heheh loved the title of that perfect one to describe that

Nice that you like it @blazing

I have not seen your images for several days, and they really look great to me, you have a lot of talent friend @xpilar

very nice digital art my dear friend @xpilar

Fantastic views.

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Beautiful artwork. The color is very bright and attractive.

Beautifull digital art work

Like 3D work...nice art sir

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I like their creativity, they are whales carrying a queen whale that is tired. They show him that the fight continues.

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I want to give this picture a Title as, All In One Place.

@xpilar, For sure everyone have the same place on Steem Blockchain but there is no doubt that Whales play the leading role.

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good post i like your post

Time to accumulate more inregard of the steem price

Yes that is correct @adedapo-glory

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You know what, you have just breath some good amount of hope to me here I must say. Time to accumulate more than ever

Nice to hear @adenijiadeshina

It is important to look ahead and understand what is coming and what it can be

Hello @xpilar, I imagine a school of sharks looking for a prey to depredate, incredible image.

incredible art sir,look a very beautiful sir @xpilar

thank welcome,regard @xpilar