The image is made of own imagination and thoughts

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                                           Digital art made by @xpilar  

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a giant caterpillar :)
can't think of anything today
just that :)

nothing futuristic on my head this time :)
is the sun up there these days, too?
take us around please :)

The sun is looking forward a little a day, but not hot yet.

I remember that I promised to take pictures in May of the tour area in Fredrikstad.

It will come, but later in May

I see...

I've never been there and am so so curious
am not interested in huge cities
if I'd go to your country, I'd like to go up the Fjords

as for taking us around, no worries,
surely it would be worth the wait ^ ^
for now, enjoy sunlight and daylight
and soon - the warmth ^ ^

  ·  last year (edited)

The fjords in Norway are a good choice, it is incredibly beautiful.
It would be wise to use a cruise ship that sails in the fjords in Norway.

they are breath taking!
thank you for the pics and the tip!

I do not know if you are a sci-fi fan, I am and in 1984 it was one of the greatest sci-fi movie of that time "Dune". Set in the distant future, the film chronicles the conflict between rival noble families as they battle for control of the extremely harsh desert planet also known as "Dune". There were huge sand-worms there, they could move underground but when they come up to surface to get their preys. Your artwork reminded me those sand-worms but in modern version. and the surrounding looks like a desert planet.
Beautiful art work @xpilar

I'm a real sci-fi fan, love it.

You have probably seen some of the pictures I create

Thank you for your description

How did you make it? Which software/ tool did you use?
Upvoted from trail :)

hi @sbd.giveaway

I use Vue 5 Infinite

Be it an artist, poet or a common man, everyone with a pure heart is more inclined towards the natural side of the world rather than materialistic. For them natural phenomenon like sky, clouds, stars, rain, flower etc. are more appealing than money and other worldly things.

As golden rays of sunshine, glisten off the lake,
A darky cloud haze is all around that nature decides to make.
Such beauty in a barren scene God's wondrous hand provides,
Appreciate the Earth we have, the wind, the rain, the tides.

Cold crisp air and frosty ground, with rocks as old as time, gold sky reflection on earth and make it amazing, I always waiting for a golden moment of nature to blossom and scatter of anxiety from my mind.

Are scattered with perfection, such beauty is sublime. Celestial light from the moon, and all the stars above,
Shine so silently without fuss, as God's eternal love.

Hope reflect from nature golden handy work of Snr. @xpilar tell about the hope even his amazing handy work,

Nature gives three things; hope, joy and beauty, your art shine golden reflection to human nature, even though sky look darky, still your handy work art reflected beauty of your golden rays to the world.

Your skills are great, as I feel you are great man, and Hero and hope for many here in steemit, the beauty of your work reflecting golden ray even when the sky seem darker, many are here who you make smile and laugh

That is my little interpretation or inspiration I had towards your art. Thanks for sharing your art.

Fine words, thanks @davidad

You are welcome.. glad you like what i wrote about your art.
3D images that have a beautiful meaning and the success of your hard work in this steem will get good results as illustrated by these two images on a side there is a high mountain, the peak of glory and a picture again describes the power of power so amazing that we share with your team. in this steemit that wants @xpilar to describe the power of its own power is more important, than to expect power from others walu sahabat. there must be a limit to help.

Thank you for your description @fauzann

The image is great, dear friend @xpilar.
What system are you using for the creation of these beautiful images?
I wish you a great day

Thanks @jlufer

I use Vue 5 Infinite

Here is my take @xpilar,

Between Earth and the Sky there is a sandy place, warmest place in terms of weather; darkness and frightening. Once a space ship entered in this zone and flames of fire took the spaceship in there surrounding. Suddenly, clouds came from nowhere and covered the whole sky to make the air cool. Yes, those clouds on the sky are the symbol of life for the people inside the space ship. This way, clouds saved the life of the spaceship and in a gentle way spaceship gone into its planet safely :)

Hope so, you liked my imagination ;)

Thank you for your description @salmanbukhari54

I think. picture 3 Dimensions you have like a future binoculars. the reflection of the image in the water indicates that the hard work of someone in working will produce in the future .. but I do not know exactly, because your work your imagination .. only you can translate it ..
always success @xpilar

Thank you for your description @halidabahri

hello Mr. @XPilar a beautiful and extraordinary 3D image that you want to illustrate that in this Steemit Many people who have beautiful artwork like you, this one signifies, steemit is very rapidly worshiping minutes to seconds from hour to minute, has been drove incredible snagat .

good post work of @ xpilar successful greetings.
from @boile.

Thank you for your description @boile

wow beautiful art drawing, so make your post banya who visit it, and essentially in this art picture dissapointed sebuat technology. which you describe the power of power in steemit is in need. to be able to advance steemit and our own and our friends who are in steemit.
Thanks You image art 3D @Xpilar

Thank you for your description @zainulm1993

hello @xpilar your art continues from the Golden Mountain so you come up with an idea how to mengambinya so you create a stone crusher in the mountain to get the gold.

and with this work of art, we can say even though an art drawing can describe its own meaning. technology is growing things we can not do will be easy to lose if you can master, existing technology, and with this you can get satisfactory results.
success is always for @xpilar.

Thank you for your description @abag

This image magically takes me to that place, I see a machine that has a lot of electrical energy capable of absorbing or expelling a chemical or energy that is dispersed throughout the earth.

Thank you for your description @manueljosecb

Always attentive my friend, I love your content. Regards!

I see this picture like a machine to penetrate space and time. Very unique.
It takes a struggle to reach up this machine .. from above we can also see the beautiful desert stretch of sand.
The sky is red with the sun going to set. Combine with a cloud that looks amazing.

Thank you for your description @jamal.jeje

It looks like some alien spacecraft has entered our planet and its absorbing energy from our planet, no one is trying to stop it, because all of them are afraid.

Thank you for your description @mumin007

Hello @xpilar Wow Beautiful and extraordinary art drawing.

From the beautiful art drawing I can conclude that, although in the arid desert if we have a firm resolve to go forward we must have a strong adhesive to move forward. Progress will be born if the main individual power and then power friends, friends to be able to help us and essentially help each other between fellow steemians.
Regard @xpilar.

Thank you for your description @adnan-mp

Greetings know @ xpilar, this amazingly beautiful 3D image of beautiful art has meaning, extraordinary seteemit development, in karnakan of seconds, minutes, hours shows already many who have a very strong power as seen in your art drawings. And this shows that steemit is growing in cyberspace. Post a good top of me for @xpilar.

Thank you for your description @malikalvaro

Good 3D @xpilar

  ·  last year (edited)

A n i m t i o n - m o v i e - S c r e e n!!!

After watching the post with photo first time i imagined its a graphics
for Hollywood animation movie's screen.

The entry hole goes under the ground there the villain placed with his armed bad guys :D

Thank you for your description @aaarif

your image is amazing @xpilar .., i see like a celestial object ..,
do you describe nuclear bombs from alien creatures @xpilar ..?
your digital art is amazing, I see the fire on the wheel as if to explode, if this memeng exploded right then mankind will destroy it all, humans and the world will be dominated by robots.

Thank you for your description @muftii

You are welcome

it seems emerald colors are ozone layers and red colors are sun light radiation. Ozone layers depleted/deteriorated itself to stop sun light radiation. Let's hope that ozone ray will remain winner. Thanks for sharing such a nice image @xpilar

Thank you for your description @kamchore

although it is difficult to imagine about this image. but this is exciting to train my mind.

Thank you @xpilar

hehe, thanks @syehlah

Sorry @xpilar my mind again deadlock this time, because I have a long journey so did not get to participate in this contest.

Thank you @xpilar

hey's amazing...creativity..

wow incredible 3d images, indicating steemit has started growing rapidly like turbo seen in 3D images.
congratulations and successful greetings to @xpilar.

thanks @alfan13

  ·  last year (edited)

beautiful picture. but tell me about what an image is @xpilar

hehe, here are your thoughts and fantasies that count

maybe only a small part that can make great work like @ xpilar this, it seems the picture was binoculars or a tool to see something its example, see the eclipse sun or moon, but the picture was looking at the beauty of the sun in the afternoon.

thanks @ann85

that's a pretty good work with imagination and creativeness :)

thanks @blazing

That's really great

hello @xpilar beautiful art drawing creations that you make, become a sport when i look at it, here look beautiful color combinations, only certain people who can make art like you.
greeting @xpilar

thanks @jidarr

what a creativity!!

good illustration image @ xpilar, embrace my imagination that ufo image that crosses the sun in the afternoon.

Thank you for your description @fackrurrazi

  ·  last year (edited)

hey it's amazing creativity, success always for you

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Art work @xpilar design is one of the unique programs all will run smoothly, I can only support whatever the way or program @xpilar I always enjoy this post

thanks @busana

Thank you again fella do not forget my upvote yes

Very good design sir

thanks @steem-works

its pretty impressive work bro so nice to see this

thanks @cityslicker

Very nice

the image looks really amazing it looks so good

Sir,,too much pleased to see your post..Seriously your imagination is too high..thanks [email protected] xpilar

hehe, thanks @divilliers

what a creativity!

Wow.. So beautiful design, well creative
Very good job, thanks @xpilar

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the shot is really incredible wonderful

thanks @brainceo

wow really great photographer. nice art. thanks for @xpilar

thanks @kickup008

very beautiful artwork, you are a true artist, in the hands of a skilled like you something creations will look very beautiful, continued success @ xpilar, I admire your work ..

thanks @omze

Vaya tan solo que ver la imagen podemos observar el talento y las horas de trabajos que te yebo crearla, muy buena amigo felicidades :D

thanks @josecrespo

Para eso estamos :D

The image you created is beautiful. It looks like a spaceship in the sky surrounded by an amazing light. It was created by an advanced technology that no ordinary man could enter on it. The lights protect those who lived inside of the spaceship.

Thank you for your description @scarletsnow

Excelente fotografía @xpilar creo que tienes mucho talento en el arte fotográfico de ciencia y ficción, parece una Nave espacial descendiendo a la tierra, gracias por compartir

thanks @gabyjc

it looks pretty amazing to be honest wow

thanks @sadcasm

Beutifull picture amazing end caterpillar @xpilar

this art is very nice..i hope one day you can prosper it....

thanks @jackemon01

wellcome and i always follo you.......for your upcoming post.

Interesting content.. Nice post @xpilar.

thanks @bosnia

Creative things.
Well done........
Best of luck.....

No 1: 12
No 2: 5
No 3: 10

Together five mangoes, mangoes are very good to eat mush


this picture I took with oppo camera A71
flies making love on cannabis leaves.

oppo camera phone


Nice images.....

a giant caterpillar :)
can't think of anything today
just that :)

nothing futuristic on my head this time :)
is the sun up there these days, too?
take us around please :)U5du7S4cLKP1HChxoK7a1BB5UHPdvEK_1680x8400.jpgU5du7S4cLKP1HChxoK7a1BB5UHPdvEK_1680x8400.jpg


How did you make it? Which software/ tool did you use?
Upvoted from trail :)U5dqqGWje2TYNBTTjX6QgYv5p4nBH8Q_1680x8400.jpg

It is a biggest art i think

by the way its art or photography ??

hehe, You have asked about it before @sabbir1213

  ·  last year Reveal Comment

thanks, okey @fadhilaceh

  ·  last year (edited)Reveal Comment