Pencil drawing of Ajebo

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On the 8th of April, 2019, the following conversation ensued between me and My subject(Ajebo)

Ajebo: Hello brother! How much will it cost to have myself drawn for a 24×30 inches size? here is a picture of what I want image

Me: A framed piece of that size will cost you 300 dollars.

Ajebo: Ah brother that's way too much. It's above my budget.Can I pay 200 dollars?

Me: 250 is fair for me and you. Innit?(Me trying british)

Ajebo: Bro in all honesty, It's 200 that I budgeted.

Me: Ok bro let's work.

Ajebo: So when can you deliver?

Me: Give me One week.

Now after one week, we have this. But I drew this literally in 24 hours

Ps: Please I so much want to add value to my hustle. Any good book or video you can recommend for me? I would really appreciate.

The progress shots







My goodness, @unyimeetuk, I can’t think of a big enough adjective to describe this one. Insert your favorite one here __________________.

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I think am in love with incredible. If I use that will it still fit in? haha

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Since I’m back, every time you release a new drawing I’m even more amazed than the last one, you’re one of the better surrealism artists on the blockchain. But with such a high quality, you’re still somehow able to produce better each time and that, sir @unyimeetuk, is incredible.

Thank you.

Thanks so much for the kind words sir. Hope to see more drawings from you. been a while I visited here. Had to go off for sometime to reconnect with pure mind and to learn new stuffs. making paintings soon you should anticipate

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Holy...!! this looks amazing! good job!

thanks so much brother @kendrawing

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What a fabulous portrait, @unyimeetuk! You exceeded excellence this time. Any more perfect and it would be a photo! 😎

thanks so much @trincowski I love beards and spectacles. It adds contrast to art pieces. thanks for the nice words sir

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