🎨 UNTITLED A4 2018-08-01

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UNTITLED A4 2018-08-01

Another one of the world's most famous unknown artists taking an inwards directed selfie

untitled drawing, pencil on paper, 2018

IMG_1376web1600.jpgphoto by me, Canon SX 540 HS

This drawing is A4 size, which is 29½ x 21 cm / about 11½ x 8 inches.

From here to there - and back again

This mid-week I was visiting several friends in Tulln an der Donau - I posted the first drawing done there 2 days ago, similar title (different size): Untitled A5 2018-08-01. Throughout the time I was working on both of these drawings at Vesna Krasnec's place, she recorded progress shots with her cell phone.
Here she captured me working on this drawing:

20180801_121303web.jpgphoto by @krasnec

IMG-20180801-WA0003.jpgphoto by @krasnec

I did not get it finished before visiting another friend that evening. Here are a few more progress shots:

IMG_1353web1600.jpgphoto by @krasnec

20180801_175909WEB.jpgphoto by @krasnec

20180801_175920WEB.jpgphoto by @krasnec

I finished the drawing after I returned to Vienna on August 3rd in my studio at the Kunstquartier Wien


IMG_1377web1600.jpgphoto by me, Canon SX 540 HS

IMG_1378web1600.jpgphoto by me, Canon SX 540 HS

IMG_1379web1600.jpgphoto by me, Canon SX 540 HS

IMG_1380web1600.jpgphoto by me, Canon SX 540 HS

to see all these images larger, right-click and open in new tab


with Vesna Krasnec and Gottfried Helnwein at the Albertina in Vienna

Note: I am an Austrian Artist living in Vienna
I post many of my blogs under the tag #steemit-austria

About my Work


Wonderful drawing, as always... Wouldn't that subtitle apply for almost any artwork by any artist who still uses their spirit/soul to draw and/or paint?
It could be said (though I am not sure if it's true), that all other artists are either entertainers and/or businessmen.
I love that subtitle.

Thank you Sabina, hugs.
This what John Lennon said about Yoko Ono.
As for me, the least I am is a businessman. I am fairly good at selling others, but not myself.
Yeah, the subtitle - I was not thinking about Yoko One and John Lennon (but aware of it) - no, I was more thinking about the Unknown Comic......

Super geworden, Otto!
Ich werde es später teilen. :)

danke Vesna! war ein guter Anfang bei Dir zu zeichnen. Muss ich öfters machen (auch bei Peter, er hat mir schon mehrmals gesagt ich soll kommen) - irgendwie geht es besser wenn ich nicht daheim bin.

Good art!
I believe that your post is undervalued and deserves a reward.
I added it to the list of underappreciated posts.

Thank you! I appreciate it!

wow, amazing artwork seriously :D
the details and the process looks so cool, and as you said it must have taken a lot of time
great work ^^

Thanks - and also thank you for resteeming! It actually didn't take long (by my standards) since it is not a big drawing. However, sometimes smaller drawings are harder to do with fine detail - i.e. think about artists that work extremely small, like painting on a rice grain!

inward selfie ! what a wonderful idea <3 i love this very much, otto ! the details and flow in the piece is simply spectacular <3

Thank you, Spiderman! It is just one snapshot of what most of my artwork is about: a trip through the Inner Universe, or as Alfred Kubin calls it: The Other Side - Ernst Fuchs had talked about this as a great inspiration to him.

Danke Caroline!
Eine amerikanische Künstlerfreundin Carrie Ann Baade per Nachricht auf Facebook möchte mit mir tauschen. Werde ich machen - sie ist auf der Kunstszene ziemlich prominent und eine sehr gute Künstlerin.

Eine gute Idee, klingt interessant :-D

das habe ich schon einige male gemacht. Habe schon einmal vorgeschlagen eine Ausstellung zu machen: Künstler sammeln Künstler.
Ein Freund in New York, Miguel Tio, hat einige meiner Werke, und wenn er ausstellt (er ist mit Society of Art of Imagination) in USA und Kanada, dann stellt er öfters auch meine Werke ein. Das selbe mit Don Farrell in Seattle. Er hat einige meiner Zeichnungen und hat schon mehrmals Ausstellungen in Seattle kuratiert.

Originelle Idee :-D

it is such an amazing work , so detailed , <3 following you
and resteemed

thank you very much!

so beautiful and neat drawing , and i love to see you while working , <3

thank you Adele - this is the medium I am most comfortable with. Over the years I developed some tricks and shortcuts that allow me to work fast and still get lots of detail.

yes i understand , you are talking about experience , <3

love this piece my dear. Keep them coming!!!! xx

This is a beautiful drawing - I love the detail you achieve with your pencil work. What grade pencils do you work with, if you wouldn't mind sharing?
E x

I am using as many grades as I can, from very hard H5 to very soft, B9 - the main work is done with a HB pencil and the grades are used for shading and special effects. While I use stumblers, I also blend with my fingers and sometimes with a very stiff bristle brush. A important tool I use is a kneaded eraser.

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