🎨 Untitled A5 2018-08-01

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UNTITLED A5 2018-08-01

untitled drawing, pencil on paper, 2018


all my images photographed by @krasnec

Working on it:


I spent a couple of days in Tulln an der Donau visiting friends. Here I am drawing at Vesna Krasnec's place. This is the first drawing done there (another one currently still unfinished I will post later). The photo is from the early stage.
This is a small drawing, A5 size, which is 21 x 15 cm / about 8½ x 6 inches.
Although I had a camera with me, Vesna took all the pictures with her cell phone.



you can right-click all images and select open in new tab for larger sizes





Note: I am an Austrian Artist living in Vienna
I post many of my blogs under the tag #steemit-austria

About my Work


Hi thermoplastic,

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thank you kindly!

Amazing work! I thought it was so much bigger before I saw the other pictures :)

it's actually easier to work bigger - but my friend Vesna, at whose place I done this, is currently making a whole series of the same small size, A5.

For me it is the other way around because I draw smaller. I did create a lot of a5 pencil drawings in the past because I liked the fact I could finish them much faster. But nowadays I try to work much bigger :)

so beautiful , it also no need to have a signature, :) totally in Otto's style , <3

Thank you - it is my style, a bit more on the gentle side for a change.

I really love the intricacies of your work.

Thank you - a obsession of mine, can't be any other way!

Reminds me I have to get back to making some more paper works. Are the strange spines inspired by plants or animals?

strange spines? idk. There is a really weird alien-looking cactus at Vesna's place right where I worked, but I did not draw it. It may have influenced my thoughts though.

Maybe spines was a wrong word :) Cactuses are weird beings, my daughter has started a collection and I still find myself very estranged to them - could be that feel indeed. A nice monogram by the way - I have made quite a few monograms to earn money.

I've been using that monogram since about 1980 - at first it started with a embossed monogram on etchings, but then I used it on all my artwork.

OK, cool. I will look after it in your works. Hadn't noticed.

Great one! The flowers seem realistic, struggling to survive in an embrace of psychedelic shapes - the contrast is very interesting, and seems to me like a deviation from your usual themes. The process shots are always useful to get some tiny insight about the work. These repetitive shapes are always intriguing and fascinating to my eyes. Here is a couple of 3d-renders I've done in 2005, published in Renderosity, back then:

wow, they are cool!
Deviation: I may have been influenced by working at Vesna's place, surrounded by her happy creations (many flowers and such), so there are no monsters in the 2 drawings I did there (the second one unfinished, coming up soon).

great to see the process Otto!!!

Vesna did the photos, but only at the start, and then when finished.

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¡Me encantó su post! voto para ti :)

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