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This is perhaps the shortest title of any of my art


TORSO web 1650.jpg
graphite drawing with acrylic white highlights on toned Arches etching paper
6.5" x 15.5" ~ 16.5 x 41.9 cm - 2010

Private collection, Vienna Austria

FLICKR ◄ see it larger, check it out on ► DeviantArt
prints are available on DeviantArt

This is how it started

I am not sure how old this one is, probably early seventies

once I found it again in a stack of unfinished drawings, I completed it in 2010

also posted on DeviantArt

this photo is trimmed from the original shot of the full sheet


The drawing was exhibited at the Palais Chotek Christmas Show in 2012, organised by the Fantastic Art Shop, and was bought by a collector from Vienna.
Unfortunately I have no good photo from the display other than this one, taken with a pocket camera:
Palais Chotek 007-1600.jpgbarely visible, in a gold frame next to the table lamp on the right
there is a set up of seven works of mine on that shelve
above on the wall are works by Peter Gric






After I published the drawing September 2010, I played with a detail of it in Photoshop, using mirror and color overlay to make this:


Fomorii Emblem-web1600.jpg
also published on DeviantArt

..... and I used it on Designer Items:

Tie on Zazzle.JPG

Fomorii Emblem Tie

Ladies Tank Top.JPG

Fomorii Emblem Ladies Tank Top


Fomorii Emblem Skateboard

That is about as far as one can stretch it, but I may yet use it on some other items, realizing that I had also made other variations that I have not used yet. May well be on more T-Shirts on Zazzle and/or some other of my stores.

Visit my website


Pixels Shop Banner Ad.JPG

About - Introduction on Steemit


WOOOOOOWWWWW!!!! Endlich sehe ich auch die Kleider!!!!! :-D

Ja, danke Caroline, ich stelle einen ganzen Haufen auf Zazzle ein - kannst mal durch meine Kollektionen stöbern:

zazzle banner screenshot.JPG
Ich hab mich soeben bei Zazzle beschwert dass wenn man auf die Schaltfläche "Collections" drückt, nichts aufscheint.

Crazy Fashion.... Du solltest mal eine kleine Modeschau bei einer Deinen Ausstellungen machen! Würde super ankommen! Garantiert!

ja, aber da müsste ich diese Sachen kaufen. Ich hab zwar einige gekauft (zum verschenken) aber lagernd hab ich nichts mehr. Meine Schwester bestellt auch ab und zu etwas. Zazzle ist halt etwas teuer, aber so sind alle POD. Eine Künstlerfreundin von Paris hat mir mal eine Firma bei Alibaba empfohlen - sie druckt dort seidene Polsterbezüge ziemlich billig die sie bei Ausstellungen fürs 5-fache verkauft.

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@juliakponsford - thank you very much!
Except whatever I try, I cannot get into Steempeak - it is frustrating beyond belief!
but is it? I go to the account, and it says log in, so, start this crap all over again:


and when I do, and I am using my log-on for Steempeak that I had generated over and over, this happens:


This sucks - whoever "invented" this sign-up/sign-in procedure should be tarred and feathered!

Hmm taking a look at this I'm not sure I understand what is happening, when I sign in using keychain I only put my name in the field, and then it opens keychain and I confirm like that. It seems like steemconnect is asking you for your keychain password and those are two seperate things (maybe they work together now?) >-<

should look like this for keychain login, add your username in the field, then click the purple login button

Screen Shot 20200218 at 11.31.41 AM.png

then keychain should open:

Screen Shot 20200218 at 11.31.59 AM.png

add your keychain password and hopefully that should work!

I don't even get that keychain thing, all I get is steemconnect, and it isn't working right.
Now I jumped through some hoops and "imported" my account again, created a password, confirmed, and for the moment, I am in. But next time, it will not open again because I done this x-times before already, always the same.


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Amazing and poetic!


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