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I am a firm believer that my posts should not be all about "ME, MYSELF and I", but my success is dependent on the success of my community. If I serve my community and help it make progress and achieve recognition in the art world (and on the Internet in general), then my own reputation will grow with it.

Our Artist Community on Steemit


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Here on Steemit I highlighted the artists from the community of Visionary, Surreal and Fantastic Realist Artists I had founded in 2009 as a private network, initially with a handful of artist friends. This post ARTISTS FROM THE VISIONARY ART NETWORK ON STEEMIT had just recently been added to the SteemWiki and the entry is found HERE. On Facebook, I shared this in a group conversation to recruit more from our community to Steemit. Once they are here, I plan on posting an update. At the same time I encountered several great artists here on Steemit that are not yet part of my network and represented in my VISIONARY ART GALLERY, and in due time, I will add them as well. I am currently in the process of renewing the artist pages and giving the site a more contemporary look, so this project will keep me busy for quite some time. I posted about the necessary updates of the VISIONARY ART GALLERY about one month ago.

In connection with the websites and projects of our community, I produced a few videos, such as highlighted in this post VISIONARY ARTISTS IN MONTREUX four month ago.

VIDEOS for and about our Community and it's Artists


Artists of the Month

A Legacy of Light

Benedetto Fellin

Fashion Show at the Fuchs Villa

VIDEOS about my own art

Art of the Mystic

Drawing Details

Artists Eye

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I really enjoyed the Benedetto Fellin video. His art has a very unique, mystical feel that I've never seen before.

You got yourself a new follower!


thank you - I strive to post quality content! Benedetto is a good friend of mine. He is one of the 6 Founding Members of our Austrian "Freimaler" Group

Mindblowing post Otto. Your VISIONARY ART NETWORK is likely the most complete and informative collection of artists working in our field.

Although you are indeed the number one networker and promoter of phantastic art, I sometimes feel its hard to find your own creations in this mountain of treasures. But then again, your mission is your creation too I guess :-) ..and that's how you leave a pretty big foot print! 😮

And now, you are invited to the artistbehindthearttreat!!


Reinhard, when it comes to being a networker, you sure know your way around this crypto-universe. There is much for me to learn on Steemit. Thanks for the accolades [blushes] - this is my baby, so to speak, and there are plenty of opportunities to flog my own stuff. For one thing, links to my own site are usually in the footer or the blog description on my websites.


thank you!

I like when people participate in community work

This is a very good movement and I wish your community a great development @ thermoplastic


thank you kindly!

Good post my freinds

That is so beautiful, like a new fantasy world. I love the imagenation that comes with it and the relatable aspects in there too!
I picked up my drawing work also and steemit is really inspiring for me. This gives me also a lot of inspiration thank you for that;)
I will follow and resteem!


thank you

Thanks to Otto, it seems like visionary artists are about to take over Steemit :) Great post and thank you again for your tirylessly support!

wonderful!! Thanks Otto <3