Painting Video of Princess Leia (sort of)

in art •  last year  (edited)

This is a pinup style illustration of Princess Leia as a captive of Jabba the Hut. Well, it's not really Leia, I explain more in the video. :)
It's speeded up a bit, I'm narrating the process over the top. It's about 26 minutes long. Hope you like it, let me know what you think!

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My name is Steven Stahlberg, I joined Steemit in December 2017. I was born in Australia, grew up in Sweden, but now live with my wife in Kuala Lumpur. I've lived here about nine years so far, and love it!
I work as a lead artist in a game company here. My two sons live in Sweden. I'm working on a graphic novel in my spare time. I use an older version of Photoshop with a Wacom Intuos 3, larger size.
I do self-upvote, but I wait so I'm not the first. I don't buy votes. Thanks for watching!

Links to some of my other art:


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really good concept of princess leia, its kind of anime painting, if you can allow me the daring to say it. its a new conception of leia like an asian girl, quite good!.

I can realize now that looking to you Dtube video, that you actually use a asian girl as a model to redesign princess leia!, really good about that!... I don't really like the background of the scene, I think you coulded paint a more interesting background, its too plane for the detailing of leia, its my perception although the painting is really great!... I hope seeing more painting of your work in the future!... see ya bro!

Thanks for the feedback! Yes you're right, I could have spent much more time on the background. :(

I've already posted another video, it's here:

no problem bro!, i'm shure that was because you didn't have time and not because you dont have the talent!... so keep it up!... nice!, im going to see it right away!

Wow your work's incredible!! Followed :)

very cool to finally see the process on how you make your art :D! this is very helpful to a lot of people learning to illustrate

Cool, yes I really hope so! I'll keep posting more! :)

Skills ;)

Thanks! :)

Hmmm 😏 skimpy suit Leia

Woah is that an 'Alien' [movie] skull?
I like Leia's pose and the shadow details... but OMG @ those atomic bomb sized titties...

Yes it's inspired by alien but now I wish I'd made it more like that actual alien...

Always impressed with your works. Thank you for sharing the process! This would be really helpful for me since I am new with painting digitally. Nice technique, too!

Thanks! As I mentioned it was a bit of an experiment, I'll post other videos later where I use pencil type sketching in the beginning instead.

Wow bro.. your work never failed to impress me!

Thank you!

Nice drawing. 26 minutes? That is very fast. I draw black n white also not easy.

  ·  last year (edited)

Thanks! It's not 26 minutes, it's more like 5 or 6 hours, the video is speeded up. :)

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wow nice video