Woven - Chapter 02 - Page 08

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Greetings Esteemed Colleagues!
Dipping a bit into family drama territory here. No worries, things will be further elaborated on at a later date ;D
Theo should really try and clean himself up, as opposed to pontificating...


Unveils the rough work!


We're back in heavy dialogue territory, which means we have to really treat the word bubbles as mini-panels, in and of themselves. The other important aspect was trying to achieve a good reading flow for the dialogue, without it becoming too 'busy'.
Again, being a conversation page, we get to reuse and tweak a lot of assets to help save on time :D ~economy dance~


You'll notice that I flipped the composition for the last open panel. It just felt more 'correct' to have the text come first [seeing as we are using a left-to-right format]. My favourite part about this whole thing is really getting to play with the word bubble shapes and designs, which reflect character moods.


As per usual, @painted-bees performed her magic and brought the page fully to life. I have a sneaking suspicion that she enjoys drawing a beat up and bleeding Theo ;3
I am also incredibly pleased that she kept the little bite marks on Gild's arm [quite a resilient fellow that one].


Alrighty~ Thank you so much for reading this far!
If there is any suggestions or if you feel that this page was hard to read, please let me know :O !!!



And so, a dialog page, with a very classic left/right layout with both characters going back and forth and finishing with a good large panel (with more text bubbles contained in the large one, to emphasize a beat in the conversation) (LOVE it!) (<3)

It is interesting that Theo dropped the father stuff once he was reminded about the mother figure in Ayse's life... I wonder what's this all about ! Good hook, Sean <3

I also like that the ending of this page really sets up the unveiling for the reasons for the kidnapping :D Really nice~

I'm really glad the page behaves well and that it has a good pace along with the hook.
It's about time we start to reveal a little more information ;D

Aahhh that father background dialogue bit is done so deftly. Just a little tease and then moving on to the current matter. Well done you two. Usually I gush about your art, but the story is no slouch either. And for someone like me who want to make a manga, I believe story crafting is equally important, if not more so than the art :).

A meellion thanks for loving the dialogue ; w; !
It's nice to share this with you guys since we're just figuring stuff out as we go along. I've been trying to pay more attention to layout when I read over comics and learn the various methods of different creators :3c
observes other comics from the shadows, taking notes|ω´・;)

Very interesting. I am curious to see how that develops next.

Great work on the graphics and storyline.

We're hoping it develops in an interesting and fun way ;D !
Thank you so much!!!

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