Stardate 8.18.18 Art

in art •  3 months ago


this is what I made today
art is a pure expression
that says so much
beyond what my limited english can capture
I don't see the point in tacking on extra words
that miss the essence anyway
feel it or don't feel it
but the blockchain is made a little bolder rawer realer here and now

💛 Sara!
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Hiii.. Saramiller

Great Post with Great Picture.

what a beautiful art and artist made it must be charming
btw kindly upvote my post too

Wow, nice artwork :)

Art is the expression with an image that sometimes expresses what we can not with words

Well liked it and the vibrant color is indeed amazing indeed :)

DO you know this? :

Why are this post not in the trending by now??? I mean if we want to win over those... wouldnt it help a lot to have it in trending?

Upvoted your art!