Why fiat money is bad and why crypto money is good: statism, satanism, freemasonry and top Jews

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Good morning everyone,

Today I want to address a very serious, rather frightening, sickening topic: This post has the headline: “Why fiat money is bad and why crypto money is good: statism, satanism, freemasonry and top Jews”

So I started my awakening to the truth behind our society in a very early age, in 2004 I was “breaking up” with my current employer, an public office under the finance ministry in Copenhagen, Denmark. They thought I was crazy, it was a student-job as I was an economic student, my family thought I gone crazy and so did my friends. After that I had a lot of time at home, where I was trying to make a living on the internet (since back then it was mostly scams and that I never been a good scammer lol, I mostly lost money), so I was living on social support in 1,5 years or so. At that time, I begin to watch videos about satanism, Illuminati, freemasonry, that the fiat money system was a scam and so on. For years it was impossible to talk about this with friends and family, so mostly it was something that went on on the internet, at least for me. It was like 2 realities, one on the internet and one in “real life” where it was too taboo to talk about the reality of the world we live in. It is still like that to a large extent, but the difference today, is that I have a steemit blog, it cant be censored and its like much more easy to confront people with evidence and real information.

So what happened after I came on Steemit doing just that, confronting people with the truth? Well they took greater distance! So that is why, I think the best solution is that we, that do this, support each others and become more rich, so that everyone will ask themselves what happened, how they got all this money, influence and power, I thought they where crazy? And that is when we win!

So back to the topic of this post: Are satanism real? Yes it is, its there at the top of our control structure, its ugly, dirty and destroying humanity to benefit a small elite, that is having almost unlimited money and powers. There are so many facets of explaining this, I will do it from the perspective I think is the most obvious and that is the perspective that have the potential to wake most up to the truth.

Satanic rituals. Lets start with a very frightening picture:

Does this looks real to you? To me it does, maybe it is because of all the other things I know and have seen, but look at this photo and ask yourself how did this happen?

Now let me tell you, that I think it almost 99% sure that it happened in one of those sick illuminati/satanic/freemasonic loges!! Take it for what it is. As I said, I have looked at these topics since 2004.

So lets move on, does illuminati exist? Well lets take a song into the post (for awakening to illuminati/satanism/flat earth):

And lets take a few pictures of danish musicians doing the satanic symbols in public:

And there are more examples here: https://steemit.com/secretsocieties/@lasseehlers/the-fight-against-satanism-the-danish-party-jfk21-want-to-prohibit-members-of-secret-societies-to-hold-a-position-in-the-public

And one American musician also:

But the list go on and one, if you first look into it, you will find that most famous musicians, politicians, actors and so on, all have pictures of doing the satanic symbols.

Why is it illegal to talk badly about religious people? If you ask me then the Jews control many things mostly also the laws, but it is a complicated topic, there are strong indices's to that the Jews are extremely overrepresented in the top of the satanic order and that they have a secret holy book that describe why they are over everyone else and many more very sick things, for instance if a non Jew (goy) hits one of these top Jews, then the top Jew can order this person killed though the secret societies. This is an extremely controversial topic and this specific information they have outlawed and I could probably get serious problems for even writing this. The proofs you have to find yourself, but I will just say that I have seen enough evidence to believe with a 99% certainty that this is true.

Here is one clue:

Money is money!?

I was at the dentist clinic recently and when I had to pay then the dentist was saying “money is money”, when I hear something like this I feel bad inside, I didn’t wanted to go in to a talk or discussion of the topic, I just said nothing and paid. But here I will tell what I think. Money is not just money, if you made money in the free market they are clean, if you made money in the regulated market, they are dirty. Said in another way, fiat money is dirty and crypto money is clean/good. It is of course complicated, since we have to live and it is almost impossible without some involvement in the fiat money system.

My personal philosophy is to get as involved in the crypto market as possible and are hoping to get an “uber-clone-dapp” and a “airbnb-clone-dapp” asap on EOS, that would make it almost totally possible to live on crypto.

Then most people will say, ya but your philosophy will just make you poor and get you a lot of trouble?

And that has been true until now and I sometimes have doubt about what to do, because of this fact. Still I think we are so close to getting real dapps with real use cases, that I try to keep a positive mind and focus on the goal of making an entirely new market, where we need no bank involvement (satanic right?)..

So this is also why I think there are many cowards in crypto, many anonymous accounts on steemit, they probably are heavily involved in the fiat money system and that is why they are anonymous. For instance bank employees of Nordea in Denmark, are not allowed to trade crypto from their bank account, if they do it, they will get fired.

We need to all come on STEEM with our identity and end what I call the “old system”!!!

Steem on!

Lasse Ehlers

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For those who don't understand the meaning of this photo... the satanic symbol combined with pizzagate illustration.

You post this comment, but yet you don't upvote my post or did I miss something?

No need to make other decision , here it is a simple matter for rapist to punish them anyhow. They are the culprit. They just don't know that what they did to women's. So we have to wake up and give them a lesson. That they can never forget. Just kill them all who did this type of works like rape n all.